Monday, August 31, 2009

Dachshund Dog Used As Bait


Uggh. What a bad start to the week. Well, things can only get better, right? In a horrific story out of KwaZulu-Natal, a province of South Africa, a red smooth Dachshund named 'Jasmine' was stolen from her home by poachers and used as bait to lure wild animals into illegal snares. Apparently a dog's high-pitched cries attracts the wild animals. Jasmine was one of the lucky ones though; a neighbor heard her cries about 4 hours after she went missing and rescued her just as she was surrounded by bush pigs. Read the terrifying story at The Times.

Jasmine is reunited with her relieved owner, Anton van Straaten, after the ordeal. Picture: JACKIE CLAUSEN

When Wiener Races Go Bad

We try to avoid controversy around these parts, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves in the interest of Dachshund welfare. Above, crowds braved the thick drizzle to watch mini Daschunds jump over hurdles during the Hot Dog Pig races at the 61st Terryville Country Fair Saturday afternoon in Plymouth, Connecticut. Excerpt from the Republican American:

With a job description combining coach, animal keeper and entertainer, Brian Cromer, 24, a New Jersey college student, will return to the Terryville Country Fair today for a final round of five sets of pig and dachshund races.
Cromer, a seven-year veteran of David Feimster's New Jersey-based F & F Productions, is nearing the end of a career that began drag racing pet skunks at fairs.

Now, a few weeks ago, we featured a video where Dachshunds raced at a county fair in a circled pen, and then quickly ran back inside some sort of camper. The video was since removed from youtube, and we also removed the posting. We were curious how the dogs knew to race in a circle like that, unless they were trained to do so. We don't know for sure that these are the same Dachshunds in the above photo, but we think that they are.
These sort of public exhibitions - where Dachshund owners are not directly involved with the racing has us a bit concerned. Any agility or flyball fan will tell you that the hurdles these Dachshunds are jumping in the above photo are way too high for a Dachshund; they will injure their backs. Does that Dachshund look happy to you? Not to us. We see a painful "help me" look on his face.
It's a thin line to such public demonstrations as this and greyhound racing - something that Dachshund Lovers need to keep their eye on in the best interest of the Dachshund breed. This is also a thin line to Dachshunds performing in the Ringling Bros Circus, and Dachshunds racing on ice where they could be injured. Of course, it's easy to sit at your computer and judge things that happen on the other side of the country. But beware, Dachshund Lovers are watching. One wrong move, and we'll be all over you. Here's a link to F&F productions. We don't support them.
The fairs that support such activities should be boycotted and protested.

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up!

Wiener Dogs rocked(!) all over the country this past weekend, starting with the 13th Annual Wienerschnitzel Wiener Nationals on Saturday in San Diego. Over 350 Dachshunds competed to be top dog. That's a lotta wiener dogs! The top 16 finalists will race again on Tuesday during the Padres game! Read more and see a fun pic at Sign On San Diego. These Wienerschnitzel races lead up to the finals that will take place in December as part of the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl weekend.

And in Reno, Nevada, hundreds cheered on over 150 Dachshunds during the Nevada State Fair on Sunday. Congrats goes out to 'Murphy' for taking the prize again this year! Way to go Murphy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Dachshund

The Dachshund
by John E. Donovan

A Dachshund sniffing round a tree
Made such a wondrous bend, sir,
He filled himself with mystery-
Not knowing his own end, sir.

Some other dogs have keener sight,
And some have greater strength, sir,
But no dogs manage, for their height,
To have so much of length, sir.

One time- at least, so people say-
One lost his tail by train, sir;
Yet two weeks passed until the day
The sad news reached his brain, sir.

The Dachshund looks a little bit
Like legs beneath a log, sir,
But once your eyes get used to it,
You see that it's a dog, sir.

Tomato Blast Festival and Dachshund Races

There's nothing better than fresh ripe tomatoes except maybe a festival to celebrate them that also includes Wiener races! Above, Ryan Engle holds his red longhair 'Cinnamon' after winning a heat at the Boyertown Area YMCA's third annual Tomato Blast last weekend in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania.
The event also included a Ketchup If You Can 5K run, Tomato Launch, and Tomatopalooza (entertainment).
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue also supported the event with a booth.
Read all about the Dachshund races and C2CDR at The Mercury.

The Prettiest Dog in Lee's Summit, Missouri

'Lola,' a dachshund hound, won the prettiest dog award (of course!) and shared the proud moment with her owner, Kate Hartley, at the Puppy Promenade in downtown Lee's Summit, Missouri, on August 21st. Source.

Dj Laima

Dj Laima by photographer Jurazzz.

We're guessing that this Russian red smooth rocks out to the Swiss techno artist Dachshund.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Fritz the Kangaroo Hunter!

Check out this handsome red shaded longhair who hails all the way from Australia! He looks exhausted after a long day of tracking kangaroos. His human, Sue Moses, writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

Fritz is a long haired dachshund living in Denver, Australia. He was looking for a new home and had not been a house dog or a pet, but guess what, he loves the indoors, cushions and cuddles and adores his two Jack Russell friends and going for walks with them in the bush and sniffing around after kangaroos. He is extremely loyal and never goes out of my sight and he loves doing a sausage roll rollovers on the carpet. I tell my friends: “it’s a dachshund thing”!

It sure is.

Dachshund Puppies Stolen From Denver Colorado Breeder

'Studley Do Right,' the blue and tan piebald puppy seen here, and 'Denzel,' a solid black longhair, were stolen at 1 AM on Saturday night from a breeder in Denver, Colorado. There is a $100 reward. Find out more at FOX31 or from the breeder's website.

UPDATE: 8.27 - 7 PM: Good to hear - Studley has been returned, but Denzel is still missing according to the the Dapple Doxie website.

Dachshund Awaiting Adoption Stolen From Boulder Colorado Animal Shelter

If you live in Boulder, Colorado, keep an eye out for a Dachshund puppy stolen on August 12th. We checked the local Humane Society website there, but could not find a better photo of the dog, which appears to be long, short, red, and smooth. Excerpt from cbs4denver:

Police say a Dachshund puppy awaiting adoption at a Humane Society shelter in Boulder was stolen by three people after they were told they couldn't meet any animals.
Two men and a woman visited the shelter just before closing time. They were told it was too late to see any animals, and then shortly thereafter they sped away in a four-door green sedan.
Shelter workers later noticed the missing puppy, named Ferris.

See more pics of the perps at cbs4denver.

UPDATE 8.27 - 4 PM: Ferris has been returned to the shelter. Excerpt from the Daily Camera:

Two women returned Ferris about 12:30 p.m. today, said Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley. One of the women said a friend gave her the dog after someone else gave her the dog but discovered she wasn't allowed to have dogs in her home, Huntley said.
"It was a three-way transaction," Huntley said.
The first woman who received the puppy told police that she believes the thieves gave her the dog, and Huntley said investigators are interviewing the women.
"Our goal was to make sure the dog was OK," Huntley said, "and we're happy to report that he is."

Read more at the Daily Camera.

UPDATE 8.31 - 7 AM: The perps have been arrested: Excerpt from the Times-Call:

Three people suspected of stealing a dachshund puppy were arrested Friday, including a Longmont man, Boulder police said.
The three are suspected of taking Ferris, a 2-month-old dachshund, from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on Aug. 12. Police arrested Matthew Louis Dailey, 22, of Longmont; Serina Emily Ojala, 18, a transient who had been staying near Lafayette; and Daniel Michael Klintz, 18, another transient.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Romeo Rolls Over

Romeo Rolls Over

by Mary Lou Kitsen
for the American Dachshund, September, 1969

Romeo was Carolyn's eighth grade graduation gift.

Until that day we had always been a cat family. That is, we always owned at least one cat. But Carolyn, who just happens to be our daughter, was forever talking about a dog.

Dog, she pointed out, was man's best friend. Just everyone she knew had a some kind of a dog in the family. When she announced one evening at dinner that even her father's employer had a dog, we threw in the towel. Against the better judgment of her father and me (to say nothing of the opinion of Sulkey, the cat), we purchased Romeo, a friendly little Dachshund.

At first, everyone except Carolyn eyed Romeo with some distrust. I was the first to be won over. He would lie at my feet, roll over and look at me with such adoration! Well, what could I do?

Next her father (Carolyn's, not Romeo's) became a member of the Romeo Fan Club. This occurred when his boss came to dinner and spent the evening fussing with Romeo and congratulating us on our choice of a pal for Carolyn.

Then on a cold winter's night we came home from the movies to discover Romeo and Sulkey both soundly asleep, their legs intertwined. The last family member had been won over!

The next eight years went by swiftly. Romeo had many friends, and he seemed to like everyone! - until Fred came to Centerville.

Fred was from the Midwest, and he had a delightful way of speaking. He was twenty-five, a graduate of an ivy-covered college, and he had come to town to assist an uncle who was opening a small industrial firm in our town. Fred, so he told us regularly, was a financial brain. He was going to be, he also noted, a millionaire before he was thirty-five. Carolyn found him perfect (one hundred per cent so), and she dated Fred night after night. Carolyn's father was impressed, even though he disliked the young man's manner. I thought he was handsome, even though I wished he were personally less aware of that fact.

Romeo hated the very floor Fred walked on. Every time Fred came to pick up Carolyn, Romeo barked at him. As soon as the young people left, Romeo would start to pace the floor. And he would continue pacing until Carolyn was safely home again.

This went on for seven long months. Then Carolyn announced one night that she and Fred were going to be married. Somehow, neither her father nor I could feel really happy about the idea. And, as for Romeo, as the wedding plans progressed, he seemed more and more aware of what was happening and became a totally bad-natured dog. Carolyn even reached a point where she wished we had never gotten Romeo for her!

Just a week before the wedding (invitations long accepted, showers gone by, and the more glamorous of gowns purchased), Fred got cold feet. He left Carolyn a note saying he was just not ready for marriage and that he was off for a trip to Europe.

Need I tell you what life with Carolyn was like for the next few months? But, at least, Romeo's old good nature returned.

Then last night we all, including Romeo, went to a picnic sponsored by a local organization that Carolyn's father belongs to. A new family in town sat at the next table. Mr. Peterson has been an Army career man, is now out of the service, and has purchased a garage from a retiring gentleman. Mrs. Peterson is a friendly little woman. There are two pretty daughters, the older one her dad's bookkeeper. And there is a son, twenty-four, blond, blue-eyed, and planning to assist his dad.

Romeo went to the Peterson table and looked intently at the family. He went closer to the son and sniffed a couple of times. He then returned to our table and, to our amazement, picked up the sweater Carolyn had brought with her and carried it over to the young man. He placed it on a little radio that one of the daughters had placed between herself and her brother. Then Romeo sat and waited, looking intently at the young man. The young man picked up the sweater and returned it to Carolyn.

"Hi," said Carolyn.

"Hi," said the Peterson boy.

And Romeo rolled over on his back.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dita Von Teese Mourns the Loss of Her Beloved Greta

dita and greta - two sexy gals
Our hearts go out to burlesque beauty, model, and actress Dita Von Teese, who is suffering the loss of her beloved 16-year-old smooth black and tan girl 'Greta.' Ms. Von Teese revealed the sad news on her Twitter page on August 23rd, writing, "Thank you for all the concerns about my dog Greta. She passed away peacefully at home in my arms yesterday. I miss her more than I can say."

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It's A Dog Eat Dog World Out There

Dachshund Lover Shoots Neighbor's Golden Retriever During Dog Fight

In the News We Don't Wanna Hear About Department, meet 'Max,' a 9-year-old smooth black and tan who hails from Kresgeville, Pennsylvania. Max is seen here wearing a a soft tube around his neck to keep him from irritating wounds allegedly suffered when attacked by a neighbor's dog on July 24th.
Terry Kern, Dachshund Lover, states that his neighbor's Golden Retriever came onto his property and attacked Max 3 times. After he tried to get the Golden off of Max with a tomato stake, he went inside the house and got his gun, and killed the neighboring dog. Max spent 4 days recovering at the animal hospital.
Travis Serfass, owner of 6-year-old Golden Retriever 'Tucker' says “It seems he just really wanted to kill Tucker because, for whatever reason, he just doesn't like me.”
Read all the tatty details of the unfortunate event at the Pocono Record.

Pit Bull Attacks And Kills Dachshund

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, Canada, our hearts go out to the family and friends of smooth chocolate dappled 'Charlie,' seen here, after he was killed in a pit bull attack on Saturday morning. Charlie was walking with his Dachshund sister 'Bella,' and his human Brent Brownlee when the attack occurred. Excerpt from CTV Calgary:

Brownlee said a pit bull sitting loose in a neighbour's yard lunged at Charlie, biting him several times. Brownlee said he tried to break the dog's hold on his pet, but was unsuccessful and was bitten himself on his head, cheek and hands. Charlie was put down in the hours after the attack. Bella was not injured.

Read more at CTV Calgary.

Joe The Low Rider

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Black and tan longhair 'Joe' is born to be wild. Hailing from greater Seattle, Washington, Joe likes "twisty roads, fast riding, and prefers Japanese motorcycles!" His human, Phil Herring, notes: Joe prefers to ride behind me, on the passenger seat, in a bizarre but well built contraption called a -- appropriately -- The Beast Rider. At first glance, The Beast Rider looks like a highly creative S&M device, but in fact, it's very functional motorcycle gear, solely designed to carry dogs on bikes.

Read all about this hot dog and see another great pic at Seattle Examiner.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Oscar!

Oscar Main Photo
(click any photo to enlarge)

This will start your week off right, check out this handsome guy! Yep, this black and tan smooth's name is 'Oscar,' and he's got a new ball.....a great big ball that's just perfect for a playful boy like Oscar. His human, John E. Schultz, of the Navy Inactive Fleet Headquarters out of Portsmouth, Virginia, writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I'm owned by Oscar. He's a 4.5 year old black and tan short hair mini. He's been with our family for just over 4 years now. He came to us from a friend when he was a puppy.

To say that he's high strung is a bit of an understatement. I've been reading online about this WONDERFUL breed and somewhere somebody said that they have an odd attraction to balls. Well Oscar is proof of that. He eats every single toy we give to him. We got him a professional football - he made short work of that (only a day). Then a professional basketball. That was more difficult - but in two days it was ripped apart completely.

My son and I were at the thrift store yesterday just looking around and I saw this huge 36" exercise ball. I thought, "That would be GREAT for Oscar!"

Oscar went through the normal 'daddy's here' tail wagging as I got out of the truck - but when he saw the ball he went absolutely NUTS. I mean CRAZED LIKE I'D NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! We put the ball down in the livingroom and he chased it around the entire first floor of the house for an hour - barking 'crazily' the entire time. Eventually we put the ball away for fear he'd have a little wiener heart attack or something from the excitement. He calmed down.

I then thought it would be cool to get some pictures of. So I gathered up my kids and took him outside with the ball. Now Oscar usually sprints to the tree where the squirrels are - but his BALL was in sight.

I've attached a number of images from yesterday's ball antics for you to peruse.

After about 15 minutes - he was foaming at the mouth so we took him in the back yard and put the ball in the pool. We thought he'd jump right in - but he didn't. He doesn't go into the pool often at all. My son put him in to cool him down - and the beast that usually swims JUST enough to get to the steps and get out - swam to the ball to push it around the pool! We had to get in the pool to take him out - and when we did he just stood on the side of the pool barking at us to get the ball for him.

Needless to say Oscar slept well last night - flittering and dreaming of his new HUGE 36" chew-toy!


Oscar, John Sr., Jessica, and John Jr.

Go Oscar!

Daisy Finds Her Forever Home

Surely you remember the recent story about 'Daisy,' the Dachshund-mix who was disfigured in what is believed to be an accident, and had reconstructive surgery on her snout? She's got her new home! Here she is with her new humans, newlyweds Eric and Jane Taylor, who adopted her from the SPCA of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a wedding gift to each other. Excerpt from Tulsa World:

The Broken Arrow couple, who got married Aug. 15, was selected out of several applicant families to adopt a 6-year-old dachshund mix disfigured in an accident. The SPCA of Tulsa handled the adoption.
"We wanted to start a family, and what better way to do that than adopt an adorable dog?" Eric said.
"We saw her in the paper, and I said I had to have her," Jane said. "We were afraid she would already be gone."

Read all about the happy homecoming at Tulsa World. Congratulations to the Taylors and of course to Daisy!

Showing Off

'Noah,' a wire-haired dachshund from Warrenton, Va., sits patiently as Angela Lloyd brushes him before showing in the hound group at the Greeley Kennel Club Dog Show Aug. 15 in Greeley, Colorado. 2,300 dogs were in attendance at the event. Photo: ERIC BELLAMY @ the Greeley Tribune.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Giant Bavarian Dachshund Chicken Dancing

This can mean only one thing - the 2009 Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is right around the corner, September 19-20, 2009, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Via youtuber cincychamber: Fritz, the Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati mascot, and his 2009 Chicken Dance with the Stars entry.

We can't wait for Dachtober, our favorite month of the year.

We're Sure He Will Win

Thanks to our friend Nolen Clark for sending this in!

“Excellence at Chess is one mark of a scheming mind” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Attention Polish Sausages

Are your bags packed? What looks to us as one of the largest Dachshund events in the world is right around the corner, Sunday, September 6th, 2009, in Krakow, Poland. That's right, it's the 2009 Marsz Jamników, or March of the Dachshunds, sponsored by Radio Krakow. From Polskie Radio:

The dachshund demonstration will be organized for the 15 time. Radio Krakow’s Agnieszka Kuczynska said she expected this year’s turnout would be record-breaking:
"This year’s interest has been exceptional – from Japan, Britain, Portugal. We’ve become accustomed to hosting the dogs from all over the world, but so far we haven’t had any from Japan."

Find out more about the event at this translated link on Radio Krakow.

See photos from last year's event, and watch a video you won't believe: Marsz Jamników 2008

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Dachshund Enthusiasts

Vintage Dachshund Love
(Early to mid-1900's photo source unknown.)

Breathe Easy

Invisible Fence of Peoria, Illinois, is donating pet oxygen masks to fire departments nationwide. Here, co-owners of the company, Phillip and Kathie Vroman, demonstrate its use on their black and tan longhair 'Mickey.' More than 300 masks have been donated to fire departments across the Midwest, with at least eight animals saved using them. Read all about it at

See the masks in use on Dachshunds in the archives: Dachshund Revived With Oxygen After House Fire and Dachshunds in the News: New Device Helps Save Dachshund

Friendly Dachshund Takes A Licking

Kisses! "Jake is our 3-year-old dachshund. His best friend is our 2-year-old daughter, Anna. Anna pulls his tail, tries to ride him, chases him with her toys but is always giving him kisses. Jake is always so gentle with her and is more than willing to share a kiss with her as well."
Via Pet Project at Spartanburg, South Carolina's Herald Journal.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Dachshund Birth Videos

Watch in awe as Mother Nature gives us one of life's grandest spectacles. This is beautiful black and tan smooth 'Maggie,' and her 5 precious puppies via youtuber OldTelevisionShows.

2nd Puppy Birth

3rd Puppy Birth

4th Puppy Birth

5th Puppy Birth

Puppies at 2 weeks old

Puppies at 7 weeks old

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

As seen in The Seattlest, Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, by Grundlepuck.

From last Friday's races, the photographer notes: Preparing for the start of the Wiener Dog race at Emerald Downs in Auburn, Washington. Apparently there is a whole Wiener Dog racing subculture of which I was blissfully unaware.
Each dog had one person holding on to it at the starter's gate, and another one at the finish line with a favorite toy or treat to beckon it forward.

Noodles Finds New Mobile Life in Wheelchair

Meet handsome smooth chocolate and tan 'Noodles,' who hails from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three years ago, he herniated a disc, but now the agile 7-year-old has adapted to life beautifully thanks to his doggie wheelchair.

"He got so used to it. He's so mobile he'll back up, he'll go under stuff and turn around and spin. He goes out there and chases cats in the neighborhood," said George Bauer, Noodles' owner.
Before finding a new ride, the Bauers thought they may have to put Noodles down.

Read all about the inspirational Noodles and see another pic in a nice story at the Colorado Connection.

Learn about dachshunds and Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) at Dodger's List. What a great resource. There's always a link to Dodger's List in the links column on your right. They have a very active discussion list, and are real pros when it comes to offering advice for IVDD dachshunds and general dachshund health.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up

Weekends are for Wiener Dogs. We work hard all week long to put a roof over their heads, to give them the greatest veterinary care, and to put the best food in their little mouths, and then we entertain them all weekend long with the things they love to do. This is what WE love to do. Above, 13 Dachshunds competed at the second annual wiener races in Rivière des Prairies, Canada, on Sunday. Congrats goes out to the champs: 'Chico,' 'Gypsy,' and 'Pixie Longstocking'; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place wieners. Read all about it at CTV Montreal.

And in Norwich, Connecticut, 3-year-old 'L.C.,' aka 'Little Coach,' a wiener dog belonging to Sue Sweet of Baltic jumps up for a treat after winning the wiener dog race during Dodd Stadium's "Bark in the Park" event at Sunday's game. Way to go L.C.! About a dozen Dachshunds competed in the races. Read all about the event at the Norwich Bulletin.
Have a nice Monday.

Dachshund Hot Mess

What Happens When You Breed A Brother And Sister Dachshund? This question was recently asked somewhere on the world wide web: Hello, I am thinking about getting a brother and sister dachshund. We will not force them to mate at all. It would just be like they can mate if they want. If the female did get pregnant, would her pups be born with deformaties or health risks?
Don't worry, because if they will be born with health risks or anything, we will fix the brother and sister before it happens.

We're woofless.

The Devil Dog Speaks: In a funny, yet not-so-funny story accompanied by the above image, a blogger from Austin, Texas, recounts her horror on meeting a Devil Dachshund while enjoying what should have been a nice relaxing bike ride: I’ve been chased by Dobermans, German shepherds and some sort of wolf-hyena hybrid, but nothing comes close to the anger and aggression this little guy displayed.
When he first tore out of the driveway and started yapping, I thought he was just a cute little guy protecting his owner. I even slowed down so he would believe he had a chance of capture. That’s when I saw the evil in his eyes and the glistening, razor-sharp teeth gnashing with fury.
With legs about as long as my fingers, it should have been a short chase. But he kept coming. His blood was boiling. His judgment for my trespass was a long and painful death.

Read the rest of this harrowing tale at Austin 360.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mascots That Matter

Thanks so much to Marie F. for writing in with the link to this awesome Dachshund high school mascot. We're rooting for this team! She writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

I saw on the Internet that Frankfort High School in Frankfort, Indiana has a rather interesting mascot. They are the Hot Dogs! The mascot was listed as part of an article of the
31 most interesting high school mascots. The Fighting Hot Dogs are number 22. My dachshund Huey Long is a big fan of your site and insisted I pass along the information. I have attached a picture of him.

Looks like handsome 'Huey' has his own mascot!

From the Frankfort Senior High School website:

The mascot for the Frankfort Senior High School is original and unique. The Frankfort Hotdogs, it's a name that isn't exactly terrifying. But it's not the size of the dog that counts, rather it's the fight it has in it. You better believe the Frankfort Hotdogs have lots of fight.

Don't we know it.

Wiener Dog Rally at Seattle Center

A Wiener Dog Rally was held on Thursday at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. The fastest two dachshunds are going on to compete at the 13th annual Star 101.5 Wiener Dog Races at the Emerald Downs horse track in Auburn tonight. Best of luck to all the Doxies!

Dachshunds To Watch Out For

Meet 6-year-old 'Rosco,' the black and tan menace who rules the hallways as the dachshund mascot of Bay Pointe Retirement Community in Bremerton, Washington. Rosco will be competing in tonight's 13th annual Star 101.5 Wiener Dog race at Emerald Downs in Auburn. His human, Linda Potter, notes: "I only hope he will do them proud by staying on course. However, he does get distracted by cute, female dachshunds and no amount of training can help him there!" Read all about Rosco at the Kitsap Sun.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Badger Dog

Very nice. Enjoy the latest dachumercial, er, Dachshund Promotion Video from youtubers TailsForPets, who note: Dachshunds were first bred in the early 1600s in Germany. The goal was to create a fearless, elongated dog that could dig the earth from a badger burrow and fight to the death with the vicious badgers.

Dachshunds in Alabama Puppy Mill Bust

Look at these sweeties. This dachshund had given birth to a litter of five puppies from an alleged puppy mill on Cemetery Mountain about three days before they were seized along with more than 200 other dogs in Talladega County, Alabama, on Monday. The owner has been charged with 51 counts of animal cruelty, according to Talladega Police Chief Alan Watson. Volunteers are needed to help take care of all the dogs. Find out more at Daily Home.

The Dachshund Movie

There's no doubt that Bert and Ernie will brighten your day.

Trash Talking Dachshunds for Upcoming Wiener Dog Rally

While columnist Britt Thorson at the Seattle Weekly says it's a recommended event, you wouldn't know it from the way he talks about Dachshunds:

For 13 years, lovers of short, stubby-legged dogs have been gathering at Seattle Center for STAR 101.5's annual Wiener Dog Rally. This morning, onlookers will laugh while the poor dogs trip over their adorable little legs. Meanwhile, owners will smile proudly as they reassure themselves that their dachshunds are, despite all evidence, actually dogs and not elongated rats. The top two mutts in this rally will then compete Friday evening at Emerald Downs, a big deal in the small world of these little guys.

Wait. Elongated Rats? Maybe Mr. Thorson needs to have a Dachshund all his own so he can find out exactly what we are really all about. The event looks fun though; meet all the contestants in some fun photos at STAR 101.5.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Dachshund

My Dachshund
by Jimmy Rice

I have a little dog. She eats like a hog. She's long and She red and She sleeps in my bed.

From the American Dachshund magazine, January, 1968: "My little friend Jimmy Rice is in 2nd grade and has just had his 7th birthday," writes Irene Swyler of Springfield, VA. "The teacher asked Jimmy's class to compose a poem. Having a household of dogs, Jimmy wrote his poem about his best friend and favorite dog, Gretchen. Later, Jimmy made for me a special copy of his poem, which I enclose for others to see."

(Notice that the 2nd-grader knew how to spell Dachshund!)

Wiener Bus

All this talk about the 40th anniversary of Woodstock is making us a bit nostalgic. It doesn't get much better than this Dachshund on a VW bus, apparently taken recently in San Francisco, where love lives on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wiener Shock

Embarrassing Naked Puppy Photos

Embarrassing Naked Puppy Photo
Your Long and Short of it All host 'Joey' at 10 weeks old. How embarrassing!

We Hate It When Dad Leaves To Goes To Work

We really do hate it. Our pack needs to stick together! From youtuber Wyndymere: Every morning when dad goes to work, they all howl like their hearts are breaking that he's left them behind. They actually do this when we both leave as well.

Dachshund Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing, chasing a mechanically operated lure across a field, is a fun sport for many really brings out the terrier in us! Above, 'Gidget,' a 7 year-old miniature smooth, bites off a piece of the "prey" - really a plastic bag - that was used to lure dogs through a demonstration route Monday at the Wisconsin State Fair. Read how the fair went to the dogs and see another pic of Gidget at the Journal Sentinel.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that all dogs deserve a chance at life, it's a Dachshund News Roundup on a rather hot and muggy dog day of summer, Monday, August 10, 2009. Above, it breaks your heart, but we're sure that this Dachshund mix has better things to worry about than what her snout looks like. Meet 6-year-old 'Daisy,' who was found in a cardboard box last February outside a convenience store in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and taken to the SPCA of Tulsa for treatment. After 2 reconstructive surgeries, she is now ready for adoption, so get in line! It is thought that her injury was an accident; the result of a something quick and clean, like a fan blade. Read all about Daisy and see more pics at Tulsa World.

Run Wiener Dog, Run! Meet 9-year-old 'Maddie,' the top dog at Moffat County Fair’s Wiener Dog Races near Craig, Colorado. Maddie beat out 15 other long dogs to take home the crown, way to go! She is seen here charging down the fairway on Friday. Read all about the Moffat County Wiener Races at the Craig Daily Press.

And finally, it's Kisses! We know Dachshund Lover Jimmy Clayton was excited to be reunited with his smooth black and tan Snickers last Friday. He had left him at the Humane Society of Louisville, Kentucky, to be neutered on Tuesday when flash floods caused an emergency evacuation of the facility. After police reports were filed and newspaper stories were written, it was discovered that he was in the good hands of an evacuation volunteer. Jimmy said he will be bringing Snickers back to be neutered and the Humane Society will throw in a tracking chip for free. Read all about it at the Courier-Journal.

Have a great Monday.

Those Special Dachshunds: Happy Birthday Lohla!

Will you look at the bliss on the face of the Birthday Girl? May bones rain from the sky! The Perkins Bunch writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

On June first, you you posted Squirrel Patrol. In that photo is 'Lohla,' our black and cream longhair. Today, Lohla turns 1. Her and her sisters and her foster brothers and sister are all busy celebrating with a little pool party here in hot Virginia Beach, Va.

Don't miss Lohla, Ali, and Bianca in Squirrel Patrol

These Dachshunds Celebrate in Style.
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