Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vintage Dachshund Humor

It's raining today at our home in Chicago. And we're not about to go outside to do our "business." We'd like to see you humans run out in the rain to go potty. Naked.
Above, YOU CAN'T BLAME US FOR THIS, circa late 1930s -early 40's. (click image to enlarge)

And that's another thing: we get blamed for everything. But we're GOOD dogs! Honest.

Have a great day!

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Grundsau said...

The postcard with the parrot, pups & puddle recalls a bit of doggerel
(YES, that pun WAS intentional!)
I once saw used for a bookmark in an old book:

"Don't blame our brand-new puppy,
It's not his fault at all,
Someone left their wet umbrella
Standing in the hall!"


We've had 4 Dachshunds in 48+ years;fortunately we've seldom had to go Dachshundless into the night---nor would we ever want too...


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