Sunday, June 28, 2009

Collar Fetish

When you go out on the town, or just go out for a walk, dog clothing can be a little much, but there's nothing quite like a beautiful collar to show the world that you can be hip, playful, and still mean business with incredible style. For Dachshunds, collars are more of an accessory, and are not a substitute for a well-fitting harness which should be used when walking on a leash. An important tip when looking for a leather collar is to make sure that the back of the collar is also finished, and not rough, as rough leather can irritate our sensitive skin.
We thought we would share some of our favorite collars and collar accessories with you on this beautiful Sunday morning.

From top to bottom:
1. Maggie's German horse-hair zebra/leather
2. Maggie's leather German heart collar from when she was a puppy
3. Joey's disco glitter red leather rhinestone bone collar - great for clubbing
4. Joey's leather German bone collar from when he was a puppy
5. Maggie's retro 60's-70's style German leather- for when she's felling groovy
6. Maggie's rhinestone "choker" - for special dressy occasions
7. Joey's big red German leather collar with subtle spikes - a gift from a friend who has crossed the bridge - it's a little overpowering, but still fun to wear
8. Joey's favorite - German white leather with rhinestones. Joey is comfortable in his masculinity - he wears this to represent his 'hood.
9. Joey's German leather and horsehair leopard with a western twist - a newer fave
10. Maggie's gold mesh - snappy and modern - her second-favorite collar
11. Joey's German western leather with steel studs
12. Joey's southwestern style German red leather/hand-crafted metal details
13. Maggie's genuine pearl necklace with an amazing fancy clasp - for glamorous nights on the town when rhinestones just aren't enough
14. Joey's German black leather with large pointy studs - for when Joey wants the world to know that he means business
15. Joey's choker/show collar - a nice accent when wearing another collar - it is only for show. Never leave a dog unattended with a choke collar on, especially a Dachshund. They can get their front toenails caught in the ring. It's not a good idea to train a Dachshund with a choke collar either because of neck/back issues.
16. Maggie's favorite German leather with rhinestones - both dressy and casual. They say you get what you pay for - this collar was about $60 when she got it at about a year old, and she's now 8. She has worn this almost every day of her life, and it is still in great shape.
17. An assortment of dog charms add a little more spice to any collar. Key chains are another option for a great collar accessory.

And here we are just this morning completely naked. Have a nice day.


firstyouleap said...

What lucky doxies you are! My hyper sensitive Jeeves won't even put on his Puppia harness anymore. Something invisible to the naked eye under his paws and on his chest seem to make him volatile when it comes to coats AND harnesses. Perhaps Joey and Maggie could speak with him? Melinda

Gatinha said...

Nice collars ;)My faves are number 3,4,5,6(love it!!!), 13,15 and 16. The dog charms are amazing too *o*.
And I sure know what you mean by collar fetish....My cats have many different collars too :D:D:D

Taffy said...

Wow! That is a lot of collars! I walk on a leash with my come that is bad for us? I have never had a harness. Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Love and hugs,

April @ Dachshund Delights said...

And just where are Joey & Maggie's Hug-A-Dog Harnesses?

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Twix! Collars aren't recommended for Dachshunds because of their spine issues - not just their back, but also their neck - the jerking caused by a collar isn't good for them. When Joey had back issues and we were at the vet, she didn't see that he had a harness because I had already taken it off of him when the vet tech was in the room first - she literally took his collar off and threw it in the trash can in the room. She was apologetic after I explained that they walk with harnesses.

And Hi April! LOL! Of course they walk with their fabulous Hug-A-Dog harnesses every day! There was even a recent photo.

Kim said...

I personally love their new *bed*

kalyxcorn said...

NICE collection, Joey & Mags! And here I am agonizing over finding a rolled green leather collar for Baxter's woof mitzvah. So that his collar collection is expanded to two.
But I guess I am guilty of loading him up on the harnesses. Do they wear everyday tags? Baxter does, though for some reason we couldn't stand all the jingling from two doxies and so Kep and Padua only wore a special bauble on each of their collars.


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