Thursday, January 27, 2011

Viral Dachshund Videos: Iso in the Snow

Love those flopping ears!  By youtuber IsoInSloMo who notes:  Apparently cute puppies in slow motion are all the rage, so here is more to feed your addiction. Iso loves the snow (sometimes). Luckily we caught him on a good day.


Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

If there is anything cuter than Dachshund puppies - I haven't found it yet!! Iso is so adorable and darling - thank you for sharing. Also - the opening photo of Maggie and Joey (on the blog)is stunning - so close you can almost touch them!! Hope you and they are all well!! Kind regards, Jayne D. and Annie

Anonymous said...

What a bundle of energy! My dachshund won't step one spoiled paw in the snow, this is adorable!

Valerie Owen said...

I can't resist sharing Peaches, whose been featured here on Wirehair Wednesday. Doing her best to dig to China or atleast to the nearest rodent dwelling

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