Monday, September 22, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that your dachshund is the pack leader, here's a dachshund news roundup on a beautiful autumn day, September 22nd, 2008. Above, Bob Crawford and his fiance, Darla Hubbard, both of Peoria, Illinois, take a back seat to black and tan smooth 'Killer,' decked out in a custom-fit pink leather jacket and tiny goggles during the 18th Annual Bikers Against Street Hunger charity fundraiser Saturday at the American Legion Post 979 in Bartonville, Illinois. Killer? Love it! Read all about the event at

Meanwhile, over in Denver, Colorado, a red smooth peeks over the starting line (Hello, Nosey!) before the first-ever Long Dog Derby at Denver's Oktoberfest on Sunday morning. Pooches with names like "Daisy the destroyer," "Lightning Lilly," "Black Pearl" and "Frank the Tank," sometimes dashed, and occasionally wandered in dazed confusion, across a fenced race track. Read all about it and see another fun pic at The Denver Post.

Heading down south to Mexico where our salchicha amigos live, a red smooth parades on the runway on Saturday, September 20th during the "Fashion Pet" show at the Expo Canofila Mexican, in the World Trade Center of Mexico City. Source.

Kicking up dust in Grand Island, Nebraska, are red smooth 'Gonzo' and black and tan longhair 'Oscar' at the Platt-Duetsche's eighth annual Running of the Wieners on Sunday afternoon. Some stayed at the starting line. Some bounded straight over the trackside barrier and into the audience. Some wandered around the track for a while before ambling back toward the start. An elite few -- especially in the puppies division -- actually crossed the finish line 90 feet away. Read all about it at The Grand Island Independent. Also, check out the blog Flyover Country to meet 'Maxine' and 'Anya' who participated in the event. There's a fun story and some nice photos.

Finally, Hot Dog! It's a race! It was the 2nd Annual Running of the Wieners in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, as the kickoff to Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, "the nation's largest Octoberfest celebration." Read more, and see another great pic and a fun video at

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