Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Jack Hanna Stops By Rolling Dog Ranch

Jack Hanna and Suzi Hanna, co-hosts for “Into the Wild,” a program that explores the world's animals and cultures, smile at 'Callie,' a blind Dachshund, as she relaxes in Suzi's arms Wednesday at Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary near Ovando, Montana. Filming the scene is Guy Nickerson, director of the program. Photo by KURT WILSON/Missoulian.

They met Bailey, the miniature Dachshund with spinal damage who was rescued from a compulsive hoarder in Cascade County, and Callie, another Dachshund who's blind.
Callie found home in Suzi Hanna's arms, rolled over on her back and gazed at Jack - and Nickerson's camera - in pure contentment.
“She'll stay like that as long as you do,” Rolling Dog Rancher Alayne Marker said. “You could be standing here at 7 o'clock tonight and she'll be just like that.”
“That's your salary right there, the love they show you,” Jack Hanna remarked.

Read all about the visit and find out what Jack and Suzi Hanna are up to at the Missoulian.

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Anonymous said...

Callie is the Dachshund that had a brain tumor. Many contributed to her care (radiation). Read about her
at Rolling Dog Ranch. Great place.

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