Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's A Dog Eat Dog World Out There

Dachshund Lover Shoots Neighbor's Golden Retriever During Dog Fight

In the News We Don't Wanna Hear About Department, meet 'Max,' a 9-year-old smooth black and tan who hails from Kresgeville, Pennsylvania. Max is seen here wearing a a soft tube around his neck to keep him from irritating wounds allegedly suffered when attacked by a neighbor's dog on July 24th.
Terry Kern, Dachshund Lover, states that his neighbor's Golden Retriever came onto his property and attacked Max 3 times. After he tried to get the Golden off of Max with a tomato stake, he went inside the house and got his gun, and killed the neighboring dog. Max spent 4 days recovering at the animal hospital.
Travis Serfass, owner of 6-year-old Golden Retriever 'Tucker' says “It seems he just really wanted to kill Tucker because, for whatever reason, he just doesn't like me.”
Read all the tatty details of the unfortunate event at the Pocono Record.

Pit Bull Attacks And Kills Dachshund

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, Canada, our hearts go out to the family and friends of smooth chocolate dappled 'Charlie,' seen here, after he was killed in a pit bull attack on Saturday morning. Charlie was walking with his Dachshund sister 'Bella,' and his human Brent Brownlee when the attack occurred. Excerpt from CTV Calgary:

Brownlee said a pit bull sitting loose in a neighbour's yard lunged at Charlie, biting him several times. Brownlee said he tried to break the dog's hold on his pet, but was unsuccessful and was bitten himself on his head, cheek and hands. Charlie was put down in the hours after the attack. Bella was not injured.

Read more at CTV Calgary.


Anonymous said...

Really rare for a Golden Retriever to attack like that. And pit bulls for that matter. I'm curious the owner of the violent dogs before I would place blame on the dog.

Anonymous said...

HOw many times does this have to happen??? Pit Bulls are "loveable" and "gentle" - sure - until they tear someones head off. i say they're a menace and should be banned.

Haley said...

Poor Charlie. I know that there is bad pitbulls but not all are.

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