Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dachshund Awaiting Adoption Stolen From Boulder Colorado Animal Shelter

If you live in Boulder, Colorado, keep an eye out for a Dachshund puppy stolen on August 12th. We checked the local Humane Society website there, but could not find a better photo of the dog, which appears to be long, short, red, and smooth. Excerpt from cbs4denver:

Police say a Dachshund puppy awaiting adoption at a Humane Society shelter in Boulder was stolen by three people after they were told they couldn't meet any animals.
Two men and a woman visited the shelter just before closing time. They were told it was too late to see any animals, and then shortly thereafter they sped away in a four-door green sedan.
Shelter workers later noticed the missing puppy, named Ferris.

See more pics of the perps at cbs4denver.

UPDATE 8.27 - 4 PM: Ferris has been returned to the shelter. Excerpt from the Daily Camera:

Two women returned Ferris about 12:30 p.m. today, said Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley. One of the women said a friend gave her the dog after someone else gave her the dog but discovered she wasn't allowed to have dogs in her home, Huntley said.
"It was a three-way transaction," Huntley said.
The first woman who received the puppy told police that she believes the thieves gave her the dog, and Huntley said investigators are interviewing the women.
"Our goal was to make sure the dog was OK," Huntley said, "and we're happy to report that he is."

Read more at the Daily Camera.

UPDATE 8.31 - 7 AM: The perps have been arrested: Excerpt from the Times-Call:

Three people suspected of stealing a dachshund puppy were arrested Friday, including a Longmont man, Boulder police said.
The three are suspected of taking Ferris, a 2-month-old dachshund, from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley on Aug. 12. Police arrested Matthew Louis Dailey, 22, of Longmont; Serina Emily Ojala, 18, a transient who had been staying near Lafayette; and Daniel Michael Klintz, 18, another transient.

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