Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Smooth Chocolate Dachshunds

Thanks to Jehv Gold at Fetch Chocolates & Manhattan Fruitier for letting us know that they've added these mouth-watering milk and dark chocolate Dachshunds to their chocolate dog lineup!  Strictly for humans, unfortunately. 

Six adorable chocolate Dachshunds! Crafted from the finest chocolates, there are two variations in solid chocolate to reflect the diversity of the breed. The dark chocolate dogs are made with chocolate in its simplest form, 71% Ecuadorian single bean cocoa. The milk chocolate dogs are made with 34% Venezuelan cocoa beans and enlivened with a mocha accent. The result is two distinctly colored Dachsies: dark with milk chocolate accents and light with dark chocolate accents. $24.95

Find out more at Fetch Chocolates.  Father's Day is right around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dog!!! There too cute to eat!!!

Linda and the critters said...

Those are fantastic!

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