Friday, December 20, 2013

Dachshunds In Film: The Lemon Drop Kid

A cold Bob Hope steals Fifi's sweater

If you're looking to watch a classic Christmas movie this year, one with say, oh, a Dachshund in it, look no further than The Lemon Drop Kid starring none other than Bob Hope, and introducing the world to a song none other than Silver Bells.  That's right.  'Shelby,' 'Hope', and 'Scooby' write:

Dear Rowdy and Bette,

Tis the season to be watching Christmas movies! We watched "The Lemon Drop Kid" with Bob Hope the other night and to our mutual amazement there is a very funny scene with a long-haired wiener dog in it!  Perhaps you already know about this, but it took us by a nice surprise! The voice-over did not sound very like a Dachshund barking but we'll excuse them this considering how sweet a film it is.

If you want to check out the Dachshund scene, and we know you do, click on this youtube link, we've got it all queued up to start at the very best part. 

Big ol' film-hound rescue 'Scooby' is the newest member of his pack.  Ain't he a handsome boy?  Congrats to his family!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie with his white face and paws. Brings back memories, such sweet memories. Glas some one is giving those lovey seniors a home. True Christmas spirit. Thank you.
Couldn't watch the film but I'll rent it and watch. Watched The Ugly Dachshund and it's amazing none of those Doxies get hurt. Such a nice film though.

Take care.


Trinket's mom said...

I missed the doxie in The Lemon Drop Kid! I did watch it, but was likely doing the dishes at the same time. I'm a sucker, though, for Christmas movies and for Damon Runyon stories so I'm sure that I'll see it again.

Pomsky Boycott said...

Hello, I am trying to contact the owner of this blog but could not locate an email.

Can the owner please drop me a line via my contact page, please? I would greatly appreciate it.

Boycott Designer Dogs

Lexi said...

A very merry xmas to you and the two sweeties that own you...Bette and Rowdy... hoping you all have many joys this holiday season.

Lex and Bismarch.

Trinket's mom said...

The Lemon Drop Kid will be repeated tomorrow afternoon December 23 at 2 o'clock on TCM.

Trinket and I will be on our favorite spot on the sofa to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Dad Carson, Rowdy, Bette & Family,

There is no place we'd rather spend Christmas than with an excited, loving Dachshund, or two, or twenty, opening presents.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the Bording family, and to blessed & beloved angels Maggie & Joey. I know that with my Cinnamon and all of the other Dachshund angels, the wrapping paper and ribbons are being torn apart the the Bridge even as I write.

Bless you all, this day and always.

Cinnamon's Humans & the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Melly & Max

Anonymous said...

To Carson, Rowdy, Bette & Family,

Cinnamon human's and the PA Piebalds here to let you know you remain in our thoughts and prayers on this New Year's Eve, and wishing that your shared lives are filled with peace, love, good health and good fortune throughout 2014.

Bless you and your beloved angels Maggie and Joey, now and forever.

Georgette, Melanie, Bruce & Chuck and Maggie, Melly & Max

Trinket's mom said...

I hope all my fellow dachshundists are having a happy 2014!

Another opportunity to see some dachshunds in film will occur this Thursday at 8 PM when TCM will air the movie "Grand Hotel". There is one shot of a wiener dog entering the hotel. An even better opportunity will occur on Friday, January 17 at 11:15 AM when TCM will show the movie "Susan and God". There are numerous scenes at the beginning of the film showing multiple doxies. Most of these scenes involve Ruth Hussey (Charlotte). Both of these movies star Joan Crawford who, I believe, had a long dog herself.

Btw, the entire movie "Susan and God" is available on youtube.

Trinket's mom said...

The dachshund already made one appearance in Grand Hotel. I don't remember the movie in enough detail to know if he appears again. Anyway, the doxie is owned by The Baron played by John Barrymore and he was a black-and-tan smooth. John was asking the bellhop to take the dog out for a walk.

Anonymous said...

Miss viewing your site. Hope all is well.

Eliza57, Hope, Scooby & Shelby said...

Follow-up to Ms. Trinket & her mom's post - my friend & I were at a screening where Cristina Crawford spoke about being with her mother, Joan & their wiener dog having a picnic in a field. To their dismay & surprise - a bull also shared this field and began to chase them! Joan grabbed Cristina and made for the fence. The wiener dog flew out of the field on its own power! All survived. :)

Trinket's mom said...

That's a cool story about Joan, Cristina and their doxie having a picnic with a bull!

TCM is airing the film Dr Erlich's Magic Bullet at 1:45 tonight. I do believe there's a scene where Dr Erlich's little dachshund is running around his lab. If that seems odd to have a dog running around where there is serious medical research being done, one of the top researchers at Sloan-Kettering takes his Bernese Mountain Dogs to work with him. I don't know that they get the run of the lab, though.

Trinket's mom said...

Grand Hotel is airing tomorrow morning, March 1st at 7:30 AM on TCM during their 31 Days of Oscar celebration. There are more scenes that the one where John Barrymore asks the bellhop to take his doxie for a walk. There's a nice scene later on with John sitting on the floor playing with the doxie's ears.

Another film to catch sometime is A Foreign Affair starring Jean Arthur and directed by Billy Wilder. Near the start of the film are some shots of post-war Berlin with one nice shot of a woman walking her long-haired dachshund. I think that's an actual German dog there in the scene.

Gwen said...

I really miss the Long and Short. I have been an every day follower since 2009. Hope very much to see some new posts soon:)

Anonymous said...

Miss you guys and hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Rowdy, Bette & Dad Carson,

Bugging you again, we are. We alternate between email and adding a comment here, & we've tried to scale back our efforts out of respect, but we too miss TLASOIA so very, very much. I still check daily, & wait anxiously for a new, current date to appear every time I search for The Long & Short of it All. You, and your beloved angels Maggie & Joey, remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Peace & Love,
Cinnamon's Humans & the PA
Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Anonymous said...

Miss your blog! Hope you come back soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carson! Just popped in to check on you guys here~ looking forward to the day you feel like writing again.
Love to you & Rowdy & Bette from Pee Wee & Michele, and to Maggie & Joey who are always in our hearts.

Trinket's mom said...

Hi Carson, Rowdy and Bette,

We miss you and hearing about Rowdy's and Bette's antics. I hope you'll be back to The Long and Short of It All before long.

This Thursday, April 14 2014, Turner Classic Movies will show the silent classic Flesh and the Devil with Greta Garbo and John Gilbert at 8 PM. The movie has a charming vignette near the beginning with a troop of dachshunds coming out of their doghouses at reveille one morning. it's very cute!

At 10 PM that same evening, TCM is re-airing Grand Hotel where John Barrymore is the dachshundist. If you miss the airtime Thursday evening, the films should be available through Watch TCM on their website.

Miss Garbo seems like a natural to have had doxies as they tend to be one person dogs.

Love and doxie kisses for you all,
Trinket and Trinket's Mom

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I just wanted to say that I truly miss your blog posts. I am sorry that you had such terrible loss these past few years. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel, but I do know the love of a doxie & know that it must be very hard to lose some of your best & closest friends. I wish you the best & I hope one day you can continue to bring the joy and love you have shared over the past years. I don't know if you will see this, or even if you come here anymore. You have given me so many smiles and even though you might not believe me, you have given me a wider and more beautiful perspective of this fantastic breed. Thank you for all you have done. I hope you, Rowdy & Bette find peace and joy within each other. I hope you choose to continue this one day. I will always be looking out for this site.
Zeus, Kalypso * Megan(mommy)

M&P said...

Dear Carson ,
It's funny. I wonder if you check back evey once in awhile to see if we are all here. It made me feel good reading comments from April on back. See how much you were and are loved. Like many here I can't bring myself to delete your icon. I check once in awhile to see if just maybe. There was and is no one quite like you and your kids. We all really understand how much time and effort it took. I actually saw the notation on my calendar for the anniversary. Anyway, we faithful still await a hello. You took us into your life and heart and I don't think we will ever be able to let you go completely. Hope all is well and yu guys are happy. Love in our hearts. ������


Trinket's mom said...

I keep a tab with The Long and Short of It All all the time and I frequently check to see if there's anything new. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

Carson, Rowdy and Bette, I hope that you are all doing well.

There's a cute ad on TV right now for with some doghouse architects. I think there's a black and tan dapple in it, too. I know there's a doxie.

Anonymous said...

We miss you all! I hope that you come back as you were the best source for dachshund info that was uplifting. We lost our 2 matriarchs about 4 months ago and stumbled for a bit but realized that the gift of love that they taught us must be shared with more furry friends. The need is SO great and we have a lot of love to give! We hope that you come back soon... Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

Rowdy, Bette & Dad Carson,

Just Cinnamon's Humans, from PA, and the PA Piebald's, Melly, Maggie and Max, leaving a little note to let you know how very much you are all missed.

As voiced by several visitors over the last three months, Carson, it is impossible for anyone else to fully understand the magnitude of the losses you have had to deal with over the last few years. We are focused, laser-like, on our amazing Dachshunds when we visit The Long and Short of it All, but life, and your Dad, were mixed in there, as well.

Like Trinket's Mom, our TLASOIA shortcut remains in place, and we check in a couple of times each week just to see what's up.

Bless you, precious Rowdy & Bette, and Dad Carson, and our course precious, amazing angels Maggie and Joey, who remain with us all forever.

Peace & Love,
Cinnamon's Human's and
the PA Piebald's

Trinket's mom said...

Rehan Ahmed,
Please don't post spam here. It's not appreciated. Go post it elsewhere.

Trinket and her mom -missing Carson, Better and Rowdy

Trinket's mom said...

I thought I'd tell all my fellow dachshundists about the ad for with the dog house architects and their doxie. It features a very cute black and tan smooth house hunting with his mom and dad.

Trinket's mom said...

Would Hasnain Raza and Adnan Khan please not post spam here? It's not appropriate!

Dachshund Dogs said...

Hey, I just found this blog. What a shame it hasnt been updated in ages - I would love to see more regular content on here. I have a dachshund site myself and am looking around to see who my virtual neighbours are - thought i would stop by to say hello!

Anonymous said...

Carson, Rowdy & Bette,

Those of us with Dachshunds, on earth and in heaven, know our guys & girls can handle themselves, Just ask them: they are, as you know, always the biggest little dog at every event they attend, or in any setting.

Unfortunately as those of us with angels know, that means the size of the whole in our lives, & our hearts, is enormous when one of our little ones is forced to travel on ahead.

While our Dachshunds sons & daughters are forever resolute & brave, their humans are another matter, especially when it comes to our kids.

Please know, Rowdy & Bette, that your many loyal followers wait, impatiently at times, to be sure, for the day your Dad Carson is able to post again.

As you know from sharing life and love with your Dad, the essence & spirits of your beloved sister & brother, Maggie & Joey, are with Dad Carson always.

I still touch base each week, always with fingers crossed, hoping that a new post, or three, or ten, will appear, but I know from my angel Cinnamon just how much Maggie and Joey are missed every day. And more often than not, the heart takes a very long time to heal.

Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, as we always do.

Peace & Love,
Cinnamon's Humans: Mom Mel, Mom GG, Bruce & Chuck
and the PA Piebalds: Maggie, Max & Melly

Trinket's mom said...

Dear Carson, Rowdy and Bette,

We still check in frequently to see if there is anything new. We hope that one day you'll continue the blog with new posts.

I did see a dachshund this morning in Shall We Dance? starring Fred and Ginger. There's this one number fairly late in the film where passengers are out walking their dogs on the deck of an ocean liner. One of the dogs is a dachshund! It's an old type dachshund with slightly longer legs.

Anonymous said...

Well....our wish for the holiday is that you come back. We so loved what you wrote and gathered for us to enjoy. Please please come back!

Susan (waitress to Simon, Jerome, Sally, Edgar and Franklin of the crazy wiener crew)

BA Koelsch said...

This is the BEST blog EVER! Miss it so much.

Trinket's mom said...

Happy Holidays to Carson, Rowdy and Bette!

We dachshundists miss your posts, but we do understand that the last year has been difficult. Still we hold out hope...

May the new year bring you much joy!

Trinket's mom

Lovable Lily said...

We think of you often. Merry Christmas!

Lily Belle & Muffin

Lexi said...

Another year has come and gone, with nothing updated, while we miss you we do understand its not been easy.

Lex and Bismarch.

Anonymous said...

Please come back. You helped spread love, laughter and hope.

-Devin & James

Jane Ashwell-Carter said...

This blog is sorely missed. x

Anonymous said...

Still checking every now and then, such a beautiful blog, so much love here.


Dachseeguy said...

Overjoyed that this wealth of dachshund live us still out here for us.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, Joey, Dad Carson and the gang,

It's the PA Piebalds, Maggie, Melly and Max, & our beautiful red mini sister (and angel) Cinnamon, just taking a look around again.

As you know, Rowdy & Bette, Cinnamon's family discovered The Long and Short of it All after our precious little girl Cinnamon had to leave for the Bridge in June 2012.

Your Dad's appreciation, love and respect for Maggie & Joey, and for dachshunds in general, brought countless smiles, and tears to hundreds of thousands of visitors over 6 years.

Impossible to know how hard it was to be required to bid farewell to two such beautiful souls in less than 18 months, but as I have done since shortly after Joey's passing on 2/7/13, I honor Maggie and Joey, anc Carson, and Rowdy and Bette, with Cinnamon every week.

Like so many others have commented, the contents of this site, born of love and kindness and tremendous affection for doxies, is priceless, and on each visit Cinnamon's humans continue to hold out hope that Carson will find his way back to this amazing blog he created again.

Bless beautiful guardian angels Maggie and Joey, Dad Carson, the beloved Rowdy & Bette, this day and every day.

Peace & Love, The PA Piebalds and Cinnamon's Family of Humans

Kristy said...

Just checking in to see if there had been any updates. Unfortunately, I see it is still quiet on this front.

Any word on when you might start blogging again?

Kristy @ The Pomsky Wiki

Anonymous said...

It was on this site that Murphy's owners learned the severity of IVDD affecting dachshunds. When Murphy began showing signs they quickly took him to the vet. They gave him a 90% chance of walking again with surgery, so of course that is what we decided to do.
A helpful tip we have: we applied for Care Credit, which immediately allowed us to move forward with his surgery at a critical time.
He is resting now but already doing much better.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, Joey & Dad Carson,

Hey, guys, it's one of Cinnamon humans, Dad Bruce, and when I was visiting today I read the posting from Melissa Bower and Murphy and his people. Yet another example of the far ranging impact of this amazing site that is THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT ALL.

There is still not a week that goes by that I don't wish Carson, and Rowdy & Bette, were soon to return to active blogging here at TLASOIL, but the site and it's history, and the interaction that still takes place here, remain inspirational to this day.

To you, Murphy, and your family, my beloved Cinnamon battled through two occurrences of IVDD, and with surgery and therapy (and prayer) she flourished & walked until her end of life battle with cancer.

I'm glad Murphy is doing well, and I know all of us here at TLASOIA who love, honor and celebrate dachshunds, will be sending position thoughts and prayers Murphy's was. One thing is for sure, as witha all aspects of life, there can be no more determined or brave patient than a mnighty dachshund like Murphy!

And Maggie & Joey, please send a message down to your Dad, and let him know that his wisdom, humor, compassion and his passion for amazing dachshund girls and boys like you, is something none of us here will ever forget.

Peace & Love, Cinnamon's Family of Humanms and the PA Piebalds

Trinket's mom said...

I was watching the old Joan Crawford movie "Susan and God" this morning on TCM. One of the things I love about this movie is the character Charlotte's beautiful red smooth dachshunds. You first see them a few minutes into the movie when they're running around with some other dogs as Charlotte is playing tennis. You continue to see them off-and-on for about the next 10 minutes and then again at about the 1:39 mark.

Miss that the blog isn't particularly active anymore, but at least it's still up.
Trinket says Hi! to Bette and Rowdy!

Lexi said...

I am thinking this will be the last time I will check the site, it just hurts to much. My beautiful Bismarch went over the Rainbow Bridge on May 1st 2017. Until he got sick I did not know that Doxies could have congestive heart failure, and did not know that I was listening to that rather than just a cold. I feel for you Carson, the pain that you have been going through, I don't know if you check the site any more, or if you have just totally left it. What I learned about Doxies through you, through the laughing, and the tears, I am sure saved Bismarch and I many heartaches and pain. I pray, you and Bette and Rowdy are doing ok, and I pray that you will one day come back and share your life and your wisdom.

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