Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Modern Doxie Chat

We could use some levity around here.  Our very first post after our introductory post almost 6-years-ago was called Doxie Chat, and featured a fun and informative video roundtable of New York Dachshund Lovers discussing our favorite canine. 

Flash forwarding to 2013, enjoy a Doxie Chat with a Dachshund Lover versus his "on-the-fence Dachshund Lover roommate."  These guys could talk all day, but clearly the handsome Dachshund 'Portillo' is in charge of this situation.   Watch out for the profanity, but Portillo is well-loved.

By youtuber GameOverGreggy. 


curator said...

Oh how jolly. I was sad all day because I had learned that Joey had gone to the Bridge, and now I remember other joys. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey wait a minute...I think they were talking about my Baron :D

Trinket's mom said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Carson.

Portillo sounds a lot like Trinket, too! She barks all the time and she picks up a few pieces of kibble and takes them outside her dish. Trink barks at everything: the neighbor's cats in the yard, squirrels, birds, my reflection in the window of the kitchen door.

MaggieandBandit said...

We're all so sorry to hear about Joey. He was a king among bloggers and we'll miss his work.
Our staffers send their regards and sincere sympathy to you.

Maggie & Bandit

Anonymous said...

Oh happy day!!!!!
I could never delete The Long and Short. I still had to check everyday. Maybe, a glimpse, maybe a word. How happy we are to see you again..
I know it's been hard. All of us grieved with you. So glad you had Rowdy to come home to. There is a reason all these dogs are here.
Glad to see you only if once in awhile. You brightened my day.. Welcome back Carson, welcome home.


Anne said...

Portillo ROCKS. cute, cuddly - good on laps!! I didn't hear no barking except perfect wiener behavior. Pure doxie lovers love them no matter what!!

Nice to see a post, been checking in to see anything new. Thanks Carson and Rowdy!!

Natalia Cetera said...

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