Thursday, August 20, 2009

Attention Polish Sausages

Are your bags packed? What looks to us as one of the largest Dachshund events in the world is right around the corner, Sunday, September 6th, 2009, in Krakow, Poland. That's right, it's the 2009 Marsz Jamników, or March of the Dachshunds, sponsored by Radio Krakow. From Polskie Radio:

The dachshund demonstration will be organized for the 15 time. Radio Krakow’s Agnieszka Kuczynska said she expected this year’s turnout would be record-breaking:
"This year’s interest has been exceptional – from Japan, Britain, Portugal. We’ve become accustomed to hosting the dogs from all over the world, but so far we haven’t had any from Japan."

Find out more about the event at this translated link on Radio Krakow.

See photos from last year's event, and watch a video you won't believe: Marsz Jamników 2008

1 comment:

Gatinha said...

Go portuguese dachshunds, or how we call them more often here, teckels...:)

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