Friday, December 20, 2013

Dachshunds In Film: The Lemon Drop Kid

A cold Bob Hope steals Fifi's sweater

If you're looking to watch a classic Christmas movie this year, one with say, oh, a Dachshund in it, look no further than The Lemon Drop Kid starring none other than Bob Hope, and introducing the world to a song none other than Silver Bells.  That's right.  'Shelby,' 'Hope', and 'Scooby' write:

Dear Rowdy and Bette,

Tis the season to be watching Christmas movies! We watched "The Lemon Drop Kid" with Bob Hope the other night and to our mutual amazement there is a very funny scene with a long-haired wiener dog in it!  Perhaps you already know about this, but it took us by a nice surprise! The voice-over did not sound very like a Dachshund barking but we'll excuse them this considering how sweet a film it is.

If you want to check out the Dachshund scene, and we know you do, click on this youtube link, we've got it all queued up to start at the very best part. 

Big ol' film-hound rescue 'Scooby' is the newest member of his pack.  Ain't he a handsome boy?  Congrats to his family!

Christmas Fun in the Sun Down Under

'Mason' and 'Kai' picked up their fashionable holiday attire at their local K-Mart.
Dozens of Dachshunds recently got together to enjoy the warm weather and celebrate Christmas Down Under at the annual Dachshunds in Paradise holiday meet-up in the Gold Coast, Australia.  Dachshunds in Paradise is a local meet-up group which "gathers to celebrate their petite pups and to raise money to help find homes for neglected dachshunds."
Read more, see more pics, and hear audio from the event at
'Tasha' is first in line for the presents

Monday, December 16, 2013

Portillo the Wiener Dog's Origin

We're sure that you remember handsome little 'Portillo' the Wiener Dog via Modern Doxie Chat a few months back in March.  His human, Greg Miller, has a new format for his vlog show, and thankfully, Portillo makes frequent appearances.   In this episode, we get to learn all about the little guy.  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Flipper Dachshund Scene

Rounding out this retro weekend at The Long and Short of it All, here's that Flipper episode you thought you had just dreamed about - the one with the smooth black and tan Dachshund swimming with our aquatic Lassie.  You weren't dreaming - it was as real as the whiskers on your furry little schnoz.

Video by youtuber Doria Biddle.

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
No one you see, is smarter than he,
And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,
Flying there under, under the sea!

The Vintage December Dachshund

Can I lend you a paw?

Calling All Girls, December, 1958

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dachshunds in Film: Bachelor Flat

Hold on to your seats Dachshund fans, looks like it's going to be a retro weekend here at The Long and Short of it All!  Thanks so much to our good pal 'Trinket' for writing in about the 1962 American comedy Bachelor Flat.  She pens:

Dear Rowdy and Bette,

I recently stumbled on this while looking up some information about the holiday movie "Susan Slept Here" starring Debbie Reynolds. It turns out that the movie’s director remade the film as "Bachelor Flat" a few years later in the early 60s. One of the roles in Bachelor Flat is played by 'Jessica' the Dachshund. The whole movie isn’t on youtube, but this is a great clip of her and a dinosaur bone. What would a small dog do when confronted by a huge bone?  Jessica, btw, is billed in the opening credits.

The plot, via Wikipedia: 
A charming British anthropology Professor Bruce Patterson (Terry-Thomas) has to live with Helen Bushmill (Celeste Holm), his fiancée. Helen is away traveling, and has failed to tell him that she has a seventeen-year-old daughter Libby (Tuesday Weld), who shows up at her mother's home unaware that Helen is engaged. Meanwhile he has to resist the advances of the neighbourhood ladies who barge in unexpectedly. At the same time, Patterson must deal with the continual invasions of his cynical neighbor, and law student, Mike (Richard Beymer), who soon develops a crush on Libby. Intertwined in the story is Mike's persistent Dachshund, determined to bury the professor's prize possession of a rare dinosaur bone. Director Frank Tashlin said he included the Dachshund as a satire on CinemaScope due to the dog's shape.

Better get this film on your must-watch list!   At the time Variety called it a "frivolous, farcical concoction" and credits much of the great comedy to the supporting cast.  They added "The Dachshund, incidentally, is an accomplished low comedienne."  Of course she is.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Retro Dachshund Fun

Everyone looked forward to The Shirey's Christmas Card each year.  Have you got yours all ready to go?

Original Dachshund Christmas Card by The Shireys, probably America, circa 1960. 

Jogging Dachshunds on David Letterman Stupid Pet Tricks

In case you missed it, some feisty Dachshunds - 'Guinness' and 'Stella' - were recently on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Like Mr. Letterman said "God, that was nice."

Have a great Friday - it's time to smile! 

More Dachshunds on David Letterman

Thursday, December 12, 2013

She Tried To Play It Off Like She Wasn't Staring At Me

She sure plays it cool.

By Taylor White. 

How Do You Wrap Yours?

We interrupt our unfortunate hiatus with this festive advertisement of the season by Mr. Porter, the "online retail destination for men's style."
Thanks to 'Joe Cocker' for sending this in!

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