Wednesday, June 1, 2011

(Wheaten) Wirehair Wednesday: Meet Ringo!

Thanks so much to Nancy Nesser for sending in a link about her handsome wheaten wirehaired boy 'Ringo.'  Ringo was featured in a story at NewsOK a few weeks ago about an adoption event which was taking place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The event, Central Oklahoma Humane Society's Midnight Woofness Adoption Marathon was hoping to adopt out over 500 dogs and cats in less than two days and set a new national record.  Ringo was adopted at the event last year.  Turns out this years event adopted out 565 animal companions!  Wow. Way to go!   Excerpt from NewsOK:

Nancy Nesser lined up shortly before midnight to adopt her new dog, Ringo. He was there — waiting in the middle of the night in a parking lot with a couple hundred other homeless dogs.
“I knew I wanted another dachshund, just because I'm crazy about them,” said Nesser, who lives in Oklahoma City. “I have always heard that the wirehair dachshunds are the clowns of the breed.”
Nesser adopted Ringo during the Central Oklahoma Humane Society's Midnight Woofness adoption marathon last June, and Nesser said the dog has been a perfect fit with her and her two other dogs.

Ringo's family includes two smooth Dachshunds.  We're so glad that Ringo found such a great home.

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