Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Romy Schneider and Horst Buchholz

Romy with her mother and dachshund

Famous Dachshund Myths and Urban Legends

Famous Dachshund Owners? Look closer. Everyone knows that the part of 'Toto' in The Wizard of Oz was supposed to be a Dachshund. Brando owned a doxie named 'Maria.'

But it's the same photo-shopped doxie in both photos.  Fake, fake fake.

And that's not Margaret Hamilton who played the wicked witch, who owned the Dachshund that was supposed to be Toto, that's a woman from a vintage doxie 'how-to' pamphlet, posted just a few posts below demonstrating how to give your doxie his medicine.

This website seems to be the source of such legends and conundrums:

UPDATE July, 2010:  Years later we learned that Brando's Grandmother was a Dachshund Lover.  See the beautiful real photos.   

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Watch Out for Those Cold Dachshund Noses!

As usual, doxies minding everyone's business but their own.

How to Give Your Dachshund His Medicine

Seems like putting the tablet in a little piece of cheese would be easier! This pic is from an old handbook on Dachshunds as pets.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dachshund According to Wikipedia

The ever-changing doxie world in which we live in:

The Dachshund Standard of Perfection.


Apparently this diagram is the Dachshund Standard of Perfection.

The AKC has their own story to tell.

What's your Dachshund Standard of Perfection?

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Brando

Hopefully this will be a weekly featured photo that will have a permanent location in the column on the right. And we might as well start with Brando!
This is Marlon Brando with his mini red long-hair "Maria."
Update 5/31/2007, this photo is a fake: see Famous Dachshund Myths and Urban Legends

Update 7/21/2010:  Finally, real photos of Brando with Dachshund:  Dachshunds in Pop Culture:  Marlon Brando 

Welcome Home Little Miss Bridget Buttercup

A friend just gave a wonderful new home this past weekend to a beautiful chocolate girl named Little Miss Bridget Buttercup. She's almost 2 years old. Her Black and Tan longhair doxie brother Rudy adored her immediately. Isn't she beautiful?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Doxie Chat

Informative dachshund chat with New York's Dachshund Friendship Club.

Welcome to The Long and Short of it All!

Hi, my name is Carson, and I am owned by these two wonderful dachshunds, Maggie and Joey. They are littermates and are 6.5 years old. I've had dachshunds most of my life, and love the breed. I'm not quite sure yet where this dachshund blog is headed; I hope to update every day with dachshund news, stories, videos, pics, and history.

I'm also co-moderator and member of Chicago Dachshund Lovers. We're a caring fun-loving group that meets up together every month since 2004.

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