Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dachshunds On Capitol Hill

You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog. ~Harry S. Truman

The Washington Post has done a nice little exposé on the dozens of dogs who roam the halls of our Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill.  Is there a Dachshund to be found?  You betcha.  Meet 'Cali,' the cute spunky red smooth named after her home state of California, and who calls Rep. Ken Calvert (R) her human.  Here's an excerpt of the juicy Dachshund bits:

A couple of years ago -- pre-Cali -- Calvert decided that his schedule was too hectic for him to own a dog. His communications director, Rebecca Rudman, offered to take care of the dog if she could bring the dog to work every day. Rudman and Calvert picked out Cali on a Sunday, and she came to work Monday morning. Visitors can see faint outlines of Cali's messes on the carpet before she was housebroken -- or, House broken, in this case.
Cali has made herself at home on the Hill, swimming in the fountain outside the Rayburn House Office Building, snagging a treat from the Capitol Police every morning on her way in and playing with her best friend, the Chihuahua in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform office.

Make sure to check out The Washington Post to read the whole article, and see some really great photos of Cali diving in that fountain.  Thanks so much to our good pal 'Molly' for sending in the link for this story!

We don't know about you, but if we had a dog named Cali we'd be singing our favorite LL Cool J song to her all the time.  We doubt it's a big hit in Ken Calvert's home, but you never know. 

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