Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reminiscence: Dachshunds In China, Circa 1937

Meet pretty 'Gretel,' as she appeared in the June, 1972 edition of the American Dachshund magazine:

"These are pictures of a typical Dachshund as seen in Shanghai back in 1937," wrote Ethel Bigler of Studio city, California. 
A friend of James and Ethel Bigler recently unearthed the old photographs of Gretel.  The wicker table that Gretel is standing and sitting on was her post at all cocktail parties hosted by the Biglers' friends.
"Almost weekly we would go to her owners' home on Sunday morning and engage in a game of ping-pong on their roof.  When the ball would be overshot and go over the roof, Gretel would race down two flights of stairs and bark till the house boy would open the door for her.  Then she would race out, retrieve the ball, race back up the stairs and sit up to present the ball, but only to one of her owners."
"I've wondered if she and we weren't partially responsible for the Chinese challenge to our table tennis team.  In those olden days, it was one of our regular pastimes," concluded Mrs. Bigler.

Gretel's favorite position atop the wicker table where she greeted guests as they arrived for cocktail parties.

Dancing With A Low Rider

Dachshund Freestyle Alert!  We think that cute little 'Prana' and her mom does a pretty good job here, but the video description notes:  Not the best we could do by far and I am prett y bummed about that but my own stagefright (everybody who knows me can tell you I am very shy :D) and the lack of training due to being extremely busy has left it's mark.

Bark On, Prana. 

Did You Get Taken To Work?

Last Friday was the 13th Annual Take Your Dog To Work Day, as established by Pet Sitters International to celebrate what great companions dogs make.  Handsome 'Hans,' seen here, was one of the the lucky Dachshunds who got to go to work with his Dad, Gerald Schulz of Grosse Pointe, Michigan. 
Like all good Dads, we see that Mr. Schulz has a Dachshund calendar on his wall to remind him of his Hans on all those other days when he's sitting at home, just waiting for his Dad's return from work.  Source.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog's New Activity Book and Help Dodgerslist!

If there's a youngster in your life, or if you yourself are young at heart, you don't want to miss this limited opportunity:  Through July 2nd only, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog is running a special promo to help as a fundraiser for Dodgerslist, your IVDD resource, and will be donating 30% of sales to the group for new activity books purchased. Sweet!
We happened to see an advanced copy of the new coloring and paper doll activity book, and we must say, it is very well done, and you won't be disappointed.
For those of you who don't keep up with Frankie on her blog, she does some pretty amazing things - from visiting schools to nursing homes - all with the message of no matter what challenges life may give you, always be positive, and always make a difference.  We're lucky to have such a canine advocate who just happens to be a beautiful Dachshund!
52 pages of fun and inspiration may be purchased at Joyful Paws for just $9.95. 

Back cover of the new activity book

Frankie (who, me?) and her new activity book

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Celebrity" Dachshund Watch: Snookie vs Nellie!

We first posted photos of everyone's favorite guidette Snookie with a Dachshund puppy a few weeks ago, and our readers, like us, weren't too thrilled thinking that the train wreck known as Snookie could actually properly care for a little furry one - much less a Dachshund.  Stop, take a deep breath, and relax, because the Dachshund in question, 'Nellie,' is owned by a shop keeper in Italy where the new season of Jersey Shore is being filmed.  Shew!  Excerpt from Teddy Hilton:

Snooki's Newest Feud!

We thought the cast of The Jersey Shore was getting along so well with their Italian friends.
But it appears that Nelly, the shop keeper's wiener dog who hangs near where the guidos "work," has started drama with the Shores' smallest cast member.
The dog stole Snooki's Pinocchio doll from inside the O' Vesuvio Pizzeria and chewed it and ran around with it before giving the nose a nibble - and Snooks look purdy pissed!
We hope there is a whole episode dedicated to this in the upcoming season.

We do too.

Gotta admit, this is too cute.

See lots of photos over at Teddy Hilton.


Thanks to our Slovenian pal 'Princess Leia' for sending in the link to the latest Dachshund Drabble Cartoon.  She writes:

Hello Joey and Maggie, Was looking at Drabble comics and found this.  Had a great laugh due to the fact I do this all the time....Hope you're all well and having fun...

Rep. Ken Calvert's 'Cali' Wins Award in HSUS Photo Contest

Contest photo via flickr

Congrats to our favorite gal on Capitol Hill, 'Cali' for winning the Humane Society of the United States 'Barker of the House' Award.  HSUS recently held a Congressional Pet Photo Contest, with over 200 entries.  Excerpt from The Press Enterprise:

Rep. Ken Calvert , R-Corona, took to Twitter last week to announce his office's latest triumph. No, it wasn't passage of one of his bills or news of a deal struck with Democrats in the debt ceiling debate.
"Cali my office dog won Humane Society's 'Barker of the House' Award!" he declared to his nearly 900 followers. "We are very proud!"
Cali, a rambunctious Dachshund often seen tearing through Calvert's Washington office, took home the award as part of the Humane Society of the Unites States' Congressional Pet Photo Contest.
The award was one of a handful given out in the "bipawtisan" contest, which drew 233 entries, according to the Humane Society.

Mr. Calvert said of his 'Cali':  Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Cali is widely-known by the Capitol Hill community; whether it is for her prowess at chasing the ball down the hallway or for her fearless jumping into the Rayburn fountain! She comes to work every day and loves greeting constituents, taking meetings with the Congressman or sleeping on a staffer's lap. She is the quintessential Capitol Hill Dog!

There were several other Dachshunds in the running including 'Brody,' seen here, whose human is Greg Schmidt, Education and the Workforce (Committee Staffer).

Why My Pet Should Win by a Landslide: Brody took Washington by storm four short years ago, and is tireless in his campaign to conquer the hearts of all Washingtonians. A friend to all (except maybe squirrels), Brody loves to take long walks and is never far from his favorite squeaky tennis ball. Weighing in at 15 pounds, he may be small, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for with his extra large personality.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shakespeare the Wake Surfing Wiener Dog

Summer is officially here.  Would you?  Could you?  By youtuber bsurline, Sarasota native surfing/skurfing behind the boat with Shakespeare (1 year old black dachshund)!

Darwin Gets Dinner

Our website host, Blogger, isn't allowing photos to be uploaded today, but we can certainly watch a couple of cool new videos!  Here, Darwin Gets Dinner by vimeoer Tyler James Metcalfe.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When Seagulls Attack!


Poor smooth black and tan dappled 'Harley' can't get a break.  He was just sitting on the patio eating treats at his Ventura, California home last month when he got into a tussle with a seagull.  The event has even been chosen as the most unusual insurance claim in May by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI).  This puts Harley in the running for the insurance company's annual "Hambone Award."  Excerpt from Veterinary Practice News:

“Harley loves to eat his treats on the patio but we’ve never had a problem with seagulls before,” Robin Baer, Harley's mom says. “The two got into a fight over food. I could tell Harley was injured. He had blood on his nose and some hair missing from around his neck, but he seemed completely unfazed.”
Uncertain about how severe the wounds were, Baer rushed Harley to her veterinarian’s office for an emergency visit.
The dachshund had a cut below his eye and a wound on his neck, where Baer says the seagull tried to pick him up. After some clean-up and a couple of stitches from the veterinarian, Harley was able to go home.
Honorable mentions in May included a West Highland terrier that ate a large amount of sand at the beach, a beagle mix that was stung by a stingray, a Labrador that got a blade of grass stuck in his tonsil, an Airedale terrier that ran full-speed into a wheelbarrow and a pug that ate a dirty diaper. All pets considered for the award made full recoveries.
In September VPI will ask the public to vote for the most unusual claim of the year. The Hambone Award is named for a VPI-insured dog that got stuck in a refrigerator and ate an entire ham while waiting for someone to find him. The dog was found with a licked-clean ham bone and a mild case of hypothermia.

Jerk Veterinarian Keeps Dachshund Waiting In Empty Lobby For 45 Minutes

At least according to The Onion's News In Photos.

'The Long and Short of it All' is Brought to You by:

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Retro ad circa 1970's - thanks to an Anonymous Dachshund Lover for sending it in!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Year Later: Dachshund Heroine Fritzie Saves Her Mom's Life

This'll start your week off with a bang.  Meet 3-year-old pretty red smooth 'Fritzie,' and her mom Clara Lynch, who hail from Dobbin, Texas.  Mrs. Lynch was making her way into the kitchen for a drink in the wee hours of Father's Day 2010 when she collapsed on the floor from a brain aneurysm.  She probably wouldn't be here today to talk about it, had it not been for her little heroine.  Excerpt from Your Conroe:

“I had never had a seizure or any type of health problem like this before,” said Clara. “I don’t remember a thing, but doctors said if I had lain on the floor all night, I probably wouldn’t have survived.”
Moments later, her husband Sam was awakened by Fritzie’s incessant barking.
“This wasn’t the type of barking she would do at a cat or a noise outside,” he said. “She climbed onto the bed and got right in my face – she wouldn’t stop until I got up.”
When Sam did get up, Fritzie led him directly to the kitchen where he discovered Clara and called for an ambulance. The trip from their remote area of Dobbin was slowed by a stalled train blocking a crossing, but Clara was eventually transported to the hospital for treatment.

Way to go Fritzie!  Read all about this little gal and the perceptiveness of animals at Your Conroe.

The Wiener Dog Ranch

If you're looking for a new place to call home near Austin, Texas, you couldn't go wrong with "The Wiener Dog Ranch" sitting on 3 acres and now up for sale for $379,900.  The 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath 1,664 sq foot 10-year-old house was built to look like an old farmhouse.   

And it's got a porch meant for hound-lounging.  Via The Statesman.

Wienergate, Continued

Most of the drama may be over, but the jokes?  They just keep rollin' on in. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vintage Dachshund Relaxation With Dad

Some things never change....thankfully.  See the 1930's version here.

Photo circa 1950's; source unknown.

Friday, June 17, 2011

How I Became A Doxieholic: Meet Hatcher and Hamilton!

Who's Handsome?  Hatcher....

....and Hamilton!

We can't thank Kristi Jeter, who hails from Dallas, Texas enough for sending in such beautiful photos of her beloved black and tan longhair boys (and their Chihuahua brother!).  And the story of this Dachshund family is just so heartwarming that it really needs no introduction; just grab a Doxie, put him on your lap, and enjoy!

Dear Joey and Maggie,

After the death of my beloved yorkie, I began to contemplate what breed of dog I would like to bring into my home to be a friend to my Chihuahua, Julius. I looked on almost daily at all of the small dogs, but still couldn’t decide. Then one day a friend brought over his two dachshunds, both black and tan, one smooth coat and one long haired. They were so adorable and so loving, and I was immediately smitten. The next day I began searching Petfinder for the perfect dachshund boy. I very quickly located a long haired black and tan that was being fostered by a rescue group near my home. A few long phone conversations with his foster mom, and he was ours. My daughter and I picked him up and brought him home to his new daddy, my husband Mark. Mark had never owned his “own” dog. All previous pets had been mine, our daughter’s or my son’s. Mark had the task of giving this new boy his new name and chose “Hatcher” after his favorite hockey player, Darian Hatcher. Darian is known as a bit of a fighter in the hockey world, and so does our Hatcher have his feisty side. I never knew my husband had the capacity to love a dog so much. I jealously watched them snuggle on the couch together watching sports, and anytime I couldn’t find Hatcher, there he was at his daddy’s side. Even though I love our Chihuahua, I wanted a dachshund of my own, too. And thus began the search…

Months and months of searching Petfinder resulted in nothing but frustration. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but knew that I would know him when I saw him. I looked all over Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma to no avail. I definitely wanted to rescue a dachshund, rather than purchase from a breeder. After returning from a vacation in Savannah, I had an idea. I loved visiting Georgia and sure wouldn’t mind a trip back. Could it be that my boy was waiting for me there?

More searching of Petfinder ensued, this time focusing on the Atlanta area where I have family. That was how I found DREAM Dachshund Rescue, and the little boy that is now the love of my life. Once I clicked on that little thumbnail photo of the boy they called Samson, it was love at first sight. When I read his story and found out he had been rescued from an abusive situation, I knew that I had to make it my mission to make sure the rest of his life was spent being spoiled and pampered.

I quickly emailed the folks at DREAM, and just as quickly had my hopes dashed. They were leery about accommodating an adoption so far away. What if it didn’t work out, they wanted to know. Not work out? There is no such thing with me, I assured them. A letter writing campaign from friends and family and many, many phone calls from me finally convinced them to let me come meet Samson. I happily made the drive from Dallas to Atlanta (13 hours each way) sure that they would let me bring him home.

When we arrived at the foster mom’s home, I was reassured again that I had made the right choice. Samson, having had a pretty hard life up to now, was afraid of strangers. It took some patience, but he finally allowed me to hold him. By that night, he was snuggling with me and giving me kisses. I chose the name Hamilton for him. Like Hatcher, he is named after a beloved sports figure – my favorite Texas Ranger baseball player, Josh Hamilton. Josh had overcome some serious drug and alcohol abuse issues to become major league baseball’s MVP. I knew that Hamilton would be my own MVP… Most Valuable Pup!

And, oh how he and Hatcher get along! My goodness, you would swear those two are brothers. From the very beginning, they romped and played and wrestled. They have several of these sessions daily, and it’s always so fun to watch. I know that Hamilton feels loved and safe, but there is no way he can know what he has done for me. I go to sleep each night like salami in a dachshund sandwich; Hamilton on my left and Hatcher on my right, between his beloved daddy and me. Julius the Chihuahua rounds out the group at my knees, under the covers just like his doxie brothers. It’s so funny how much Julius has taken on the dachshund personality. I’m certain that he is happy that I brought his two brothers home.

So that is the story of how I became a Doxieholic. I will never again be without at least two Doxies. My husband and I will travel to Georgia later this year for DREAM Rescue’s Halloweenie event. Who knows? Maybe we'll find a third dachshund to bring home! 

Kristi (right) with her daughter Kaitlin, and all three boys at Hamilton’s foster home in Atlanta.

We Love Our Dads

via youtuber nutelladivine who notes:  This is Vuchko's welcome home routine every night.

Let's hear it for Boone!

Wow Boone, look at the size of those ribbons!

We couldn't be happier to report that Helen Paradise, who has submitted many stories over the years here, has her first AKC Champion of Record in one HANDSOME red smooth named 'Boone.'  Way to go Boone and Helen!  She writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie

Love your blog, read it everyday. I wanted to bring some exciting news to you and your readers. On Saturday June 11th, my 16 month old red smooth male, Boone, officially became my first AKC champion of record. He won a 5 point major and was awarded Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex at the famous Greenwich Kennel Club (GKC) dog show in Norwalk, CT. From the GKC website: ‘The GKC is one of the oldest all-breed dog clubs in the tri-state area of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Its membership is comprised of area dog enthusiasts with interest in conformation, obedience and performance events. GKC held its first annual all-breed dog show in 1930. Today, this well-established outdoor dog show is one of the largest held in the New England area.’

Boone’s official title is now Ch Tecklewood Huntin’ For Fun Ms. He has brought nothing but joy to me this past year and is now living with an awesome family in Queens, NYC along with another male black and tan dachshund, Brownie.

Thank you and all my best.

Boone in his new home, just chillin' after his recent victory

Anthony Weiner Resigns: What Will Anthony Weiner Do Next?

The Huffington Post suggests, among Hot Dog Salesman, Social Media Consultant, and Viagra Spokesperson, that he should consider taking up Dachshund Photography.  Works for us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I Love Ya, Man"

For more than 15 years, handsome red smooth 'Frank' was the constant and loving companion of Michael Brownstein, keeping him company on drives to Montana

There's nothing more expressive than humans writing about the loss of their furry friends - the friends who are there to enjoy the good times with us, comfort us in the bad times, and are just always there to please - and then one day they are gone.  Michael Brownstein recounts his days with his beloved 'Frank' for the San Francisco Chronicle.  Here's an excerpt.  Thanks to Allen J Burton and David Larsen for sending in the link.

For more than 15 years, Frank was my constant companion. He joined me everywhere, including my frequent drives to a property in Montana. He'd drape himself across his favorite riding spot, my shoulders, until we arrived at our usual motel layovers. Then he'd leap to the ground as the motel keepers greeted him with an enthusiastic "Hello, Frank, welcome back!"
Back in the Bay Area, every day Frank awakened at 4 a.m. to accompany me from our home in Half Moon Bay to my surgery practice in San Francisco. My patients loved Frank and often spoiled him with toys and treats, and considered him a calming influence. At home, he was content to just sit at my side. I often couldn't resist picking him up, holding his beautiful little face close to mine, and saying, "I love ya, man." And I did.
When Frank turned 15, I started noticing subtle changes in him indicating that my little man was deteriorating from age. My wife and friends insisted Frank was fine since he remained active, playful and curious. However, I knew my dog better than anyone else. Turned out I was right.

Read the rest at the San Francisco Chronicle. 


And on the news that embattled Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign his seat in the House of Representatives - thanks to a good friend for sending this in.  As he noted:  "It had to happen." 

If you'd like this on a t-shirt, contact with your color/style/size selection. Paypal payments accepted.
Pre-orders are now being taken for our limited edition "Tweet Your Weiner Right" T-Shirt. Available in ladies or mens 100% heavyweight cotton shirts. You choose the color! $20 including shipping! All pre-orders will be shipped Tuesday the 21st of June and orders must be placed no later than Monday the 20th.  

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lost Dachshund Leads To Petition Against All American Dachshund Rescue For Her Return

'Alpina' from her facebook page:  Give Back Alpina

There is a highly volatile story emerging in the world of Dachshund rescue - a story where such words have been thrown that it is unlikely at this point that a happy ending will ever occur.  At the very center of the story is a beautiful chocolate girl named 'Alpina,' or as she was known while being rescued and fostered by All American Dachshund Rescue:  'AnnaJo.'  
AnnaJo was adopted by Megan Courtney, where she was to live with Megan's boyfriend, Tony, and a Dachshund sibling, in the Lowell, Massachusetts area.  Alpina, as she was now known, got away from Tony and was lost.  Luckily, she was found, and a rabies tag led her back to AADR.  At this point however, AADR has refused to give Alpina back to her adopters for various reasons, including breach of contract.
We first stumbled upon this story when we found this new petition on-line which as of today has over 850 signatures:

On the evening of June 8th, 2011, one of my sisters beloved dachshunds "Alpina" ran off. She had a collar, tags, she is chipped and of course, she was on a leash. After searching all night and using every resource available in order to find Alpina, my sister received a call from All American Dachshund Rescue.
Instead of being reunited with her family, Alpina is being kept at some unknown location without her owners permission. Rescue leagues work hard to place dogs forever in the care of nurturing, loving, and healthy homes. Her owners are experienced and responsible and in no way have breached their adoption contract with AADR. They have done nothing wrong.
This is a very unjust and heartbreaking situation. Im asking if anyone has any information that will help bring Alpina home to her family, it would be greatly appreciated. Diane Irwin, the president of the AADR has told me that the dog has already left the state of MA, has been fostered by several families, and already place with her "new family"... all of this happened within 24 hours. This doesnt sound very legal to me, at all.
The police don't have the time and resources to search for just one missing or stolen dog. We all understand that. But that shouldn't mean that this gets swept under the rug. I have to ask the question: has this happened before, or will it happen again?
This entire situation stinks like some sort of a scam, in order to recycle dogs through loving families, only to then say those same families are unfit, some time after. Im not argueing that adoption contracts, or the screaning methods of adoption candidates are unfair. Rather, the decision to take away a dog from an owner without any type of process or accountability.
How many times will Alpina (aka Anna Jo) go through the adoption process. How much money will this poor animal make for the people of this so-called non-profit organization. Another adoption "donation", a few shelter fees, vet costs, boardng, transportation... When will it stop? Where is Alpina?
Her owners are good people and the rescue group is taking advantage of everyone involved. Help us make this right. Help bring Alpina home.

Thank you.

If you can, please visit the facebook page we set up. It's main purpose is to show compassion and support towards a family who are missing an important part of their family.

After reading this petition, we were struck more than anything with the word 'scam.'  Do you really expect us to believe that a non-profit organization who tirelessly donates all its time and resources towards Dachshund rescue are out to scam anyone?  We contacted Diane Irwin, President of All American Dachshund Rescue for any sort of statement against the petition.  She gracefully agreed, and we thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to respond:

Thursday morning Diane [AADR rep] got a call at 7:30am from a vets that AnnaJo was reported found in Lowell, MA and was giving the name of the lady that had her. Diane called and she was found, cold, wet and scared with a leash still attached to her. Diane contacted the person that had her and told that person that someone would be there to get her and to keep her safe until then. Diane then call Megan Courtney to find out what happened she told Diane that her boyfriend, Tony was walking the dogs and the leash slip out of his hands and then he went to step on the leash and she took off (We now believe he was trying to train her to stay with him without him having the leash in his hand and this is how she got loose). She then told Diane that Diane could call her boyfriend and get the story which Diane did and he said the same thing but went on to tell Diane he just doesn't understand why AnnaJo doesn't like him when she will let other men pet her. He also admitted that the other dachshund they have is allow off leash cause she "can be trusted and never leaves their side" but he said he turned to see where the other dachshund was and that's how AnnaJo's leash slipped/fell out of his hand. Then he tried to step on the leash and missed and then she was running off. These are TWO big red flags and encouraged Diane and another board member to not give AnnaJo back to these people that were in breach of their contract for not keeping Annajo safe. They were told repeatedly that it was not the fact that AnnaJo got loose but the fact that if their other dog is off leash so will AnnaJo and more than likely the boyfriend was trying to train her to do just that also we are concerned why AnnaJo is afraid of the boyfriend but has no issue with the man in the foster home that she's at now.
They have unfortunately not taken this well and have posted a petition, set up a Facebook page and even gotten another rescue to agree that what we are doing is wrong by not giving back AnnaJo. We feel they are trying to discredit AADR and all the hard work that this organization has done in the 7 yrs it's been a rescue.
We like all other reputable rescues do not just pull a dog away from a family without good reason and careful consideration. The morning that Megan was called we had plans to let her know where AnnaJo was until we heard that the boyfriend had the other dachshund out without a leash and his attention was diverted to her and the leash slipped fell out of his hand. We are inclined to now believe that he didn't even have the leash in his hand but on the ground to "step on if needed" as we believe he was trying to train her to be and "off leash" dog as well. By his own admission AnnaJo was scared of him and we do not put our dogs in homes where they have to live in fear. She is now in a foster home where the man of the house is able to pick her up, carry her around and she goes to him for attention. Do we want Annajo to live a life of fear and why after having been in the adoptive home for a month would she still be afraid of the boyfriend that lives there daily but at the foster home that she's been in less that a week is very relaxed and happy? We are not just about finding ANY home for our dogs but to find the right home for our dogs, in AnnaJo's case we are just happy that we found out that Megan's home was not the right home for AnnaJo and luckily we got her back safe and sound.
Diane even tried to tell Megan about the dangers of allowing a dachshund off leash even when the owner thinks they have them properly trained, this fell on deaf ears. Then the next day when Diane was talking to Tony again she tried to convince him that Dachshunds should never be allow off leash for any reason and again he could not or would not see reason. With all this there is no reason to believe that AnnaJo would not be kept on a leash. We are here to save dachshunds and put them into loving homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their life not to have their life shortened because someone feels they know the breed better than the experts.

Per her application that she sign to be true:

If you do not have a fence are you willing to leash walk at all times?: Yes
Would there ever be an occasion where our/your dog would be allowed to walk/run off leash?: Only at a fully- fenced in dog park
If you do not have a fenced yard, how will you exercise your dog? This answer is required if you do not have a fenced yard.: In the morning they will be taken for a walk on leash, and since I am a dog walker, the dog will be walked while I'm on my walks in the afternoon and at night the dog will be walked on leash around where we live.

Diane S. Irwin, President
All American Dachshund Rescue

And so, sadness has ensued on all sides of the story of 'AnnaJo/Alpina.'  We can only imagine the heartbreak and despair her adopters, Megan and Tony must feel.  It takes special people to rescue Dachshunds and offer them the love of a forever home - we're quite sure that Megan and Tony have that love to offer in spades.  But on the other side of the coin, we can see how the contract may have been breached.  This is where rescue organizations often come into question, but what we've learned over the years is that they are the ones doing the tireless work to save the dogs, and as such, they are the ones who make the rules. 
All we can do is support them in their efforts, and if we don't like the rules, we can look elsewhere.  Our Dad learned this the hard way when he tried to rescue a Dachshund many years ago.  He was refused by organization after organization because he didn't have a fenced-in yard.  That was it.  No fence?  Don't bother filling out an application.   Things have changed since the year 2000 however, and we will continue to support the rescues who save our Dachshunds and our animals whenever we can.
For AnnaJo/Alpina's sake, we're hoping that Megan, Tony, and AADR can come to terms for a solution.  If only for AnnaJo/Alpina.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Therapy Dogs: A Teckel Named Tinker

Pet partner Becky Cade and Tinker visit Ashley Castro on Monday, June 13, 2011, at the Edinburg Children's Hospital in Edinburg, Texas.

We mostly sit around the house all day and wait for Dad to come home from work.  Not smooth black and tan 'Tinker' though.  This is a Dachshund who makes things happen.  Excerpt from The Monitor:

Little 5-year-old Ashley Castro wanted to leave the hospital where she had been since Saturday, but as soon as she saw Tinker — a miniature Dachshund — she got off her hospital bed and knelt to pet the dog.
“She was crying because she misses her dog,” said Amparo Castro, Ashley’s mom. “She wanted to leave.”
“This (visit) motivates her,” the mother said.
Tinker belongs to Becky Cade, a pet partner with Wonderful Animals Giving Support. WAGS is a local chapter of the Washington state-based Delta Society, a nonprofit that brings the emotional power of pets to bear on hospital-weary patients.
Ashley petted Tinker with the hand that wasn’t connected to an IV, and the dog was placed on her bed.
“To give love, that’s what they do,” Cade said.

Way to go Tinker!  Read more about Tinker and therapy dogs, and see five photos at The Monitor.

The Weather Report With Keith Carson

What's the weather like in Bangor, Maine?  Let's check in with our favorite meteorologist Keith Carson at WLBZ2 and find out:

My miniature dachshund Reeses is NOT digging this weather. See, he has a very specific problem that not every dog has to deal with...he gets wet even if it isn't raining. Through the wonders of German canine engineering he is about 30" long yet has only 1" of clearance between the ground and his chest (he is so barrel chested that I joke he's like one of those meathead guys who only works on his pecs and lets his legs stay tiny and thin). So all this gloomy, foggy, misty weather is a real killer for him...he's had several BAD hair days.
There will be slow improvement over the next few days with showers becoming more scattered and breaks of sun becoming more numerous.
Tuesday will offer some slight improvement as the upper level disturbance responsible for our unsettled weather slides a bit further south. As this happens I expect more breaks of sunshine statewide, and especially over the northern half of Maine.

By the way THIS is what Reeses looks like when he's wet. It reminds me of "The Princess Bride"....rodents of unusual size.

See more Reeses:  Talking About the Weather

Monday, June 13, 2011

'Fender Bender' Takes Fort Wayne's Wiener Dog Nationals

Billy Elvis from 92.3 FM congratulates first place winner Fender Bender and his handlers Nico Kuechenberg, left, and Katie Knight.

Congrats goes out to 3.5-year-old smooth 'Fender Bender' and his humans for beating out over 100 Dachshunds and taking the 18th Annual Wiener Dog Nationals during Germanfest at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Saturday.  This race boasts a lot of rivalries year after year, and Fender Bender had to take on returning champ 'Budrick von Brat' to take the crown.  Mr. Bender finished second last year.  Excerpt from the Journal Gazette:

Lured by co-owner Katie Knight yelling “I’ve got beer!” and waving the dog’s favorite yellow squeaky ball at the finish line, the dappled dachshund tore down the 50-foot grass track to victory on Saturday afternoon.
His official awards included a trophy, a bag of dog food and a gift card to Uncle Bill’s Pet Center.
But his ultimate reward probably was nibbling a hot dog on the only day of the year he’s allowed to eat “people food,” Knight said, who was wearing a “Team Fender” T-shirt.

Read all about the big race at the Journal Gazette and see more photos here.

Dachshund Ellie Plays Pinball

That B-A-L-L:  so close, yet so far away.  By youtuber littlerieggs who notes:  My 4 year old Dachshund Ellie has discovered a new pastime.... playing pinball. Well, more like chasing the pinball.

Doggie Diner Set For Demolition

Thanks so much to our pal 'Franny' over at the always engaging Doxiementary for sending in the link with the sad news.  She writes:

Hi Maggie & Joey!

Hope all is well! I thought I would share some news about the Doggie Diner (with the famous Dachshund head) in San Francisco.  Via the SFGate:

The former site of a Doggie Diner outpost is set for demolition. The local classic out in the Sunset has been defunct for years, and the grinning dachshund moved down the block as an official landmark in 2005, but the building has remained.
Now, it looks like its days are numbered, as Ocean Beach Bulletin brings word that the one-story building at 2710 Sloat Boulevard (between 45th and 46th) is set to be demolished.
Most recently, it housed the Carousel Diner, but it’s been vacant for a while. Now the plan is to convert it into an “additional outdoor sales area for the Sloat Garden Center.”
City Planner Thomas Wang says that if no one files a discretionary review (complaint) by July 8, then he can sign off on the demo and pass the application onto the next city department. Tell it goodbye.

And so goes another piece of Dachshund History.  At least they saved the Dachshund Head.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tulsa, Oklahoma Man Saves Wife's New Dachshund Puppy From Drowning

It seems like we've got a feel-good story every Friday lately!   This lucky guy wasn't about to let his wife come back from being out of town to tell her that 12-week-old red longhair piebald 'Chester' drowned in the pool.  Someone was watching over this family on Sunday.  Read more at NewsOn6.  And have a great Friday!
Note: if you're having trouble viewing this video, click on the title of the post or head over to the link. Good stuff.

"Celebrity" Dachshund Watch: Snooki And A Dachshund

Snooki enjoys her 14th minute of fame

Thanks so much to Cindy Fuentes for sending in the photos of Snooki with a Dachshund in Italy!  She writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I came across these pictures of everyones favorite guidette and a dachshund puppy. The pictures can be found on perez hiltons pet website, Teddy Hilton.  Have a great day =)

Cat's got our tongue.

Collector's Corner: Junghans Dachshund Alarm Clock

Here's a beauty you'll probably never see the likes of again - it's a fantastic vintage alarm clock mounted on white marble with a full Dachshund figurine on top.  It was manufactured circa 1890 - 1920 by German Black Forest clockmaker JUNGHANS.  Measuring approx 7.5 inches tall, this piece recently sold in working order at auction for just $565.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maggie's Corner: Shopping For Dachshunds

Your Long and Short of it All hostess 'Maggie' wants to say thanks to everyone for sending in lots of great new shopping tips.  Her wound is healing really well, and hopefully she can go without the cone of shame starting tomorrow or so.  As she's feeling so much better, she's got a new itch - an itch to spend some of Dad's hard-earned cash.  So let's get started.
Above, thanks to our pal 'Rolly' for sending in the link to the Dachshund Note Pad you need for your long thoughts.  He writes:

Hey Joey and Maggie!

My mom reads me your blog all the time. I thought you might be interested to know that Anthropologie has a notepad for keyboards that looks just like us! You can find it right here.  •Paper, cardstock •2.5"H, 17.5"W •160 pages - Just 12 bucks.

That Scout duffel bag with the Dachshund print that you've always wanted?  There's no time like the present.  Thanks to Maria Adams from DRNA for reminding us:  Get some of the coolest Dachshund items around and help support dachshund rescue at the same time!   Find this at the DRNA store for just $30, or pick up another of your favorite Scout bags when you visit. 

And finally, our friends at the much-missed Who's Your Dachshund have been posting again a bit here and there, and they note about this Dachshund Design:  Wow...this is some pretty hardcore doxie love! I don't know if I could live in the motif, but I definitely love seeing the pictures!!

Check out the kinda crazy but super cool designs on wallpaper, textiles and posters at decor8.

Berry, A Dachshund Dog On A Mission

Must. Have. The. Water. Bottle.   But can Berry carry it through the sliding-glass door?   via youtuber yoni001mo. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wirehair Wednesday: Meet Ardie!

Just look at those eyebrows!

It's Wednesday....and that can mean only one thing:  It's Wirehair Wednesday, a day dedicated to our elusive wirehair friends!  And boy have we got a bundle of handsome for you today:  It's 'Ardie!'  Thanks so much to Ardie's mom, Rose Russo, for sending in such nice pics.  She writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I love your blog, and I've been following your healthcare issues with concern, I'm so happy to read you are both happy and healthy!!
I am owned by three Dachshunds: Tessa, a 15-yr-old smooth wildboar, Ted is a 10-yr-old smooth B & T dapple, and Ardbeg "Ardie" who is an 8-mo-old wirehair B & T. 
These are photos of our little comedian Ardie; maybe someday he'll make it into Wirehair Wednesday! One of these pics was taken the first day he came home with us, he was 8 weeks old and merely 3.3 pounds. He even allows me to try my knitting projects on him! He is a Dachsie through and through, as he is happiest in a cuddly weenie pile with with weenie family.  :)

All the best.

We'd be happy to cuddle up with this good-looking trio as well!


Who's Your Best Man? Who's Your Maid Of Honor?

Ringbearer Alex DeSmith (left) holds Buzz and Molly during the wedding Saturday of Teresa Ruckelshausen and John Hurney at Prairie Hills Covenant Church in Sioux Falls, SD. The Dachshunds served as maid of honor and best man. Photos by jay pickthorn / argus leader

We've heard of Dachshunds taking part in wedding ceremonies before, but we gotta admit, we've never heard of a Dachshund duo who were Best Man and Maid of Honor!  Thanks so much to our pals 'Oscar' and 'Hans' for sending in the link!  They write:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

We hope you have been able to stay COOL these last few days! We are a couple of hot dogs!
Maggie, we have been following your health issues and are WOOF-ingly glad that you are doing better.
Anyway, we wanted to send you this article from the Sioux Falls, SD, newspaper. Last year when Mom and Dad got married we thought we would get to play a starring role, but we ended up spending the weekend at the doggie spa. Oh well. We probably would have had to argue over which one of us was to be "best dog" and which one had to wear the Maid of Honor dress!

Stay long and awesome.

The Argus Leader goes on to note:

The bride looked nervous.
The groom blinked back tears of joy.
The maid of honor and best man wagged their tails.
And whined a bit.
And the maid of honor emitted one sharp yip when it seemed as if no one was ever going to pay attention to her.
Yes, Saturday's wedding between Teresa Ruckelshausen and John Hurney was a bit untraditional.
Teresa and John knew from the start of their engagement that Teresa's dogs Buzz and Molly would be their attendants.
After all, the dachshunds had given their approval to John the minute they met.
"They liked him, so that tells you something," says Teresa, an MRI/CT technician with Sanford Health. "You listen to what your dogs tell you."

Read all about the wedding and see more pics at The Argus Leader.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony Weiner’s Apology Speech (Presented By Guilty Looking Dachshunds)

If you have five seconds to spare, head on over to BuzzFeed and read the entirety of Anthony Weiner's apology speech as presented by guilty looking Dachshunds.  As they note:  This is the most adorable way to read it.

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