Friday, June 4, 2010

Sense of Peace Arises During Beloved Dog's Final Days

Meet St. Petersburg Times staff writer Arleen Spenceley and her special pal 'Rocky,' who passed away this past March at 13-years-old of cancer.  Ms. Spenceley talks about how she learned to cope with her boy's illness and final days in a nice little column.  Here's an excerpt:

Rocky didn't need a human who avoided him. He didn't need one who felt as if his death would be worse for her than it would be for him. He needed companionship. He needed care. When he stopped walking on March 21, he needed to be carried. When I focused on being the person he needed when he needed me, I could finally cope.
It wasn't easy, but being with Rocky in his final phase of life was part of my purpose. A privilege. In it, I found peace. And on March 22, Rocky's last day, I said goodbye.

Don't miss this touching tribute at the St. Petersburg Times.

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Haley said...

Aw, poor little Rocky. I lost my dachshund to cancer too.

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