Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blind Dachshund Wanders Into Traffic; Causes Wreck; Reunited With Humans

Thankfully, neither the driver nor the Dachshund were injured in Liberty, Missouri, when a blind Dachshund found its way into traffic, causing the driver to smash into a curb. reports:

There are happy endings.
Police reunited a blind dachshund with its owners this afternoon, about 14 hours after it meandered into traffic causing a wreck.
Police were able to track down the owners through the dog’s rabies vaccination tag. It took a while to reach the owners because they were out looking for the lost dog.
The owners didn’t know the dog had gotten away. It wandered into the street about 10:45 p.m. Monday near Sumac Drive and Claywoods Parkway in Liberty.
A driver in what is believed to be a 1995 Toyota saw the dog, swerved to miss it and ended up striking a curb, said Sgt. Matt Kellogg, a police spokesman. The driver was not injured, but her car was not drivable after the crash.
An officer took the dog and brought it to animal control.

One commenter at wonders: 

Did the reporters at the KC Star take a correspondence course in journalism? .... the owners were out looking for a dog they didn't know was missing.....

File this under Hot Mess.

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