Friday, June 26, 2009

Truly Classic Dachshund Video: Dog Handel-er

Thanks so much to Jenny M., owned by the Hot-Dog sisters 'Kate' and 'Allie,' for sending in the link to this video. She writes: A colleague of mine sang in this concert last weekend. Note the special canine appearance!!!!

We haven't laughed so hard in ages. From youtuber balbritton: The Hampshire Choral Society's June 14th, 2009 performance of Messiah is interrupted by an unlikely visitor.
Allan Taylor, conductor. Mary Brown Bonacci, mezzo. Animal wrangling provided by Anita Anderson Cooper.

The video's comments mention that the mini dapple is named 'Lola.' Take a bow, Lola. Take a bow.

Have a great Friday.


Franny said...

Thank you for sharing! That was hilarious and so adorable!

Elizabeth said...

What a great video! I want to know the know how Lola managed to get into the symphony hall in the first place :-)

John Alexis said...

Yes its amazing and truly classical, I love that dachshund.

Anonymous said...

Just viewed this again after a long break. It is as good today as it was then. Thanks Joey and Maggie for finding this gem.

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