Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breathe Easy

Invisible Fence of Peoria, Illinois, is donating pet oxygen masks to fire departments nationwide. Here, co-owners of the company, Phillip and Kathie Vroman, demonstrate its use on their black and tan longhair 'Mickey.' More than 300 masks have been donated to fire departments across the Midwest, with at least eight animals saved using them. Read all about it at

See the masks in use on Dachshunds in the archives: Dachshund Revived With Oxygen After House Fire and Dachshunds in the News: New Device Helps Save Dachshund

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Kalyxcorn said...

I was just wondering yesterday about something similar as I was driving with Baxter to the pet store. If we were in an accident, would the emergency team be able to help him and/or take him to the emergency vet? It's good to know at least there are o2 masks out there.

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