Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trash Talking Dachshunds for Upcoming Wiener Dog Rally

While columnist Britt Thorson at the Seattle Weekly says it's a recommended event, you wouldn't know it from the way he talks about Dachshunds:

For 13 years, lovers of short, stubby-legged dogs have been gathering at Seattle Center for STAR 101.5's annual Wiener Dog Rally. This morning, onlookers will laugh while the poor dogs trip over their adorable little legs. Meanwhile, owners will smile proudly as they reassure themselves that their dachshunds are, despite all evidence, actually dogs and not elongated rats. The top two mutts in this rally will then compete Friday evening at Emerald Downs, a big deal in the small world of these little guys.

Wait. Elongated Rats? Maybe Mr. Thorson needs to have a Dachshund all his own so he can find out exactly what we are really all about. The event looks fun though; meet all the contestants in some fun photos at STAR 101.5.

1 comment:

OscarAndHans said...

Mr. Thorson is obviously just intimidated by the awesomeness that is a wiener dog. Duh.

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