Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Fun in the Sun Down Under

'Mason' and 'Kai' picked up their fashionable holiday attire at their local K-Mart.
Dozens of Dachshunds recently got together to enjoy the warm weather and celebrate Christmas Down Under at the annual Dachshunds in Paradise holiday meet-up in the Gold Coast, Australia.  Dachshunds in Paradise is a local meet-up group which "gathers to celebrate their petite pups and to raise money to help find homes for neglected dachshunds."
Read more, see more pics, and hear audio from the event at
'Tasha' is first in line for the presents


Anonymous said...

These minis are too cute

Caryl Anne said...

I just have to say the photo of sweet Mason and Kai is absolutely precious! I've never heard of the Dachshunds in Paradise so thank you so much for shedding light on what seems to be a fantastic group.

j.a.Molina Creative said...


The Bearden Pack said...

Never really thought much about the southern hemisphere and Christmas being warm. I know it's crossed my mind, but seeing a picture with bright sun definitely makes it more evident. Cut photos.

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