Monday, June 29, 2009

Geist’s Grave

Matthew Arnold

A Dachshund immortalized in 1881 by English poet, cultural critic, and Dachshund Lover Matthew Arnold (24 December 1822 – 15 April 1888).

Geist's Grave

FOUR years!—and didst thou stay above
The ground, which hides thee now, but four?
And all that life, and all that love,
Were crowded, Geist! into no more?

Only four years those winning ways,
Which make me for thy presence yearn,
Call’d us to pet thee or to praise,
Dear little friend! at every turn?

That loving heart, that patient soul,
Had they indeed no longer span,
To run their course, and reach their goal,
And read their homily to man?

That liquid, melancholy eye,
From whose pathetic, soul-fed springs
Seem’d urging the Virgilian cry, 1
The sense of tears in mortal things—

That steadfast, mournful strain, consol’d
By spirits gloriously gay,
And temper of heroic mould—
What, was four years their whole short day?

Yes, only four!—and not the course
Of all the centuries yet to come,
And not the infinite resource
Of Nature, with her countless sum

Of figures, with her fulness vast
Of new creation evermore,
Can ever quite repeat the past,
Or just thy little self restore.

Stern law of every mortal lot!
Which man, proud man, finds hard to bear,
And builds himself I know not what
Of second life I know not where.

But thou, when struck thine hour to go,
On us, who stood despondent by,
A meek last glance of love didst throw,
And humbly lay thee down to die.

Yet would we keep thee in our heart—
Would fix our favorite on the scene,
Nor let thee utterly depart
And be as if thou ne’er hadst been.

And so there rise these lines of verse
On lips that rarely form them now;
While to each other we rehearse:
Such ways, such arts, such looks hadst thou!

We stroke thy broad brown paws again,
We bid thee to thy vacant chair,
We greet thee by the window-pane,
We hear thy scuffle on the stair.

We see the flaps of thy large ears
Quick rais’d to ask which way we go;
Crossing the frozen lake, appears
Thy small black figure on the snow!

Nor to us only art thou dear
Who mourn thee in thine English home;
Thou hast thine absent master’s tear,
Dropp’d by the far Australian foam.

Thy memory lasts both here and there,
And thou shalt live as long as we.
And after that—thou dost not care!
In us was all the world to thee.

Yet, fondly zealous for thy fame,
Even to a date beyond our own
We strive to carry down thy name,
By mounded turf, and graven stone.

We lay thee, close within our reach,
Here, where the grass is smooth and warm,
Between the holly and the beech,
Where oft we watch’d thy couchant form,

Asleep, yet lending half an ear
To travellers on the Portsmouth road;—
There build we thee, O guardian dear,
Mark’d with a stone, thy last abode!

Then some, who through this garden pass,
When we too, like thyself, are clay,
Shall see thy grave upon the grass,
And stop before the stone, and say:

People who lived here long ago
Did by this stone, it seems, intend
To name for future times to know
The dachs-hound, Geist, their little friend.

Note 1. A beanshith or fairy seen by hunters.

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving yet again that there's no other dog like a Wiener Dog, here's a Dachshund News Roundup on a beautiful summer day, Monday, June 29. Above, in Pendleton, Oregon, the Round-Up City, they cleared off Main Street on Friday night for their annual wiener races! People came from as far away as Troutdale, Walla Walla, and Baker City to race their doxies. We're happy to report that red smooth 'Skippy' defended and kept his title as the fastest Dachshund in Round-Up City. Read all about it and see some amazing photos, including one of the elusive all-black Dachshund, at the East Oregonian.

In celebrity news, British born actress Mischa Barton, kisses a smooth dappled black and tan, as she attends the official opening of the Harrods Summer Sale with Harrods store owner Mohamed Al Fayed, not seen, in London, Saturday June 27, 2009. Source.

Related: Kim Cattrall's Dachshund Photo Op at Harrods

Meanwhile, in Annapolis, Maryland, Trip Trubee and his wife, Stacey Jurchison, are relieved their Jack Russell terrier, 'Moby,' survived an apparent attack by an eaglet earlier this month. Their dachshund, 'Dicky,' apparently chased the 3.5-foot-tall eaglet into a corner of the yard after the attack. Moby has since recovered. Read all about it at Hometown Annapolis. We're glad to hear that Moby is OK, and that Dicky helped save the day!

And finally, over 70 Dachshunds, Bassets, and Corgis raced in Petland's (ugh) 2nd Annual Dachshund Derby in Round Lake Beach, Illinois on Sunday. Don't get us started on Petland, but it looks like everyone had a good time. Read more at the Lake County News-Sun.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Collar Fetish

When you go out on the town, or just go out for a walk, dog clothing can be a little much, but there's nothing quite like a beautiful collar to show the world that you can be hip, playful, and still mean business with incredible style. For Dachshunds, collars are more of an accessory, and are not a substitute for a well-fitting harness which should be used when walking on a leash. An important tip when looking for a leather collar is to make sure that the back of the collar is also finished, and not rough, as rough leather can irritate our sensitive skin.
We thought we would share some of our favorite collars and collar accessories with you on this beautiful Sunday morning.

From top to bottom:
1. Maggie's German horse-hair zebra/leather
2. Maggie's leather German heart collar from when she was a puppy
3. Joey's disco glitter red leather rhinestone bone collar - great for clubbing
4. Joey's leather German bone collar from when he was a puppy
5. Maggie's retro 60's-70's style German leather- for when she's felling groovy
6. Maggie's rhinestone "choker" - for special dressy occasions
7. Joey's big red German leather collar with subtle spikes - a gift from a friend who has crossed the bridge - it's a little overpowering, but still fun to wear
8. Joey's favorite - German white leather with rhinestones. Joey is comfortable in his masculinity - he wears this to represent his 'hood.
9. Joey's German leather and horsehair leopard with a western twist - a newer fave
10. Maggie's gold mesh - snappy and modern - her second-favorite collar
11. Joey's German western leather with steel studs
12. Joey's southwestern style German red leather/hand-crafted metal details
13. Maggie's genuine pearl necklace with an amazing fancy clasp - for glamorous nights on the town when rhinestones just aren't enough
14. Joey's German black leather with large pointy studs - for when Joey wants the world to know that he means business
15. Joey's choker/show collar - a nice accent when wearing another collar - it is only for show. Never leave a dog unattended with a choke collar on, especially a Dachshund. They can get their front toenails caught in the ring. It's not a good idea to train a Dachshund with a choke collar either because of neck/back issues.
16. Maggie's favorite German leather with rhinestones - both dressy and casual. They say you get what you pay for - this collar was about $60 when she got it at about a year old, and she's now 8. She has worn this almost every day of her life, and it is still in great shape.
17. An assortment of dog charms add a little more spice to any collar. Key chains are another option for a great collar accessory.

And here we are just this morning completely naked. Have a nice day.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Truly Classic Dachshund Video: Dog Handel-er

Thanks so much to Jenny M., owned by the Hot-Dog sisters 'Kate' and 'Allie,' for sending in the link to this video. She writes: A colleague of mine sang in this concert last weekend. Note the special canine appearance!!!!

We haven't laughed so hard in ages. From youtuber balbritton: The Hampshire Choral Society's June 14th, 2009 performance of Messiah is interrupted by an unlikely visitor.
Allan Taylor, conductor. Mary Brown Bonacci, mezzo. Animal wrangling provided by Anita Anderson Cooper.

The video's comments mention that the mini dapple is named 'Lola.' Take a bow, Lola. Take a bow.

Have a great Friday.

Vintage Dachshund Pride

(click photo to enlarge)

Aren't you proud of your Dachshund?

Early 1900's photo source unknown.

It's Blueberry Season

Yep, it's our favorite time of the year. Meet handsome red smooth 'Cricket,' who hails from Thomson, Georgia. Cricket is such a lucky dog, as his human operates a blueberry farm!

Pickers won't have to worry about bending over to the ground to get their berries - Ms. Richards' dachshund, Cricket, has been taking care of the low ones.
"Cricket always eats them off the bottom limbs," Ms. Richards said with a laugh as she watches the little dog scamper through the patch. "He's a mess. He loves 'em as much as I do."

Blueberries make great treats for little dachshunds; so much better than what you might find in that box of Snausages. Read more about the Georgia blueberry patch which officially opens today at the McDuffie Mirror.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding Love, DACHSHUND Love

You can see it in their eyes, this Dachshund has found her new forever home. Meet 'Nissan,' or 'Nissi' for short, and her new humans Lil and Doc McCollum , who hail from Natchez, Mississippi. After 33 years of marriage and a recent stint dogsitting, the McCollums decided to get their very first dog. They went to their local Humane Society on Tuesday night, and there was Nissi, who had been there since March while being treated for a skin ailment. Welcome Home. “They keep telling me I’ll get attached to it,” Doc said, smiling. Read all about it at The Natchez Democrat.

Doxie Moxie

Our dad has trouble walking just the two of us sometimes. From youtuber circleblueguy: Quite a few doxies and some other miniatures taking a stroll along Highway 101 on The Oregon Coast.
This doggie caregiver is seen daily going thru town talking to each by name.

Dachshund Receives Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Move over Michael Jackson, hyperbaric chambers aren't just for aging pop stars anymore. [UPDATE LATER THAT DAY: Who could've known? Good gosh, we'll miss you Mr. Jackson, Rest In Peace] Meet 14-year-old red smooth 'Maggie,' who hails from the Katy, Texas region. After undergoing surgery, Maggie benefited from hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT), thanks to the new technology provided at Old Town Animal Hospital.

HBOT accelerates the normal healing mechanisms by increasing the concentration of oxygen dissolved in plasma, thereby facilitating delivery to tissues with poor blood circulation or compromised vascular supply.
Tissue oxygenation is improved and it helps stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and endothelial cells.
The treatment decreases the growth and viability or many microorganisms while enhancing antibiotic effectiveness and the patient’s immune response.

Read all about it The Katy Times.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Saskia Boxford

Who? We've no idea really; she's from the UK, former model, society girl, and millionaire’s daughter who works for a fashion house. Oh, and she's a Dachshund Lover. She's rumored to be a WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of high-profile footballers) of Frank Lampard (below), an English football midfielder currently playing for Premier League club Chelsea and the England national team. Read how Ms. Boxford reminds Mr. Lampard of what he's left at home while he parties it up in Vegas at The Daily Mail.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The American Weekly

(click image to enlarge)

The American Weekly was a United States magazine published by the Dachshund-Loving Hearst Corporation from November 1, 1896 until 1966. It served as a Sunday newspaper supplement which published many sensationalist stories, resulting in it having been compared to the National Enquirer. It was initially named The American Magazine but soon changed to The American Weekly. The name was changed to Pictorial Living in 1963 before it was finally cancelled in 1966. Due to the low quality of the paper on which it was printed, many issues have been lost despite it boasting a 50,000,000 circulation. The magazine above ran on August 17, 1952.

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Stinky Dachshunds

We know what you humans think sometimes: how can such little dogs create such a big stink? Well, we LOVE stinky things, and we LOVE TO ROLL in stinky things, whether it be a little worm, bird crap, a big pile of dog-doo, a dead animal, or a deliciously mysterious stinky spot in the grass. This is what we do.
Skunks though, well that's a Dachshund of a different color, and we've gotta admit, skunks are really stinky. Enter red smooth 'Samson,' who hails from Victoria, Texas. Samson shakes soap and water from his back as he is bathed at Petsmart on Monday morning after being sprayed by a skunk late Sunday night and coming back in his doggie door to roll on the couch. Lovely. Wathen took Samson to Petsmart after attempting a few home remedies with less than desirable results. Read more and learn some tips if this ever happens to you at the Victoria Advocate.

Small Dogs are Big Fun

"Best Strut" went to a cute smooth black and tan named 'Scarlet' in Sunday's Small Dog Contest in Talent, Oregon. You're darn tootin' us Dachshunds know how to strut our stuff. Other contests included cutest, dinkiest, spunkiest, best groomed, best outfit and best trick. Thank Dog we didn't win the dinkiest contest. Read all about the event and see lots of fun photos at Ashland Daily Tidings.

Whitelaw Wienerfest

What happens when a Wisconsin sausage company hosts a festival? Why, you'd get a parade of hundreds of people dressed up in hot dog costumes at the Annual Berge's Whitelaw Sausage Company's Wienerfest! "You can't beat our wieners." And it wouldn't be a wienerfest without Dachshunds. Above, Dan Pahmeier of Manitowoc gives his chocolate dog 'Max,' the Grand Wiener, a drink of water before the parade.

Here, Susan Dyer of Pulaski, Jean Cumming of San Antonio, Texas, and Matt Mathibe of Brillion, watch their Wiener dogs race on Saturday. See 76 photos from the event at

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up!

For those Dachshund Dads who relaxed at home on Father's Day, here's a weekend wiener wrap-up so you can see all the fun you missed. It's a beautiful Monday, June 22nd, 2009. Above, we can't let such a nice logo go unnoticed, and while we can't find any pics or recaps of the event, suffice to say that there was a Dachshund Derby at Kidtopia Park in Texarkana, Texas, on Saturday. There were also contests for Obedience, Best Dressed and Best Weenie Dog Kiss. We love kisses. Source.

Well Howdy Pardner! Meet 8-month-old red smooth 'Sophie,' and her human Randel Facemyre of Belle, West Virginia. Sophie is dressed as a sheriff as part of the costume contest, which was a part of the Wiener Dog Races, which kicked off the 3rd Annual FestivALL in Charleston, West Virginia, on Saturday. FestivALL is a 10-day music and arts festival, and there were bands as well as an oldies car Cruise-In on Saturday. Nearly 100 Wiener Dogs competed in four categories: puppy, adult divisions I and II, and senior. Read all about it at the Charleston Gazette.

And finally, it's the winners (wieners?) of the puppy division of the 4th Annual Weiner Dog Races at Walnut Beach in Ashtabula, Ohio, on Saturday. They include (from left) Glady Francis of Ashtabula, Judy White of Ashtabula (with Rudy); Kim Croyle and Aimee Kaija (with Scooter), all of Mentor, and David and Roberta Benedict of Williamsfield Township (with Dicky). Read all about the event at the Star Beacon.

Crazy Dachshund Lovers Unite. Have a nice Monday!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dachshund Dads. Sit back, relax....these Brazilians have the right idea.

Have a great day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Modern Dachshund Humor

Q: What did the handsome hungry Piebald Dachshund say after his meal?

A: "That hit the spots."

Have a great Friday.

Dachshund Heroine Recovers After Wolf Attack

Meet 8-year-old 'Jada,' who hails from South Range, Wisconsin, near the Minnesota border. Jada and her 1-year-old Dachshund sister 'Lana' were sitting on the front porch of their home with their human when they ran barking around the side of the house. Their human heard a horrible bark and investigated, only to see a wolf toss Lana aside and go after Jada. Excerpt from the Superior Telegram:

Jada is a 15-pound hero. The eight-year-old dauchsund hurled itself at a wolf June 9 to save a fellow canine, Lana.
“I didn’t know if I’d have to shoot her,” Lundeen said. “I mean, her stomach’s hanging out. Her son says ‘Well mom, is she alive?’ Well, yeah. He said, ‘Well, then there’s hope.’”
They drove to Superior Animal Hospital, where the dauchsund spent 3½ hours in surgery.

“She’s full of many, many staples,” Lundeen said, affectionately calling the dog “Frankenweinie.”
Lana was uninjured.

Read the whole terrifying story at the Superior Telegram. We're so glad to hear that these girls are doing great.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage Dachshund Fun

(click photo to enlarge)

We'll bring the beer, you bring the Dachshund, whatever happens, happens.

What do YOU think is going on in this photo?

Nice Morrissey-ish quiff in this 1930's German photo of unknown origin.

Oscar and the Colfax Doxie Races

Meet the driving force behind the Annual Colfax, California Dachshund Races: Carmen Armstrong, and the wiener champ, red smooth 'Oscar.' Mrs. Armstrong had entered Oscar in the annual Doxie Derby at UC Davis, and he beat out 99 other dogs to take home the championship 2 years in a row! She then started the Colfax Doxie Races, and has organized them for 4 years now. Entries are still being accepted for the July 3rd race.
Read all about it, and find out how to enter at the Colfax Record.

Dachshund in Beyonce Video

Thanks to 'elle kay' and our pals 'Peaches' and 'Piper' for letting us know that there's a Dachshund in Beyonce's new video for her song Halo. Don't blink or you'll miss it! It's about the 1:50 mark.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spike's New Human

To have and to hold from this day forward. Meet red smooth 'Spike,' aka 'Spot,' and his new human, Nancy McMahon, who met on Saturday at Bandana Dog Days, a yearly event in which numerous canine rescue groups bring dogs without masters to a green field west of a chiropractic clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. Spike was one of 10 Dachshunds available from Nebraska Dachshund Rescue, who have placed 75 dogs into new homes so far this year. Wow!
Read all about how 'Spot' became 'Spike' at Woof, WOOF!

Life With Baxter

In case you haven't heard, our good pal 'Baxter,' the smooth red star of such video hits as Welcome Spring, Happy Yappy Show Sing-a-long, and Dachshund Boogie, now has his very own blog! It's fantastic, and it's called kalyxcornucopia.
Baxter has a great new video just posted called my quest. If that's not enough for you, the tales of his toys will leave you laughing on the floor:

Duk Duk attacked by unknown assailant
Duk Duk's Road to Recovery
baxter caught with new toyfriend
Anonymous toyfriend revealed

We Love Baxter. Maggie thinks he's so hot. Joey thinks he's a little hot too.

Small Banana Good - Big Banana Bad

See more fun videos with 'Hallie' at animalartist807's channel on youtube. Her "who's your buddy" videos are also quite funny!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dachshund Survives Snake Bite After Blood Transfusion From Homeless Yellow Labrador

Talk about Dachshund and dog stories that just melt your heart. Meet 3-year-old smooth black and tan 'Buddy,' who hails from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Buddy went after a surly water moccasin he spotted near the fenced-in pond behind his family's home, and the snake struck him in the eyebrow. It didn't look like Buddy was going to pull through until the vets at Companion Animal Hospital tried a risky blood transfusion with a homeless yellow labrador at the hospital named 'Fergie.' Thanks to the hospital's expert care, Buddy is doing well, and Fergie is available for adoption.
Read all about it, and see some amazing photos at nwfdailynews.

Dachshund Heroes in History

We read a lot in the news about Dachshunds and dogs who alert their families to house fires, and this is nothing new, as the phrase "Man's Best Friend" surely wasn't coined in our lifetime.

Fifty years ago today, on June 16, 1959, "Brownie," a 5-year old dachshund, was able to wake up his owners when a fire started in the kitchen of the family home on 321 Washington Ave., Jermyn, Pennsylvania. The owner was able to douse the fire with kettles of water. Source.

Long live Man's Best Friend.

Vintage Photo source unknown.

Meet 'Red Rocket'

Julie Breault examines 'Red Rocket,' a stray Dachshund who was hit by a car and had his left front leg amputated at Heartland Animal Hospital in Bel Aire, Kansas.

This handsome guy will steal your heart straight away. Found as a stray who had been hit by a car near Bel Aire, Kansas, Rocket benefited from a fund set up 4 years ago for an abused dog named 'Magnum' who didn't pull through. Excerpt from The Wichita Eagle:

The latest to benefit is Red Rocket, a dachshund whose "resilient personality" reminds Heartland practice manager Julie Breault of that puppy who licked her hand in August 2005 after she helped remove the wires someone had tied around his fragile body.
"He just reminds us of Magnum, that spirit of 'Please help me,' " Breault said.
"You can tell he just wants you to love him."

Find out more about Red Rocket, who will soon be available for adoption at The Wichita Eagle. It's a great little story. Thanks to our pal 'Clancy' for the link.

Dachshunds Live it Up in Tokyo

Miniature dachshund dogs are seen dressed up with hats at a dog fiesta in Tokyo June 13, 2009.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo) Source.

Watch out Minnie Pearl, those Dachshunds are going to steal your act.....or at least your chicken.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up!

Fast. Furious. Where the accepted laws of physics have no meaning, here's a Weekend Wiener Dog Wrap-Up on a beautiful summer day, Monday, June 15, 2009. Dachshunds raced for the glory of it all, all across the nation this last weekend, and what did your Dachshund do? Above, it was the 16th Annual Wiener Dog Nationals on Saturday as part of Germanfest in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While 128 dogs competed for the prize, we're excited to report that returning champion 'Zeus' was crowned the victor. Way to go! Read more about the race at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

This race comes after some tough talk in the comments section of last year's Budrick Howls Foul About Ft. Wayne Wiener Nationals:

Anonymous said...
Budrick won the race. It was a good race but all my friends and I were at the finish line and Budrick won by at least half a dog. Its almost a year later and the truth must be told.
April 4, 2009 11:44 PM

Blogger from April 4th...Next, tell us how Germany won WW2 and how McCain beat Obama. Zeus...3 starts, 3 first place finishes. THE CHAMP. Saw that race and, wow, Zeus was jogging and smoked that half-pint wanna-be dog.
June 8, 2009 9:21 AM

Moving on to the west coast, local favorite 'Smithers' of San Francisco (right) lunges out of Gate 1 on the heels of the leading dachshund Saturday in Heat No. 2 of the Wiener Nationals dog race regionals at Berkeley's Golden Gate Fields. See some super amazing photos at

KISSES! Bill Lillich of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, gives 'Buddy,' a 5-month-old red longhair, a kiss before putting him down for a puppy race Sunday at the Keystone Dachshund Races near Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. About 100 Dachshunds competed in the race. Read all about it and see some nice pics at the York Daily Record.

There's nothing like Dachshunds and Barbecue, and proving this point was the "Sausage Sprint" Dachshund races on Saturday at the Raytown SummerFest and BBQ Cookoff in Raytown, Missouri. Above, 'Rosie,' a 7-year-old shaded longhair, participates in the dog costume contest dressed as a hotdog before the races. Alas, she did not win. Photo Source.

And finally, this red smooth piebald ran so fast that his tail couldn't keep up with him at the Inaugural Wiener Dog Races on Saturday at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas. See what we meant about those laws of physics? See 16 fun photos from the event at

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wiener Dog Nursing Piglet

We're sure you remember the story of 'Tink' the Dachshund who nursed 'Pink' the piglet? Well here's a new never-before-seen video of the interspecies pairing! Their human notes: This is our weiner dog, Tink, who fostered a baby pig born on our farm. She raised him from birth with her own puppies and nursed him until he was five weeks old. I wrote a children's book about the story and it was published in 08-2008 called THE PINK PUPPY. A new book is being published by Penguin Books and will be out hopefully this summer.

Namu: A South Korean Therapy Dog

At Bobath Memorial Hospital in Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea, Sim Jae-cheon, 94, who is suffering from dementia, spends time with pretty little 'Namu,' a Dachshund trained to help treat patients like Sim. Excerpt from JoongAng Daily:

In recent years, many patients suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have been turning to animal-assisted therapy (AAT). According to the Samsung Canine Center Web site, “Therapy dogs play an important role in stimulating the hearts and souls of those with emotional and psychological conditions to develop better relationships and regain sociability.”
Read lots more about the program at JoongAng Daily.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Wiener Dog Polka

We had grand plans of a follow-up story to 'Killer,' the poor Dachshund who was shot by a police officer in Danville, Virginia, ealier this week, but the story is so tatty, so tawdry, and so sad, that we can't even bring ourselves to do it. Suffice to say that the Danville Police department is standing behind their officer, the officer's name has been released (see the man behind the gun), and Dachshund and dog lovers around the country are rightly FURIOUS. Our hearts sure go out to Killer's family, neighbors, and friends.

Meanwhile, we will dance and sing our hearts out to The Wiener Dog Polka by Polkacide. Because, sometimes you just gotta dance.

Have a great Friday.

Royal Dachshund Watch: Vega Helps Celebrate the Prince's 75th Birthday

In Copenhagen, Denmark's Prince Henrik celebrated his 75th a day early with a birthday lunch aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog with Queen Margarethe and their family – including wirehair Dachshund 'Vega.' Source. No sign of red smooth 'Evita,' who was in Royal Trouble last week after biting a Royal Life Guard.

Dachshund by Design

Scott Kravet, executive vice president for product development at fabric maker Kravet Collections, hosted a fabric show in Hartford, Connecticut, last week that featured new fabrics by Calvin Klein and Barclay Butera lines. Here, Kravet runs his hand across fabrics his company makes for California designer and Dachshund Lover Barclay Butera.

Meet the Dachshunds who own designer Barclay Butera: 'Carson,' (huh?) and 'Ashton.' Photo Source: Miss Gracious Living

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Fun: Wiener Dog Swims and Dives!

This is a great video from youtuber OTHVP: Old wet Weiner dog swims and dives for ball in pool, would be a great duck dog!

George Stephanopoulos Bids Farewell to his Dachshund, 'Gilbert'

It's with a heavy heart that we report the passing of 'Gilbert,' the Dachshund who owned George Stephanopoulos, American broadcaster and former political adviser. Via his twitter page: Last night we said goodbye to Gilbert--our loving, fierce and loyal dachshund. Such a stout friend, so sad he's not curled at my feet now.

In October of 2002, Mr. Stephanopoulos was kicked out of a Barnes & Noble bookstore when Gilbert started barking and refused to stop. Stephanopoulos explained "I was in the periodical section reading Lewis Lapham in Harper's, and Gilbert wanted to go over to check out the bestsellers. It was all over in a minute and a half. I was asked to leave and I left." Source.

In May of 2004, Gilbert got loose in Northwest Washington. A 37-year-old police sergeant collapsed and died while pursuing him. Source.

RIP Gilbert. Memories live on.

Ruben: "The Rubenator"

Meet elusive black and tan smooth 'Ruben,' and his human Laura Swope, who hail from Ypsilanti , Michigan. Last week they went to Pet Supplies Plus to to have his picture taken as a fundraiser for DHK Animal Rescue. The trouble started when the dog with a history of IVDD dashed out the door on 2.5 hour hell-bent mission, and it took cops, bikers, pedestrians, a cab driver, security guard, rescue workers and a tow truck driver to corral the little rascal.
He finally got stuck under under a low-sitting car when the tow truck driver was called to get him out. This was followed by a trip to the emergency vet via a University of Michigan police officer, who also made a donation to help with his care. Glad to hear he's OK. Read the whole wacky story at

Walker, the Cutest Dog in the World

He loves ham.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Charlie, The Birthday Boy!

We'd like to wish handsome boy 'Charlie,' who hails from Atchison, Kansas, an especially Happy Birthday today. May bones rain from the sky! Thanks so much to his human, Melissa B, for sending in his story! We're so glad that Charlie found his great home after tragedy struck his life.

Dear Joey and Maggie,

My humans love reading your blog. Congratulations on your 2-year blogoversary. I am celebrating my 2-year-old birthday on Wednesday. My life was hard at first - I had a great family with an older dachshund to play with as a puppy. Everything changed when my humans were in a horrible car accident. We found out the female human had a brain injury and it got really tough for them to take care of me. I spent some time in kennels and visiting their relatives for awhile. Then, a really nice couple across the hallway decided to adopt me. So, one year ago, I got a new family and new brother who is closer to my age and more playful than my old brother. I still miss my first family,but I love my second one too. My favorite things to do are tug-of-war, chasing birds and squirrels.

We are online at Attack of the Weiner Dogs!
Your pal,

Police Shoot Family's 11-Year-Old Dachshund in Danville, Virginia

To serve and protect? We'd be gathering our Dachshund and dog friends and their humans for a protest right now. The news is grim out of Danville, Virginia, where a family says that police shot and killed their much-loved family member, 11-year-old red smooth 'Killer' on Monday night. The family states that while his name may have been 'Killer,' he was anything but.

"He'd never bit anyone. He would bark, He did his fair share of barking. He had a big bark for a little dog," human Tawaiin Harper said.
But on Monday night, the Harpers say that barking stopped because a police officer, making a stop next door, shot and killed their pet.
"He said, I had to shoot your dog, he was barking at me and that was that," Angela Harper said.
The Harpers have had Killer for 11 years, and losing him, is killing them.
"He was like a member of the family. He had his part on the Christmas tree and his presents under the Christmas tree. It's like a member of the family," Angela said.

Watch the video (we had trouble embedding it) and read more of this horrific story at ABC13.

Dachshunds Dash in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia

Reports indicate that it was a wet miserable day, but that didn't stop the Dachshunds from running in the Third Annual Dachshund Dash in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, on Sunday. Dogs and humans assembled, and then walked down Main Street to the park for the big race. Congrats goes out to chocolate 'Arthur' for taking the crown after coming in second place last year.

Last year there was a bit of controversy when the race was won by a dog which was clearly not 100 per cent dachshund (and may have had a slight height advantage as a result) so this year the organisers wouldn't allow any entries with more than four inches of ground clearance.

See lots of fun pics and listen to an interesting radio report of the event at ABC South West Victoria.

Wiener Dogs Prepare for Houston Race

If you live near Houston, Texas, you'll have a great time this weekend at the Inaugural Wiener Dog Races Saturday, June 13, at Sam Houston Race Park. There's even a concert at 7 PM featuring America and Christopher Cross. Check out this fun local news video and read a little more at My Fox Houston.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dachshund News Roundup!

Sometimes you can never get enough of a good thing. Taking off where we left with yesterday's Dachshund News Roundup, here's yet another one, on yet another cloudy rainy day, Tuesday, June 9, 2009. Woof, WOOF! Above, six Dachshunds, all with serious health issues, were dropped off over the weekend at Furrytale Farm, an animal sanctuary located on Bainbridge Island in Washington state. Rescue manager Suzannah Sloan said the dogs were dropped off by a woman who claimed she'd found them in Mason County. Sloan said she believes they came from a puppy mill. Read more at

Meet fourth-grader Shawn Olson and dachshund-mix Tabitha, or 'Tabby,' who hail from the Janesville, Wisconsin area. Tabby has had a tough life, after being the only survivor of her puppy siblings who were thrown out of a car, but has moved on to accomplish big things by becoming a therapy dog to help kids read. Her human, teacher Helen Burton says, "Despite the violence, Tabby always has been a mellow dog. That's why she makes an ideal helper at Janesville's Jackson Elementary School." Read all about it and see another pic at Gazette Xtra.

Ouch! Meet 13-year-old 'Chile,' who hails from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Chile is getting her annual rabies shot thanks to the Tuscaloosa County Veterinary Medical Association, who travels to rural areas to provide vaccinations for pets that are likely to come in contact with wild animals. Retired veterinarian James Neville, pictured left, has participated in the clinic for over 50 years. Read more at the Tuscaloosa News.

And finally, it's never too late to take up a new skill. Just ask red smooth 'Mazie,' and her human Wayne Shurley, who hail from Frontenac, Kansas, population 3100. Mr. Shurley recently took up sewing to pass the time as he cares for his disabled wife. Besides creating such nice quilts, the 85-year-old also makes tote bags and potholders. Sewing and quilting fans can read all about it at the Morning Sun.

Have a nice day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that there's no other love like Dachshund Love, here's a Dachshund news roundup on a crisp, cool and rainy Monday, June 8, 2009. Woof! Above, Amy Lasswell of Burlington, Iowa, far left, watches her dog veer off course in the wiener dog race at Original Cyns' sixth birthday celebration Saturday on Jefferson Street in Burlington. In a spectacular wiener dog race upset, 'Rusty' (A.K.A. The Flash), a two-time winner of the Community Basket race, lost to the spunky spotted newcomer 'Roxie.' The event helped raise about $350 for three different animal groups. Read all about it and see another pic at The Hawk Eye.

In our own home town, 40 dogs were rescued from a Tennessee puppy mill and brought to Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society on Friday. It looks as though there were many Dachshunds. They are now available for adoption. See all the photos of the pretty puppies at The Chicago Sun-Times. Thanks to our pals 'Topo' and 'Bowie' for the tip!

Heading west to Nickelsville, a homeless shantytown in Seattle, Washington, you'll find smooth black and tan 'Cubby,' and his human, Donna Beavers. The town residents have recently moved back to land owned by the state, and are hoping Seattle's Mayor won't evict them again. Times are tough. Read the troubling story at the West Seattle Herald.

Heading back southeast, meet some little heroes, 'Greta,' left, and 'Patches,' who hail from Goose Creek, South Carolina. While their human was busy weeding the garden, Patches took one for the team by getting bit by a copperhead snake in the face. The vet said that it was lucky he got struck in the face where there is less blood supply. Antivenin was not recommended for Patches, just Benadryl, antibiotics, and some TLC. Read all about it at Lowcountry Paws.

And finally...."Hey bub - get outta my personal space. I've got a 24.5 inch zone all around me that you need to respect, OK?" We're sure this handsome red smooth got over himself as he waited to see the vet at the Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio's Tremont neighborhood. You can read all about the busy clinic at

Have a great Monday!

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