Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Those Special Dachshunds On Canvas: Meet Winnie!

Wow - what a beautiful painting of a beautiful little gal!  Thanks so much to 'Winnie' for sending it in!  She writes:

Dear Maggie and Joey, 

Wanted to share with you this great picture my human Mom had made of me.  I am a rescue from Pennsylvania.  My name is Winnie, I am 6 years old.  When Mom picked me up I was 4 lbs.  I am a whopping 5lbs right now so I be small my whole life.  I have a wonderful life now.  I am not too crazy about other dogs, other than my boy cousin Benny-Bob who lives with us now also. 
Mom wanted to share this great picture in case others wanted their dogs done also. Just e-mail her at, and she will hook them up with the artist.  Her name is Margaret Williams-McGowan - she is famous for painting dogs. 

See you later, oh by the way we are really glad that Joey is better. 



Anonymous said...

What a sweet painting...and such a precious little dachshund! The duck pillow (?) behind Winnie is so homey and endearing! Thanks for sharing Joey and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Winnie, you are a cutie. We are in love!!! Woof. Shilo and Sass from Quebec, Canada

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