Monday, January 31, 2011

Louisiana Dachshund Barely Escapes Claws of Hawk

Meet pretty pure black and smooth little 'Hannah Marie' who hails from Slaughter, Louisiana.  She was recently nearly carried off by a hawk, had it not been for her elderly human who stretched out to grab her hind legs from the sharp clutches of the hawk who was flying away with her.  Wow.  Excerpt from Fox19:

It was a Wednesday afternoon in Slaughter, LA and Bringol had just let little "Hannah Marie" out to play in her backyard like she's done almost every day for the past two years, but even in rural East Feliciana Parish, her stalker found the 10-pound miniature dachshund.
"He's been in the trees and around our property," said Bringol. "And, he's been around the neighborhood. Our neighbors have seen him. He's even been on our carport. And, that's...scary."
For the past week, Bringol has been keeping an eye out for the hawk, but in an instant it "just swooped down above her" as Hannah was sunning in her favorite spot. The hawk snatched up and tried to carry her off. Pat chased the predator and caught it just before it lifted Hannah into the sky.
"I had to reach on my tippy-toes and grab her hind legs. And, it took everything I had to pull her. I said, 'You're not getting my dog!' I was so mad I was shaking," she explained.
Bringol was able to wrestle a frightened Hannah free, unscathed. Hannah's favorite pink jacket wasn't so lucky. The hawk's talons ripped three gashes in it. Bristol said she's just happy Hannah is still around.
Her daughter bought a stuffed puppy to act as a decoy of sorts to use until the hawk finally decides to leave, but now Bringol doesn't let Hannah out alone. When Hannah goes for her walk, it's never for long and Bringol always keeps an eye on the sky because you can never be sure who's watching.

Read more and watch the news video at Fox19.  We're sure glad that Hannah is safe and sound.

Signs Of The Times

We love it when our Dad puts leashes on us to walk us while he drives his RV.  Cough.  Ahem.  Thanks so much to Jennifer, "mom to a dapple doxi," for sending in this fun photo!  She writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I took this picture yesterday at the Outlet mall in Florida City, Florida – I thought you and your readers might get a smile out of it, like I did!

We sure did!  Seen a Dachshund on a sign?  Send it in!

Dachshund Collector's Corner: Dachshund Bookends

Thanks so much to Angela Wish for writing in with her favorite Dachshund collectible - those are some looong bookends!  She writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I just stumbled on your blog and I am in love! I have a mini red long haired Dachshund named 'Rue,' and she is our 1st and only child.  Anywho - I saw the antiques and collectible Dachshund items you post, and wanted to share our favorite gift we received as a house warming gift (found at a garage sale) from our friends - Dachshund book ends! Thanks for the awesome blogsite!

Which of course begs the question:  Why would someone part with their Dachshund bookends at a garage sale?
Got a favorite Dachshund collectible?  Send it in with a nice photo!

Sing, Sing A Song

Santa Maria, California natives 'Gretta,' and her human Genete Bowen auditioned last night in Atlanta, Georgia for Season 6 of the popular television show America's Got Talent.  While we haven't heard the outcome of if they will make it on the show, they got a private audition, which is reserved for acts that the show producers think they will like.  They perform big band and swing songs.  Hope to see this unlikely duo on Season 6!  Read all about them at the Santa Maria Times.

Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear - Just sing, sing a song. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bojo's Bounce (The Periscope Song)

Thanks so much to Hugh Banks, who hails from Florence, Alabama, for sending in this little ditty - we love to sing!  He writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

A couple of weeks ago we had 12 inches where I live in Alabama, which is WAY out of the norm here!!!! Anyhow I wrote this novelty song about little short-legged furry friends havin a hard time in the precipitation.  The dachshund puppy in the video belongs to my son..CUTE as she can be!..
Hope Ya'll get a kick out of is available on Amazon .com.

Bojo's Bounce (The Periscope Song)

I woke up to see a heavy snow...lyin on the lawn
I thought about if it hadnt fell.....where all I would have gone.
White as far as the eye can see ..and I cant head to town..
But what about my fuzzy friends..that live so close to the ground....?

Well I commenced to think it through while Bojo was still asleep...
And, it hit me like an old hambone, that when the snow's this deep..
My vertically – challenged friend's, altitude is so low....
When I let him out to run around, HE CANT SEE where to go....!

Life as we know it's been called off, But we got our milk and bread
And all the stuff I need to do's still runnin 'round in my head.....'
But, at least MY EYES are ABOVE the snow!...It really aint no joke...
If I'z a Yorkie or a Poodle or a Dachshund son,.I'd need a periscope.

They're like submarines out in the yard.....Surfacing for air..
They jump and bounce and tunnel 'round...Wait!..Are they still there?
Until the snow recedes a bit.....It's really hard to say....
Are my little fuzzy buddies here?....Or Have they run away?

Copyright Hugh Banks Out Run the Rain Publishing ASCAP 2011

Dachshunds To Watch Out For: It's Raylene!

Katherine Dettmer nuzzles up Monday to her 6-year-old Dachshund 'Raylene' in her back yard in Gilroy, California.  Raylene, whose show name is Champion Wagswells Ray of Cambria, will compete in the upcoming Golden Gate Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco this weekend.  Go get 'em Raylene!  Read all about the Dettmer family, who have several Dachshunds and a 140-pound bullmastiff(!) at the Gilroy Dispatch.

'The Long and Short of it All' is Brought to You by:

Faber-Castell, one of the world's largest manufacturers of pens, pencils, and art supplies, as well as high-end writing instruments and luxury leather goods.  Via Ads of the World.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dachshund Holds Firm as 8th Most Popular Dog in United States of America

Yes, Me!

The American Kennel Club has released its registration statistics for 2010, and the lovable Dachshund retains its spot as the 8th most popular dog in America, same as 2009.  The Dachshund was the 4th most popular dog in 2000, 6th in 2006, and 7th in 2007 and 2008.  Of course, these are registration statistics, and heaven only knows how many Dachshunds aren't registered with the AKC each year.  The Dachshund seems to have lost popularity in many major cities across America, most notably New York, where we were in the top 5 for the past 6 years, but fell to 7th in 2010.  Read all the stats at The American Kennel Club.

Picasso Dachshund Plate Donated to Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas

Photojournalist David Douglas Duncan, author of Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey, has donated the plate given to him by Pablo Picasso to the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, Texas.  The plate features 'Lump' the Dachshund, as painted by Picasso on April 19, 1957.  You can check out the plate beginning February 1st at the Ransom Center, in a show that runs through July 31st.  Read more about the plate at

Photo scanned from our copy of Picasso & Lump

Viral Dachshund Videos: Iso in the Snow

Love those flopping ears!  By youtuber IsoInSloMo who notes:  Apparently cute puppies in slow motion are all the rage, so here is more to feed your addiction. Iso loves the snow (sometimes). Luckily we caught him on a good day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

South Beach Dachshund Winterfest 2011

Hundreds of long dogs and their humans descended on Lummus Park in Miami Beach, Florida, on Saturday for the annual South Beach Dachshund Winterfest.  Activities included Dachshund Fortune Telling, Mini Massage, Doxie Funhouse (tunnels, Odor-ama, scary badgers!), a Costume Contest, Singing of the Dach Song and The Grand March!   We're so jealous.

Check out some nice photos of the Dachshunds over at CCochrans' photostream at flickr.

Thanks to youtuber ElgaGutierres for posting several nice videos from the event! 

Ruler Song: The Riddle of the Dachshund asks the age-old question:  How can my doggie be so long and also be so short?  It's a paradox, ain't it?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dachshund Domination Continues: Dachshund Makes UK Top 20 For First Time

Who, Me?

The UK's Kennel Club trumped the US' AKC by releasing their 2010 registration statistics early this year (we are expecting AKC's any day now) with interesting results: a huge increase in the number of registrations for what they term Handbag Dogs - or dogs carried in bags as fashion accessories.  While we would never consider ourselves a fashion accessory - Dachshunds never go out of style - the Pug, Chihuahua, and Dachshund made huge strides in registration numbers. 
For the first time ever, the Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund made it into the top 20 with 2,802 registrations, 12 percent up on 2009 and 72 percent up on 2005.  It's also interesting to note that UK's Kennel Club counts the Dachshund as 6 different breeds - smooth, mini smooth, longhair, mini longhair, wirehair, mini wirehair - and the AKC doesn't do this in their statistics.  In fact, if you add up all the Dachshund registration numbers, the Dachshund as a whole rises to number 12 in popularity in the UK, with 5,483 total registrations. 
Of course, we don't feel that this is the best news for the Dachshund breed as a whole:  popularity leads to irresponsible breeders and owners.  But we're so stinking cute, how can we not be popular?

See The Kennel Club's stats at their official site.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dachshunds in Paradise

It's a bit nippy here in Chicago at the world headquarters of The Long and Short of it All - we'd call Florida paradise about now.   So would this pretty black and tan smooth named 'Lucy,' a seasonal resident from Ohio, who, with her human Judy East, attended the "Pets in Paradise" Pet Costume Parade in Naples yesterday dressed as the Red Hat Ladies.  Lucky Dog.  Source.

Happy 20th Birthday Heidi!

Now we meet 'Heidi,' a beautiful red smooth who hails just south of St. Louis, Missouri, who celebrated her 20th birthday on January 12th.  Happy Birthday Heidi!  Via STL Today:

Twenty years ago, Greg Navarro was looking for a dog.
He picked a cute little dachshund puppy and named her Heidi.
"I got her when she was six weeks old," said Navarro, a South County resident.
But she isn't the lively young pup she used to be.
"She has to warm up, like a car," Greg Navarro said. "But once she gets up she can move around."
She sleeps 18 hours a day, her coat has gone gray and she can't handle steps anymore, but Heidi still loves one thing.
"Food," Cathy Navarro said. "She's a great eater. If we didn't limit what she ate, she'd always eat more."
Last year, when Heidi turned 19, Cathy Navarro contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to see where her dachshund stood.
"They told me to contact them when she turned 20," Cathy Navarro said. "So last week I e-mailed them and submitted her information."
Wherever she ranks, the Navarro's are just glad to have her.
"Every day with Heidi is a blessing," Cathy Navarro said.

Read all about Heidi at STL Today.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: At Home With Dita Von Teese and Eva

Dita and Eva via InStyle magazine, February, 2011

It's no secret that we worship at the altar of burlesque artist, model, and actress Dita Von Teese.  She's the complete package:  classic beauty, charm, impeccable vintage style and, oh yeah - Dachshundism.   Her red longhaired beauty goes by the name 'Eva.'
If you missed her on CSI last night, don't despair, pick up the February issue of the American InStyle magazine, available now at your local news stand, with photos of her at home.
Can we get a WOOF?! 

Keep up with Ms. Von Teese at her official website or her twitter feed.


Vintage Dachshund Funnies: Muggs and Skeeter

Comic Strip Mugs and Skeeter, by Wally Bishop, ran in newspapers from 1927 to 1974.  This one ran on January 28, 1970.  Image Source.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dachshund Dearest

I never go outside unless I look like Joan Crawford the movie star.  If you want to see the girl next door, go next door.  ~Joan Crawford

Photo: January, 1940. 

Vintage Dachshund Pride

Well, aren't you proud of your Dachshund?

Vintage 1930s photo source unknown.

Dachshund Collector's Corner: You Light Up My Life

Wouldn't this be a great addition to your Dachshund-inspired d├ęcor?   Thanks so much to an anonymous Dachshundist for sending in photos of this little gem.  She writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

This Dachshund lamp was bought without a shade and was not working.  My husband redid the electrical part for me and I lucked out at a local flea market and found a shade that I felt was perfect.  The lamp cost a pretty penny when I bought it over 10 years ago.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Selma Blair and her Piebald Visit the Vet

Pregnant actress Selma Blair takes her pretty black and tan smooth Piebald to the TLC Pet Medical Center before getting a coffee and checking out some magazines in West Hollywood, CA.  Celebuzz notes that her sweetie is a Dachshund mix - obviously they have never seen a Piebald!

See 21 photos at Zimbio.  If anyone has any more information on Selma's Dachshund, please leave a comment!

Those Special Dachshunds in Heaven: Sally

Thanks so much to Jim Eicher for sending in such funny and heartwarming photos of his beautiful beloved 'Sally,' who waits for him and his family at the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts go out to you.  Jim writes:

Hi there Joey and Maggie,

My wife and I have been reading your excellent blog for some time now. We had a beautiful 13-year-old red Dachshund (Sally) until last October when we had to put her down. My wife had her when we met eight years ago, and being a weimaraner guy, I didn't expect to get SO attached to her. Funny how that happens. Even though we still have two weimaraners, our house feels so empty without Sally in it. It's interesting how such a little dog can have such a large presence.

We hope to get another Doxie in time; it's just too early right now.

Thanks for your great blog, and all the best to you.

Sally = Happiness

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dachshunds in History: A Wonderful Swim

Gather 'round Dachshunds.  Gather 'round Rusty, go fetch Clancy, find Louie and fetch Pretzel.  Come here Fred and Ginger - hurry up now Pee Wee.  Where's Zeppelin and Sampson?  Get over here and bring Tommy and Bruno.  Rudy, Gina, Speckles, Hannah and all!  Now sit and pay attention - it's time for Dachshunds in History with Joey and Maggie.  Hush sweet puppies - and just listen:

A Wonderful Swim
Via The New York Journal, republished by JOHN H. WALLACE for Wallace's Monthly
February, 1885

Christian Augenschlager, a German immigrant, who arrived at New York in the steamer Westphalia from Hamburg, recently, met with such a startling surprise when he landed at Castle Garden that he fainted dead away, and it is feared that he will have to be sent back to Germany under the law which prohibits the Commissioners of Emigration from receiving insane immigrants.
When Augenschlager went on board the steamer at Hamburg he succeeded in smuggling his favorite Dachshund Blucher into the ship.  He had heard that there were foxes in the State of Wisconsin, where he was going, and he wanted his Dachshund to go into the foxes' holes and pull them out.
The body of the Dachshund was fully two and a half feet long, but the length of his legs was not more than six inches.  His body was a mixture of black and tan, and his forepaws stood out at right angles with his body.
Everything went well with Augenschlager and his Dachshund until one day the burlesque on the canine species escaped from the steerage, and was soon after found by the cook in the galley, helping himself to a huge piece of meat.  Augenschlager missed the dog just in time to run up on deck and see the cook drag Blucher by the tail to the ship's side and hurl him into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
Augenschlager had committed an offense in smuggling his Dachshund aboard the ship, and of course had nothing to say.  He merely went below and wept.
It was during the forenoon of Thursday, May 21st, that Augenschlager saw his dog thrown overboard.  On stepping ashore at Castle Garden Tuesday his attention was at once attracted to a dog that lay curled up and trembling on the corner of the dock, and which looked remarkably like his lost Dachshund.
"Komst du hier, Blucher!" said Augenschlager with a half stifled voice.
The dog responded by creeping up to Augenschlager's feet, for sure enough it was Blucher.
Augenschlager threw up his hands, exclaimed "Mein Lieber Gott!  It is Blucher's ghost!" and then swooned.  He was cared for by a fellow-passenger, as was also the Dachshund, which had manifested no surprise at all on meeting his master under such strange circumstances.  The unfortunate immigrant's talk became very wild and incoherent, and it is thought that he will become permanently insane.
News of the remarkable occurrence spread rapidly, and finally came to the ears of Ernest Picard, who was a passenger in the French steamer Normandie. which had arrived a few hours ahead of the Westphalia.
Picard said that on the afternoon of Thursday, May 21st, the Normandie ran into a whole "school" of icebergs.  The weather was foggy and the ship laid to or proceeded under low sail for several hours.  While the ship was at a standstill the attention of some of the sailors was attracted to a strange looking animal in the water, which was taken for a seal brought from the Arctic regions by one of the bergs.
The animal swam straight up to the ship's side and a sailor got down and easily pulled it in.  The animal was then found to be a German Dachshund, and what seemed strangest of all, he had in his jaws a beef's liver and lungs, commonly called the "pluck."
The Dachshund was Augenschlager's Blucher and the buoyant "pluck" which he had stolen from the galley of the Westphalia had helped him to keep afloat for nearly six hours.
The Normandie, after getting clear of the icebergs, passed the Westphalia, and Blucher was landed at Castle Garden with the rest of the passengers, in advance of those who came in the steamer from Hamburg.  He refused to follow Picard, who had "adopted" him, and remained on the dock, as if he expected his old master to arrive in due time.


Unrelated Image:  a Dachshund named Earl Satin, by Lilian Cheviot, 1906.

Those Special Dachshunds On Canvas: Meet Winnie!

Wow - what a beautiful painting of a beautiful little gal!  Thanks so much to 'Winnie' for sending it in!  She writes:

Dear Maggie and Joey, 

Wanted to share with you this great picture my human Mom had made of me.  I am a rescue from Pennsylvania.  My name is Winnie, I am 6 years old.  When Mom picked me up I was 4 lbs.  I am a whopping 5lbs right now so I be small my whole life.  I have a wonderful life now.  I am not too crazy about other dogs, other than my boy cousin Benny-Bob who lives with us now also. 
Mom wanted to share this great picture in case others wanted their dogs done also. Just e-mail her at, and she will hook them up with the artist.  Her name is Margaret Williams-McGowan - she is famous for painting dogs. 

See you later, oh by the way we are really glad that Joey is better. 


Three Dachshunds Among 15 Animals Rescued From Living Hell on Long Island, New York

It pains us to post such stories, but thankfully these 15 animals will finally get the homes they deserve.  Via the New York Post:
Authorities rescued 15 emaciated, sick animals from a Rockville Centre home where Faith Ross, 54, and Francesca Maselli, 23, were living.
They also discovered the remains of 26 other animals, including eight cats, five ferrets, five parrots, and five dogs, police said. Dogs both living and dead were found with their muzzles taped shut.
Town of Hempstead officials were tipped to the squalid conditions by a complaint of odor emanating from the two-family house. National Grid was also called to respond to a gas leak.
When they finally made their way in, rescuers found six Chihuahuas, three Dachshunds, an English bulldog, a Yorkshire terrier, a boxer, and two cats among the survivors. Another pooch, a collie mix, was taken directly to an animal hospital for emergency care.
Ross and Maselli were arrested on animal cruelty charges. Ross’ landlord, who lives across the street, declined to comment.

If you care to read more, or see more photos, head over to the New York Post.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Help Find Two Missing Dachshunds

Please keep an eye out for these guys if you live near this region in the UK.  Via the BBC News:  A woman's 4x4 containing her two puppies was stolen while she was at a funeral.  The owner, a woman in her 40s from Bristol, was at a funeral in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, when her Land Rover was taken last Thursday.  The two seven-month-old miniature Dachshund puppies, called Jack and Otto, were in a wire cage. Jack is a red, smooth-haired Dachshund and Otto is brindle in colour.

See more photos and keep up with the search on Facebook:  Two Missing Dogs Please Help

We're hoping Jack and Otto are back home soon.

Jack and Otto

The Vintage January Dachshund

We love to talk about the weather:  After the recent snow events in the southern parts of the United States and New England, 71 percent of the lower 48 states had snow or ice covering the ground. Every state except Florida reported some snow cover. Even Hawaii had snow, with 7 inches on the ground at the top of Mauna Kea.  What may be a more remarkable statistic than having 71 percent of the lower 48 states covered with snow is the depth of the snow across the country. The national average snow depth was 6.9 inches on Wednesday morning, which demonstrates just how snowy it has been this winter over much of the nation.  Source.

We're hoping all the good Dachshund moms and dads are keeping paths shoveled for us.

Calling All Girls, January, 1959

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Up With Our Favorite Pop Stars

It's a new year, and if you're in the mood for some new music to get you through the day, you may as well start with pop stars who promote Dachshundism!  Kicking things off, thanks to our pals 'Franny' & 'Nina' for writing in about Edie Brickell's new self-titled LP which was released this Tuesday:

Hi Maggie and Joey!

We wanted to mention that we came across Edie Brickell's new self-titled album which features a cute little Dachshund on the cover.  Doxies are becoming so popular these days :)

'Max' and 'Basil'

Also thanks to Christopher Derer for writing in about Ms. Brickell's new album:

First off, I love your site!! I've been following your blog for a while and I'm always amazed by the quantity and quality of Dachshund material that you present. My wife and I have two smooth wieners in the family, Max and Basil, 11 and 10, respectively.  I hope your Joey is doing okay - thank you for the regular updates on his condition.  Anyway, I was just shopping for music and I came across something that you'll appreciate - it's the cover of Edie Brickell's new CD. Check out her website: Edie Brickell

We can't find that Edie and her husband, legend Paul Simon, have their own Dachshund, but if anyone has any more information, please leave a comment!

Coming January 24th, (in the UK - probably a February US release date) it's the release of Dachshund lover Adele's new album, titled 21.  Thanks to Dax ♥ for letting us know the name of her Dachshund!  She writes:  Adele has got a red mini smooth Dachshund, his name is Louie... Her new single is amazing, the new album will be awesome!   Read about Adele and listen to her new single in Shout Out From Adele.  We've been hearing her great new song all over the place - even at the local grocery store!  We'll try to post another reminder when the new album is released.

And finally, former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood and her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, have adopted a Dachshund mix from their local shelter:

Underwood told a Seattle radio station that she and her hubby have taken in a new dog as a companion to their chihuahua, Ace, who served as ring bearer at the couple’s wedding last summer.
“Her name is Penny, because she’s copper,” Underwood told radio station KMPS.
“She’s actually a shelter mutt, but she’s at least half Dachshund.”  Source.

Keep up with Carrie at her official website.

Wiener Dog Brings Norm Chips

Thanks so much to Sheila for sending in a link to this fun video - she writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

I wanted to share this video that my husband and I stumbled upon tonight. It's from a show called Norm that was on in the early 2000's. I though you might enjoy it.

Boy do we ever!  We've looked for clips of Wiener Dog from Norm in the past without success.  Thanks so much!   Wikipedia has this to say about Wiener Dog:  A Dachshund, Wiener Dog lives in Norm's apartment and is a devoted pet. A running gag throughout the series is that Wiener Dog is quite smart for a dog, which Norm does not truly appreciate. (One example sees Norm asking for chips. Wiener Dog brings in some poker chips, but Norm says he wanted potato chips. When Wiener Dog returns with a bag of corn chips, Norm angrily says, "Potato chips!") Nonetheless, Norm has often used Wiener Dog in an attempt to make decisions (such as barking if he should do one thing or not). Also, Norm once tricked Mr. Denby into hiring Wiener Dog at the office.

Wiener Dogs should be in every sitcom. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Is Where the Hound Is

Home Is Where the Hound Is
for the American Dachshund magazine, January, 1968

     Judy and I had already watched "Sunday Night at the Movies," the "Eleven o'Clock News," and "Weather."  Television had been turned off, and there came that characteristic slam of the back screen.  Judy looked up from her knitting to see if I was going to go open the back door and let the dog in.  Meri-Meri had a way of pulling the screen open a few inches with her teeth and letting it slam - her signal that she had finished her 'outside' and was ready to be let in.
     I went to the back porch and opened the door.  The little black and tan hound labored diligently, and finally heaved her long length up the final step and into the kitchen.  She paused a minute at her dish, then plodded on into the living room.

     Meri-Meri was now an old Dachshund.  She no longer trotted about the house, leaped upon the furniture, barked furiously at the mailman or leaped like a steel spring when the doorbell rang.  She was deaf, nearly blind, and had long ago learned to recognize hand-claps as commands.  Somehow, she could feel the vibrations of walking, hand-clapping, doors opening and closing, but shouts to her ear produced no response.
     She was getting pickish about her food too, and all too often would eat sparingly, only to spit it up a few minutes later.  Her joy in life was to pull herself near to where Judy was sitting and insert herself where Judy could hardly avoid rubbing her with her foot.  If Judy was busy, or gone, she did it to me.  If she was picked up, she was in dog heaven.  She was characteristic of all Dachshunds - she never got enough affection.
     Tonight she had exhausted Judy with the foot rubbing, and, finding that I was more interested in the paper than in Dachshunds, had settled herself to sleep in the center of the carpet.  There she could keep an eye on both of us, should we suddenly decide we wanted some of that dog-like devotion she was famous for.
     I am never sure that Judy isn't clairvoyant.  Sometimes I think she knows every thought that crosses my mind.  For some strange reason I had been reflecting that Meri-Meri was having more trouble breathing, and was having more difficulty getting up the back steps.
     Judy said, "You know, Honey, sooner or later we have to think about putting Meri-Meri to sleep."
     I tried to register no surprise that she had voiced my thoughts.  I paused, weighed the idea thoughtfully, then answered, "Yes, I've been thinking about that for some time now.  How old is she?"
     "Let's see, she was born when Carl was seven.  He is 22 now - that would make her about 15."
     "That is pretty old for a dog," I said, mentally computing her human equivalent at about seven to one.

     The subject had been spoken, and I hadn't had to bring it up first.  No one knows how a woman will react to something like that.  Meri-Meri was really Judy's dog.  I was definitely Number Two in her point of view.
     We both knew that Meri-Meri was sick.  Sometimes we were sure that she suffered, but Dachshunds don't complain, and it was difficult to tell exactly when she was in pain.  Dr. Tad, who had cared for her all her life, and for her mother before her, had told us the last couple of times Meri had been at the hospital, that sooner or later we would have to face up to putting her to sleep.
     I reflected on the irony of it.  Here was a little dog reaching the end of her days.  When her time came, she would be transitioned from this world to wherever good dogs go, in dignity, and without pain - a special privilege reserved for animals.  I remembered the painful and lingering death of my father a few years before - and a brother long before that.  Humans must drink the last dregs from the cup of life, no matter how bitter the taste.

     Some weeks went by and Meri-Meri was visibly failing.  She now had to be helped up and down the steps when she went to her 'outside.'  She spent most of her time sleeping.
I asked Judy one evening, "Would you like to take her down to Dr. Tad's?"
     "No, I'd rather not," Judy answered quickly.  "I think you could do it better.  She doesn't follow you around like she does me."
     "What will you tell the grand-kids?"
     "Probably, just tell them - afterwards."
     I studied Meri-Meri.  She was sleeping in her usual place in the center of the carpet, where she could watch both of us - only now, if we moved, she hardly noticed.

     This was the little dog who had come to our house as the runt of a litter, 15 years before, when the house was full of sound, boisterousness and kids.  She had not been expected to live - but had gotten extra attention, and the kids had adopted her from the start.  Judy had fed her with an eyedropper when she was too weak to suckle.
     This was the little dog, who, after her aristocratic mother took sick and had to be taken over to Dr. Tad's, took over our household and bossed it from then on.
     She carefully supervised the rearing of the kids, judged the character of the boy and girl friends who cluttered up the place, and reproached Judy or me if either of us had the temerity to speak harshly to one of our own offspring.
     She had been trained to use paper on the back porch during cold weather, but somehow, she never knew her own length.  She would carefully park her head end in the center of the Wall Street Journal, and defecate just off the edge of the market section.  Then she would come bouncing back into the living room, so proud of having been a good dog.
     This was the same hound who seemed so puzzled that we humans could feel for a warm spot on the sofa, and then scold her for getting on the furniture while we were out.  This dog never knew that she wasn't supposed to get on the furniture - she only knew she wasn't supposed to be 'caught' on it.
     There was a rocking chair with deep cushions that was both her and Judy's favorite.  One night when we came home late, here was our little Meri-Meri slowly staggering out of her basket, struggling to greet us through sleepy eyes - and that rocking chair still rocking where she had just jumped out of it.  That dog was a liar!
     This was the dog that met us on the driveway when we brought our daughter home from the hospital with our first grandchild.  She immediately took charge of the newborn, and let all and sundry know it.  A stranger who might have approached that baby's basket without our permission would have gotten a leg torn off - or at least have gotten a run in the stocking.  Her barks meant business!
     This was the dog that romped the grand-kids through their 'puppyhood,' and watched our younger sons go off to war.
     Now the kids are grown, three are married and have kids of their own; and one is sleeping in a foreign field.  For this last one Meri-Meri still watches every time the door bell rings, or a stranger comes up the drive.
     Now it is just Judy and I, who are getting along a little in years ourselves.  Sometimes we, too, puzzle over this strange quiet which has settled over the household.

     It is a Saturday morning.  Judy holds Meri-Meri on her lap a little while and smoothes her pelt.  The breakfast dishes go unwashed.  Meri-Meri is breathing heavily, and coughing a little - if one can call the deep throat clearings "coughs."  Then Judy puts her down and resolutely goes out the door to go grocery shopping.  I try not to notice that her eyes are bothering her.
     I get the baby blanket - one left over from two generations of baby wrapping.  I wrap it carefully around Mer-Meri, for it is a little cold outside.  She is sick, but still responds to the show of affection.  I put her in the car and drive to Dr. Tad's.
     I have pretty good control of myself.  I drive with one hand and, with the other, rub her just behind her ears to keep her quiet.  She always liked that.  It is only a few blocks.
     Inside, I tell Dr. Tad, "I guess the time has come to say goodbye to our little dog."  I'm doing pretty good - like a real tough guy - no scene - no emotion - nothing.
     That is, nothing, until Dr. Tad starts to explain how we owe it to the little creatures whom God has put in our care, to see that when their time has come - when they have lived a full life - they are allowed to go quietly into their long sleep without pain or suffering.  After a minute or two of that, I'm not doing so good.
     Meri-Meri has been to Dr. Tad's before.  She likes him, and always before has greeted him happily.  But now she seems to realize that something is different.  She is quiet.  Her little body is shuddering.  It takes a superhuman effort for me to keep from rushing out of the office - with our little dog in my arms.
     I am assured by Dr. Tad that she will feel no pain - that she will just go quietly to sleep.
     I go home alone.

     Home is still where the heart is - and sometimes the hound.  Judy and I still watch the late-late show, or sometimes she knits and I read.
     Now and then we hear the back screen slam lightly, and we know it is Meri-Meri ready to be let in from her outside.  Once Judy, without thinking, spread out the Wall Street Journal on the back porch.  Another time when, with a bag of groceries on each arm, I was struggling to get the kitchen door open, I swear I heard her "yip" beyond the door.  And both Judy and I have seen the rocking chair in motion when we first enter the living room.


Unrelated early to mid-century photo source unknown.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dachshund Heroism: Wiener Dog Saves Family From House Fire

Our Dachshunds, Our Heroes:  Pretty black and tan longhair 'Fancy' is the latest Dachshund to join our elite list of Dachshund Heroes.  The Kanawha County, West Virginia girl began barking as flames swept through the attic of her sleeping family's home: 

"She just kept barking and I got up and come in there and she was looking up at the attic where we have the ladder and kept barking," said Virginia Falls, Fancy's owner. "I walked up the ladder and when I pushed the thing up to look, the whole attic was engulfed in flames."
The father, mother and two children got out safely, but the parents suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation.
Emergency crews had a tough time getting to the scene because of icy roads. The house was a total loss.

Way to go Fancy!  Via KABC-TV.

Abominable Snow Dog

It's 'Honey,' our favorite funny snow bunny enjoying the snow!  Make sure and check out more pics of this sweet gal over at flickr.  

Urpo and his Kackel Dackel

We were excited to see our Finnish pal 'Urpo' in a new video on youtube this morning playing with his new Kackel Dackel.  Looks like Santa was good to you Urpo! 

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Boy is that Kackel Dackel toy hot!

Dogs Don't Judge

First-grader Brian Preshlock reads to smooth black and tan 'Buster,' at the Crystal Lake Library in Crystal Lake, Illinois, during a monthly Read to the Dog program.  Brian notes, “Some dogs look at you and they concentrate on what you’re reading.”  Brian's mother, Julie Preshlock, said the children love the dogs and the family doesn’t have a pet at home. She said reading to the dogs has been a motivator in helping her first-grader learn to read.  Find out more about the program at the Crystal Lake Patch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Keep Warm This Winter With Your Own Dachshund Flannel Sheets!

Wake us up in May, will ya?  Personally speaking, we find nothing as warm and comforting as snuggling up to our human in some soft flannel sheets on a cold winter's night - the only thing that could make it better is finding some flannel sheets with a Dachshund print - and our wish has been granted! 
Thanks so much to our pals 'Sookie' and 'Bill' for sending in a link to The Company Store's exclusive Dog Run Flannel Bedding - and you can also score a matching flannel duvet cover and pillow shams while you're there.  Sookie and Bill write:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

We were looking for some warm flannel sheets because the winter has been cold, even down south here in Atlanta, Georgia.  When we found these Dachshund sheets (on sale no less), we knew we had to tell you about them!

Bill (left) and Sookie are just 4-months-old, aren't they cute?  And they have great taste in bedding!

Joey 'n Maggie's tips:
1.  See more photos of Bill and Sookie over at flickr.  It'll make your Monday.
2.  Try using code WM10 at The Company Store to save 20% on your order - worked for us this morning.  EMAIL20 may also work. 
3.  We checked with customer service - the Dachshund pillow on the bed is no longer available, it has sold out.

Pedigree Loves Dachshunds

And we love it when Pedigree uses Dachshunds in their ads!  Check out the newest Dachshund animation when you go to the Pedigree Website.  Thanks so much to Michael Verdirame for sending in the link!

Related Pedigree Dachshund videos:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Urpo!

Thanks so much to Merja Selin for writing in all the way from Finland with some great photos and a video of handsome red smooth 'Urpo!'  What a lucky guy he is to get to ride around on that cycle!  They write:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

Urpo from Finland wants to send greetings to all Dachshunds with these photos showing how difficult it is to be short legged in the snow.

And also how important it is to warm up after walking in the snow.

Urpo`s favorite hobby is riding on a Dnepr motorcycle in the summertime, and he`s also been filmed by our daily news riding on the bike.

Many regards from snowy Finland.

Urpo and family
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