Monday, August 17, 2009

Dachshund Hot Mess

What Happens When You Breed A Brother And Sister Dachshund? This question was recently asked somewhere on the world wide web: Hello, I am thinking about getting a brother and sister dachshund. We will not force them to mate at all. It would just be like they can mate if they want. If the female did get pregnant, would her pups be born with deformaties or health risks?
Don't worry, because if they will be born with health risks or anything, we will fix the brother and sister before it happens.

We're woofless.

The Devil Dog Speaks: In a funny, yet not-so-funny story accompanied by the above image, a blogger from Austin, Texas, recounts her horror on meeting a Devil Dachshund while enjoying what should have been a nice relaxing bike ride: I’ve been chased by Dobermans, German shepherds and some sort of wolf-hyena hybrid, but nothing comes close to the anger and aggression this little guy displayed.
When he first tore out of the driveway and started yapping, I thought he was just a cute little guy protecting his owner. I even slowed down so he would believe he had a chance of capture. That’s when I saw the evil in his eyes and the glistening, razor-sharp teeth gnashing with fury.
With legs about as long as my fingers, it should have been a short chase. But he kept coming. His blood was boiling. His judgment for my trespass was a long and painful death.

Read the rest of this harrowing tale at Austin 360.


Anonymous said...

Breeding a brother and a sister is just plain wrong. Anybody should know that. I'm surprised you even have to ask this rediculous question. If that's indicative of your level of intelligence please DON'T get a dachshund.

PAdoxiegirl said...

absolutely incredibly irresponsible and beyond cruel. The list of birth defects that could occur is 20 pages long. Please if you have any heart and any sense do not do this. Be responsible and neuter your dogs or research breeding before you attempt to breed.

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