Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Live To Be 100: Keep A Dachshund At Your Side And Drink A Little Gin

Meet handsome red longhair 'Wally,' and his human Gladys Taaffe, who hail from Chipperfield, England.  We send the warmest of birthday wishes to Mrs. Taaffe, who turns 100 years old today.  When asked by the Watford Observer what keeps her young at heart, the sprightly grandmother says:  “I used to have a sherry every day, but what keeps me going now, apart from my Dachshund Wally, is a good gin and tonic.”

Go Gladys (and Wally)!!

Krewe of Barkus Mardi Gras Parade

A miniature Dachshund puppy dressed in costume is paraded through the French Quarter during the Krewe of Barkus Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, Louisiana, Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. The parade of dogs and their owners, a twist on the Krewe of Bacchus, benefits animal welfare organizations.  Source.

Dachshund Inception

Although the movie Inception garnered just some technical awards at the Oscars last night, we were rooting for their Original Score to take the win. Here, youtuber Coppersmithmedia notes: I wanted to prove that you can literally make ANYTHING look dramatic when set to the Inception movie soundtrack.

At least one of these red smooths needs a sweater.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Night At The Oscars

For all of our Dachshund pals popularly-named 'Oscar,' tonight is your night.  Don't go too crazy when you hear your name again and again during the 83rd Annual Academy Awards!  While we're sure that you produced some Oscar-worthy performances last year, we haven't heard that any Dachshunds are up for an award. 
We wanted to profile some of the many Dachshund Lovers who have been nominated or who have won Oscars in the past, but one name shot to the forefront:  Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, or Liz Taylor, who turns 79 today.  Happy Birthday, and may there be many more.  Well-wishes are sent to Ms. Taylor, who is currently in Cedars-Sinai, hospitalized since earlier this month.  According to People Magazine:  She plans to watch the Academy Awards with family and close friends and will be rooting for The King's Speech.  A proper birthday celebration will be planned for when she returns home."

Ms. Taylor with her first Oscar win for Butterfield 8

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Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Maci, Oscar, and Dixie!

Relaxing with 'Maci,' 'Oscar,' and 'Dixie'

Thanks so much to Andy B. for sending in such nice photos of his beautiful smooth pack!  He writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

We have three dachshunds that are suffering through a brutal winter here in Albany, NY.  They still manage to get a walk in just about every day but are looking forward to some warm, sunny weather.  They've quickly learned that hardly anything beats a nice warm fire.
We got Oscar (red) and Dixie (black and tan dapple) from a shelter when they were 4 and 6 (not sure which one was older since the paperwork was inconsistent).  We originally were thinking about just getting a single Dachshund since that would be our first dog, but they were so good together that we didn't have the heart to split them apart.  We've had them 4 years now and they're still full of energy.  We got Maci (chocolate and tan) right before Thanksgiving 2010 and since she's about a year old, she has boundless energy.  Luckily Oscar likes the attention and manages to take a bunch of energy out of her during play time.  Dixie still isn't completely convinced that we need another female Dachshund in the house, but manages to tolerate Maci's energy and every once in a while joins in the playing.

Hey Mom and Dad - put another log on the fire!

The Long and Short of it All is Brought to You by:

The 2011 Toyota Highlander:  "Just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you have to be lame."

Thanks so much to Kristi Eberhard for sending in the image!  She writes: This picture is from a car ad for the Toyota Highlander!   Thought you would like it.

We sure do!  Please Support Our Advertisers.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Night Flashback: Art of Noise

Back in May of 1984, the Art of Noise broke new ground with their single "Close (to the Edit)."  The video didn't prove to be nearly as ground-breaking as the song itself, but the Dachshund saved it about 3:30 in.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Going Back To Cali: Our Favorite Dog On Capitol Hill

You may remember pretty red smooth 'Cali' from last summer when The Washington Post did a photo exposé of the dogs who roam the halls of our Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill.  'Cali' is named after her home state of California, and calls Rep. Ken Calvert (R) her human.  POLITICO is now offering up a series of video tributes to to these real movers and shakers (and shedders and chasers) in the corridors of power.  First up?  Our pal Cali.  You can read more about her at POLITICO.  Thanks so much to Liz Scheffler for sending in the link. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

FINALLY! Speaking Out Against Wiener Races On Ice

Don't get us wrong - we love wiener races.  They are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your Dachshund, have fun getting their attention them from 50 feet away, and seeing whose Dachshund can dash down that track the fastest for a ball, a toy, or a piece of fried chicken.  Wiener races are truly entertaining for kids of all ages, and they are a great way to socialize your dog. 
When wiener races go bad is when there is any talk whatsoever of them being organized as a public exhibition - whether for wagering at a racing facility, or where the Dachshund's human is not directly involved with the racing to ensure the safety of their charge.  We've covered a bit of this in When Wiener Races Go Bad.
In our opinion, wiener races also go bad when the Dachshunds race on ice.  Obviously, Dachshunds are prone to having some sort of back issue or IVDD problem, and we see no reason to push the envelope by asking them to run at full speed across a slippery surface of ice.  It's a no-brainer.
We know that many of our readers feel the same way, but finally some folks in Huntsville, Alabama, are doing something about it with a boycott of the Havoc game.  Excerpt from ABC31:

The Huntsville Havoc will host a wiener dog race on the ice this Saturday as they try to raise money for the Ryan Newman Foundation. However, Dachshund owners say that’s a bad idea.
Karen Borden is the president of Dixie Dachshund Rescue. She says, “I think it's a great fundraising event, weiner races. But, I was really upset with the environment that it was going to be held in.”
Borden says running the dogs on ice is dangerous because the breed is already prone to back problems. She says, “Because of the overbreeding that has gone on, many are born with the propensity to have blown discs or bad disks.”
Valley residents are so upset, they have created a page on Facebook encouraging folks to boycott this weekend’s game. They say it endangers and exploits the breed. However, not everyone agrees with the boycott. Melissa Horne is a Veterinarian at the Animal Care Clinic in Huntsville. She says, “As long as they're not having any problems and don't have a history of problems, there shouldn't be any reason they can't participate.”
On Tuesday, Ashley Balch, the HAVOC's Vice President issued a statement addressing the safety concerns. HE SAYS "The race will take place at the first intermission, after the ice has been cut-up by the player's skates for a full period and is no longer very slick to the people or the dogs."
If the surface is not slick, Dr. Horne says running should not be a risk.  “If it's agility or something like that where they're going up ramps and things like that then that may not be the best exercise for them,” she says.

We're thrilled that someone is finally speaking up about Dachshund races on ice, and we challenge all Dachshund Lovers to set up public boycotts of such events in your area.  Here's the facebook page for this boycott:  Boycott Huntsville Havoc Game - Endangering and Exploiting Dachshunds.

Just a few weeks ago, there were wiener races on ice at a Knoxville Ice Bears hockey game.  The youtuber notes:  In the second heat, watch for a guy in a blue shirt to wipe out. And in the final race watch the bottom of the screen for two dogs to crash. Hilarious!

Not really.

Vintage Dachshund Pride

I am W.B. YATES. This is my Dachshund.

Well, aren't you proud of your Wiener Dog!

1950's Rural American photo source unknown.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remembering Fred, America's Largest Wiener Dog

Our hearts go out to Chicago WGN radio talk show host John Williams and his family, who lost their beloved 'Fred' on Sunday.  Mr. Williams wrote a beautiful memorial.  Excerpt from wgnradio:

....If you've gone through this before I suspect you know that the most painful reminder of Fred's absence right now is the act of coming in the front door. It's quiet. There's no bending over. There's no happy admonishing; I don't have to say, "Okay, Okay, we're home, we're home. I know. Yes, I see you." That we should all be greeted so happily every single time we walk in a room, our days would be that much better and the world that much happier.
So we miss that. And now we're talking about the nice life Fred had. Rather than that last day of his, which must have been so confusing, we're thinking about how happy and well fed and peculiar he was. I'll bet your dog was or is unique, too. I'll bet you and your dog have a special relationship and that you can tell me about the funny things he does or the odd, inexplicable demands he puts on your life.
Fred, as a dachshund, was very territorial. He loved his people. He didn't love people with hats, for some reason. Small wheels agitated him, which was bad news for the children zooming around the neighborhood sometimes. He was never, not once, kind to our mailman. Some neighbors and friends he instantly came to like, others not so much. It wasn't clear exactly who would get his blessing, but in general I'd say he was wise and just. And spoiled, something that today we don't regret.
I'll bet, too, you have a funny vocabulary with your dog, your own nicknames and phrases you use to interact. Brenda would say that Fred was her "trusty steed." This much was clear: our Fred was very, very long and thick. I didn't call him America's Largest Weiner Dog for nothing. He was celebrated in our neighborhood that way and people seeing him for the first time would do a double and triple take. Almost everyday, just to keep his ego in check, I'd hold his head and tell him, "Fred, you're not popular. No one likes you." That was almost a cue for Brenda to chime in, "EVERYONE likes Fred," or words to that effect. It was just one of our little dances.
So dance with your dog today. Feed him a piece of chicken for me. And celebrate the acts of kindness our pets pay us everyday; payments we cannot return in kind.

Read more about Fred at wgnradio.  Rest in peace little one!

All About Adele's Louie

Singer Adele speaks candidly to PEOPLEPets about her beloved red smooth Dachshund 'Louie.'  Thank the good lord above she didn't name him Britney!  She says:  Adele, 22, tells that her first choice for the male pup's moniker was Britney. "He was born on the night I went to see Britney Spears at the O2 in London," she reveals in the clip above. "I almost called him Britney even though he was a boy. [But] it only lasted a few hours until my hangover stopped."
Other options included Aaron Lennon, one of the singer's favorite soccer stars, but once the pooch started howling along to a Louis Armstrong record, Adele knew she had to name him Louie — with an "e." Next year, she plans to get a second dog and name her Ella, after the jazz star Fitzgerald.
Louie, who has lots of four-legged "mates," has had many adventures in his 19 months of life. Recently, he was attacked by a Jack Russell terrier in the park across from Adele's home, and ever since, refuses to revisit the grassy spot. "I bought a house right opposite a park … for him to go for a walk in every day," she laments.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dachshund Lover Adele's New Album '21' Out Today in America

Adele and her Dachshund 'Louie' via the February 11 issue of Nylon magazine

Hot Hot Hot Soulful songstress and Dachshundist Adele's sophomore album '21' sees its American release today, so if you haven't already gotten your copy, head on out to your local record shop to pick one up!   Released on January 24 in the UK, the album is still Number 1 on the charts there, outselling all the other albums in the Top 10 combined. 
Her popularity has pushed her first album, '19' back in to the UK Top 10 as well.  Adele is the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top five hits in both the UK Singles Chart and the UK Album Chart simultaneously since The Beatles in 1964.
Her handsome red smooth 'Louie' has been in the press with his beloved human as well in recent weeks.  Something stinky happened during an interview with the Irish Times:  We are 20 minutes into a right old natter, and Tottenham’s Aretha Franklin is wrinkling up her nose. “I’m so sorry, but the dog has farted.”
Louis Armstrong, Adele Adkins’s petite, tubular dachshund (aka Sausage), is soiling the atmosphere of XL Records’ headquarters in London’s Ladbroke Grove, but the apology is shot through with a bit of a cackle and a carry-on-regardless demeanour. Spend any length of time in the company of Adele and you’ll come to learn pretty damn quick that the classiest singer of her generation has little time for airs and graces.
Adele has even quipped that her third album will be all about Louie.  Via UK's Daily Star:  Having vented her romantic spleen on 19 and 21, Adele is ready to move on to a more positive topic, namely puppy love.
“My dog Louie is the love of my life,” she laughed, referring to her miniature dachshund. “The third album will be all about him I promise.”
Keep up with all things Adele, including her world tour, at her official website.  Did you catch her on David Letterman last night?  Fantastic!

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The great lead single off of '21,' Rolling In The Deep

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rippin' It Up at the Victoria Texas Livestock Show

Ty Zimmer, 14, gives his piebald 'Lexie' an extra push at the start of her race in the Wiener Dog Races Saturday afternoon.

Hey, easy on the Wiener Dog there, Mister.  A roaring crowd of 200 spectators enjoyed Wiener Dog races on Saturday at the Victoria Livestock show in Victoria, Texas.  Twenty-two Dachshunds competed for the crown in three categories:  puppy, adult, and senior.  Excerpt from the Victoria Advocate: 

Ten-year-old Tonto was the lone competitor in the senior category, who paced himself down the lane, but crossed the finish line nevertheless.
"It's pretty hard to lose when you're the only one competing," Tonto's owner Marsha McNorton said. "We weren't sure if he'd make it down the lane, he's so old, but we're real proud of him that he made it."

Read all about the races and see some pretty amazing photos at the Victoria Advocate.

Mystic Krewe de Mutts

It's Mardi Gras season, and the Dachshunds are ready to party!  Baton Rouge, Louisiana, kicked off its Mardi Gras celebration Sunday with the 12th annual "Mystic Krewe de Mutts" parade downtown, with up to 10,000 folks in attendance.  Pet lovers, dogs of every shape and size, vendors and animal-rescue organizations gathered on North Boulevard between 4th and 5th streets to celebrate the event, hosted by the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society.  Read more about it at and see lots of pics at

Midwesterners won't want to miss St. Louis' Mardi Gras celebration with the Beggin' Pet Parade and PetSmart Wiener Dog Derby next weekend, Feb 27, 2011.  Find out about it here.

Kackel Dackel Coming to America: Branded "Doggie Doo"

The hottest kids game of 2010, Kackel Dackel, as it's known in Germany, Takkie Kakkie, as it's known in the Netherlands, or Bruno Pu Pu as it's known in Spain, is making plans to hit the shores of the United States.  Here it will be called "Doggie Doo."  Why they couldn't call it Dachshund Doo is beyond us, but at least you'll know what to get every youngster you know for gifts this year.  May be available as early as June.  Doggie Doo by Goliath Games.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Dachshund Fun: THE CHAMPION As Only Three Judges Saw Her

(click image to enlarge)

Rounding things up this Westminster week, enjoy some dog show humor as illustrated by Sheila Dolan for The Dachshund Club News (England) some time in the late 1950's or early 1960's.

Have a great Friday!

Vintage Dachshund Funnies: Muggs and Skeeter

Comic Strip Mugs and Skeeter, by Wally Bishop, ran in newspapers from 1927 to 1974.   Image source:  Joey and Maggie's personal collection.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dachshunds on the Big Screen: "Flawed Dogs" Picked Up by DreamWorks Animation

We love it when we're on the BIG screen, we look so much larger than we really are!  Via Variety:

DreamWorks Animation will adapt picture book and novel "Flawed Dogs," by cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, for the bigscreen.
Story centers around a dachshund who must reclaim his place in the family after being wrongly exiled by a jealous show dog.
Breathed, who will exec produce the project, is best known for creating "Bloom County," the 1980s comicstrip featuring Opus the Penguin.
DreamWorks Animation head of development Alex Schwartz and development exec Damon Ross will oversee the project.
"All my stories are sparked by a nugget of truth hiding in plain sight," Berkeley said in a statement. "In this case, it's that all animals dream… but only dogs dream of us."

We'll keep you updated on the film's progress.  Other Dachshund films in the works include "Lonely Dog":  Warner Bros. Acquires Screen Rights to 'The Lonely Dog' - Get Ready for an Epic Dachshund Movie and "Wiener Dog Nationals, The Movie," which has been renamed "One Lucky Dog" and again renamed to Wiener Dog Nationals.   

There was just a funny little video posted to promote "Wiener Dog Nationals."

All Will Be Better Soon Piper

Please keep our Colorado Springs, Colorado, pal 'Piper' in your thoughts and prayers as she undergoes surgery today for IVDD,  Intervertebral Disc Disease.  Here's to a complete recovery Piper!  Her human, Cynthia Morgan wrote us last night:

Just because I feel like I know you and Joey and Maggie, I wanted to ask for prayers. Piper got up today and couldn't walk. She is going into spinal surgery tomorrow. The prognosis looks good, but it is still worrisome. I have lots of good thoughts about surgeries and getting better from your blog. Thank you for sharing your babies with me and the rest of the world. :)

Remember, if your Dachshund shows signs and symptoms of back issues, or goes completely down where they can't walk, there are options out there!  Take your dog to your vet immediately, and listen to the good advice offered at Dodgerslist, your Dachshund disc disease/IVDD resource.  There's always a link to them in the links column on your right. They have a very active discussion list, and are real pros when it comes to offering advice for IVDD Dachshunds and general Dachshund health.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reunited, And It Feels So Good!

Thanks to the folks who left us comments letting us know that 'Jack' and 'Otto' have been found!  We're sure that you remember their story:  the Bristol, UK, 7-month-old Dachshunds were in a Land Rover which was stolen while their human was attending a funeral.  Appeals on national television didn't turn up any leads for 5 long weeks, but they were finally found last Friday when they updated their Two Missing Dogs facebook page:  OMG.. We have Jack and Otto back!!!! had a call today from someone, picked them up in Banbury 2 hours ago. So happy x x.
They go on to note:  So so so happy. They are both very well and put on weight!!! Just fantastic and I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported us through this. Thank you... x x x

Welcome Home Jack and Otto!

Happy 10th Birthday Phoebe!

May bones rain from the sky!  Thanks so much to this cute little black and tan gal for writing in about her special day:

Hello Joey and Maggie!

Just wanted to share my birthday picture with you--I turned 10 on February 13 and with all the excitement of Valentines Day and the Westminster Kennel Club Show, this is the first opportunity I could get to send you a photo. We had a great party Sunday evening with a couple of special guests, dachshund birthday cards, presents (lots of new plush toys to chase and squeak!) and a special birthday dinner of raw carrots and stew meat-Woof! Glad to see you are both doing well--hopefully the snow is melting and spring will come for you soon!


Northern Virginia

Here's to many more Phoebe!

Dachshunds Around Town: In The Pawn Shop

Pretty little 'Chili Dog' climbs up to owner Steve Bray's stool for a scratch and a pat at A&A Pawn Shop in Owensboro, Kentucky. "She can't stay up too long usually," he said. "Her legs'll get tired and she's done, but she can never get enough lovin,' that's for sure."  Excerpt from the Evansville Courier & Press:
"That's my guard dog. That's Chili Dog," Bray said of his 12-year-old Dachshund who was napping under one of the shop's counters. "She's in there layin' on her heatin' pad. She's always cold."
"She doesn't move around too much anymore," he continued. "She used to come out and see all my customers, but not anymore. She's pretty stationary."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Westminster 2011: One, Two, Three.....You're Out!

As nearly expected, the Dachshund failed to place in the Hound group at the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night in New York City.  Smooths:  You're Outta Here!  Longhairs:  See Ya Later!  Wirehairs:  You made the initial cut, but better luck next year!  Regardless, night one of the event was exciting to watch, and congratulations to all the stunning Dachshunds who strutted their stuff in the prestigious show.  Catch Best in Show tonight 8-11 p.m. (ET) live on USA Network after the Sporting, Working, and Terrier groups. 
Enjoy the 2011 Best of Breed videos for the Smooth, Longhair, and Wirehair Dachshund - such Champions!

Relive the Dachshund (Smooth) breed judging at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Relive the Dachshund (Longhaired) breed judging at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Relive the Dachshund (Wirehaired) breed judging at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Dachshund's affectionate
He wants to wed with you:
Lie down to sleep,
And he's in bed with you.
Sit in a chair,
He's there.
You break his heart.
~Dachshundist E.B. White

Thanks so much to Kay Taylor for sending in such great shots of her boys - those Sheridan Avenue Boys!  Your 'Long and Short of it All' hostess 'Maggie' usually refers to them as Handsome, Handsome, Handsome, Handsome, and Handsome, but today it's Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, and Sexy.  All you need is love.

Westminster Starts Today: Disappointing Dachshund Lovers For 135 Years

One Hundred Thirty Five Years on, not a single Dachshund Best in Show.  Oh, Westminster, so much to answer for.  Will this be our year?  Don't hold your breath.  According to NBC Sports, a terrier is expected to take the crown this year, as they have done 46 times:  According to Johnny Avello, the famous Las Vegas wizard of odds who has correctly predicted the winning breed for the past five years, a Smooth Fox Terrier is likely to take the top title in dogdom.
However, this year, there will be a further battle within that breed, as Smooth Fox Terrier contender Dodger will go leash-to-leash against a fellow Smooth Fox Terrier named Adam to take the breed title before the battle to win the terrier group even begins.
Avello has a Smooth Fox Terrier ranked at 6-1 to win, a Pekingese named Malachy listed at 7-1 and a Boxer named Scarlett ranked 8-1.

Sigh.  But we're still rooting Dachshund!  We haven't even taken the Hound group since 1998 - and there's always hope.  Keep up with all things Westminster at the official site. 

Catch the Hounds live tonight:

Monday, February 14
Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups
8-9 p.m. (ET) live on USA Network
9-11 p.m. (ET) live on CNBC

Tuesday, February 15
Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups, Best In Show
8-11 p.m. (ET) live on USA Network

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Liam Gallagher to Save Sausage Dogs From Extinction

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has vowed to save Dachshunds from extinction.  Huh?  Via UK's The Sun:  The BEADY EYE frontman has leapt to the defence of dachshunds - or sausage dogs as they are better known - after hearing the breed is endangered.
He and NICOLE APPLETON have one of the four-legged friends called Ruby and on a recent trip to Germany Liam said he would be a crusader for their cause.
He ranted: "Extinction of sausage dogs? I will prevent that! When I'm back in England I am gonna buy 900 of them. I am gonna prevent them from downfall."
That's a lot of poo bags on Primrose Hill.

All we can guess is that Liam must have gotten wind of those news stories on the net:  Panic in Germany:  Is the Trusty Dachshund Dying Out?

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We love Oasis.

Love Is In the Air

Scooby the Loverboy

Thanks so much to 'Scooby,' 'Milla,' and 'Pepper' for sending in some festive Valentine's Day shots - there's no love like Dachshund Love.  And it's Pepper's 6th birthday to boot - have a great day Pepper!

The Birthday Girl

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vintage Dachshund Lovers

.....asking one of those Age Old Questions.

Very early 1900s postcards - thanks to an anonymous Dachshundist!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jimi's Sundown: Our Dachshund's Last Day

There is nothing in the world like the Love of a Dachshund, and there is nothing so devastating as the loss of that love. 
Via youtuber AdoredAustin:  Jimi Hendrix Adams was the best dog in the entire world. Once dubbed the hummingbird of dogs, we had a very full and very loving but very short five years with him. Jimi became suddenly afflicted with a GI disorder and IVDD that turned out to be inoperable. He loss the use of his legs, was in a lot of pain and was suffering complete incontinence. After much prayer and veterinary consult, we made the heart wrenching decision to let him go. Before we had him put to sleep we took him all around Austin, Texas to say goodbye to all his favorite spots. We chose to hire a mobile vet who specializes in at-home pet euthanasia. We laid him on our bed that he shared with us as the Texas sunshine streamed through the windows. The five of us huddled close (us, our child, and our other dog June). We fed him a donut and two Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, kissed him goodbye, and told him we loved him. We wrapped his much loved tennis ball and his frail little body in his favorite towel, and buried him in his favorite spot in our backyard with a scoop of peanut butter as tears rolled off our faces.

Our hearts are so very heavy.  See more photos of Jimi at adored austin.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Dachshund Lovers

Who, being loved, is poor?  ~Oscar Wilde

Photo Circa 1943; Source Unknown.

Deaf Dachshund Learns Sign Language in Prison; Adopted by School for the Deaf

Meet 'Sparky,' a 1-year-old deaf double dapple and two of his friends, Catherine Slinkard and Michael Miller, where he now resides at the Missouri School for the Deaf in Fulton.  Sparky was surrendered to a shelter by a breeder, and when the shelter couldn't home him, he was sent to prison - the slammer, the pokey, the big house, the joint, Club Fed - where he was trained in the Puppies for Parole program.  Excerpt from the Fulton Sun:

After eight-weeks of training at the South Central Correctional Center in Licking, the prisoners decided they wanted Sparky to find a home at a school for the deaf so he could help others. When Barbara Garrison, superintendent at the Missouri School for the Deaf, was contacted about adopting the dachshund, she said, “Bring him on! We will take him.”
Garrison drove out to SCCC to pick up the dachshund the inmates had named Zeus. She said when she first brought the dog over to the school, he was bouncing all around with such energy “like a spark plug” that “it was natural that his name needed to be Sparky.” She added that Zeus was also more difficult to pronounce.
“He fits perfectly here,” Garrison said, “because these kids hear all the time what they can’t do. We try to tell them what they can do.”
She said it’s been the same for the deaf dachshund. The inmates taught him a some sign language, and now the students are trying to continue his training. Sparky knows the signs for “no,” “sit,” “lay down,” “stay,” “stop” and “heel.” Slinkard said she’s been working with him on “outside” and “food.”
Garrison said she receives a weekly call from SCCC staff, checking to see how Sparky is doing. He usually stays at Garrison’s house at night where she keeps four other dachshunds. During the day, he may be seen around campus. Sometimes Sparky can help calm a student with behavior or social problems down, Garrison explained. Not only can he be used as a therapy dog, but when students such as Slinkard and Miller have to take care of him overnight, Garrison said it teaches them responsibility.
“He likes his new deaf family here,” she said.

Read this fantastic story in its entirety at the Fulton Sun. 

Good Luck, Schultz

We don't often profile abandoned Dachshunds in need of a home - there are just so many who are in the loving care of our dedicated rescue groups - but boy does 10-year-old 'Schultz' ever tug at our heartstrings.  He was recently dropped off at the Agoura Animal Shelter near Los Angeles, California. His owner thought he was just too old. And before leaving, he patted Schultz on the head and said: “Good luck, buddy."  Source.

Rescue Me

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Run, Don't Walk, To Your Nearest Target for Dachshund Valentines

Show your love with incredible Dachshund style this year by picking up these awesome Dachshund Valentines at your nearest Target.   Thanks so much to 'Pepper,' 'Scooby' and 'Milla' (the Dachshund with a heart marking on her neck!) for sending in the shots of these little beauties just waiting to be crafted! 

Dachshunds Around Town: Let's Be Frank

We're everywhere!  Thanks so much to Blue 'Dixie' and her Red Brother 'Duncan' for sending in this great shot!  They write:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

We were up in L.A. a couple of weeks ago and stumbled on the cutest hot dog truck, featuring, of course, a Dachshund. Naturally, we thought of your blog and had to take a picture. Turns out they have a website and some pretty cute stuff for sale too.....

Spicy pickled pepper relish - Something spicy for your loved one - just $9.50 at Let's be Frank.

Viral Dachshund Videos: Baby Isaiah and Riley the Dachshund

Laughter is the best medicine.  Thanks so much to all the good folks who forwarded the link to this cute video making the rounds on Facebook.  We had heard that it was finally uploaded to youtube, and couldn't find it, but our Minnesota pal Pat and her lovable Dachshund 'Schroeder' sniffed it out!  Pat says:  Get ready to giggle!
Via youtuber hivakk.

The Vintage February Dachshund

Does he want that new bed, or doesn't he?

Love is the greatest refreshment in life. ~ Dachshund Lover Pablo Picasso

Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers for our Dad's Dad.  We won't get into the sordid details, but he is recovering well.  All the comments meant so much.  Hopefully we'll be back to our regular blogging real soon for the month of love - Dachshund Love.

Calling All Girls, February, 1961

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Note From Joey and Maggie: Please Stand By

You can lead a Dachshund to his potty spot, but you can't make him go.

Joey says "Hey thanks Dad for spending an hour to clear out a path and spot for me to potty after the blizzard, but you better think again if you really think I'm gonna go here.  Are you crazy?  You know it's not my regular spot."  It's a battle of wills in Chicago, world headquarters of the Long and Short of it All.  Of course Maggie knew exactly what to do - she's good like that.  Twenty four hours and no BM for the Joe-meister though.  Hopefully soon.  
We've got to take a few days off, our Dad's Dad is very ill, but we'll be back some time next week.  Keep bundled up in the meantime.  And kiss all your Grandmas and Grandpas.

Yours in Dachshund Love,
Joey and Maggie.....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Lubbock Wiener Dog National Dachshund Race

'Calvin' was just crowned the 2010 Wiener Nationals Champion in December, but the 2011 regional qulifier races have already begun.  Kicking things off, eight finalists raced during half-time at the Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State men’s basketball game on Saturday in Lubbock, Texas.  Will last year's Lubbock champion, red smooth piebald-ish 'Crystal,' defend her crown?   You'll have to watch the video to find out.  By youtuber Daily Toreader who notes:  The DT's Jon Arnold reports on the halftime event which saw dogs compete for the right to move on to Wienerschnitzel's event in San Diego.

Viral Dachshund Videos: Iso In Slow Motion - Bath Time!

Thanks to a good pal for sending this new one in - little 'Iso' sure gets around, doesn't he?  Posted just 2 days ago,  this video has garnered over 65,000 views.  Youtuber IsoInSloMo notes:  It was time for Iso to take a bath, so why not film it in slow motion? The song is The Way I Am Ingrid Michaelson.

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Dachshunds Strut their Stuff on the Catwalk to Raise Money for Queensland Flood Victims

Cat?!  Who said cat?  Four-month-old red smooth 'Lily' showed all her best sides on Sunday to raise money for Queensland, Australia flood victims.  The doggie fashion show was sponsored by Marina Quays Dog Bakery, and was part of a Marina Quay Village Markets flood fundraiser.   Read all about the event and see lots of doggie couture at
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