Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wirehair Wednesday: Diving Dachshunds!

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Awesome new video via youtuber EllieMaze who notes:  2 wire haired Dachshunds having some big time fun!


A dapper double dapple Dachshund enjoys the 2010 Dachshunds On Parade in Ellensburg, Washington. 

Blind Dachshund Wanders Into Traffic; Causes Wreck; Reunited With Humans

Thankfully, neither the driver nor the Dachshund were injured in Liberty, Missouri, when a blind Dachshund found its way into traffic, causing the driver to smash into a curb. reports:

There are happy endings.
Police reunited a blind dachshund with its owners this afternoon, about 14 hours after it meandered into traffic causing a wreck.
Police were able to track down the owners through the dog’s rabies vaccination tag. It took a while to reach the owners because they were out looking for the lost dog.
The owners didn’t know the dog had gotten away. It wandered into the street about 10:45 p.m. Monday near Sumac Drive and Claywoods Parkway in Liberty.
A driver in what is believed to be a 1995 Toyota saw the dog, swerved to miss it and ended up striking a curb, said Sgt. Matt Kellogg, a police spokesman. The driver was not injured, but her car was not drivable after the crash.
An officer took the dog and brought it to animal control.

One commenter at wonders: 

Did the reporters at the KC Star take a correspondence course in journalism? .... the owners were out looking for a dog they didn't know was missing.....

File this under Hot Mess.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real Men Love Wieners

Get this new design on a t-shirt for the one you love for just $14.99 at Wiener Tales, who notes:  Wiener Tale's fans have been waiting for this one for some time now. "Real Men Love Wieners!" Created specifically for those of you who have been searching for a not so cutesie version of a Dachshund lover's shirt. After many requests, Mike, our design pro, came up with this one. This is a must for our more masculine wiener dog fans out there. Currently only available in black.  

Live Long is another fun new design, and 100% of its proceeds goes to Dachshund Rescue.

Pendleton Wiener Dog Races 2010


The fourth annual Children's Museum of Eastern Oregon's Wiener Dog Race, with the theme "Snow White and the Seven Dachshunds," took place June 25 on Block 4 of Pendleton, Oregon's Main Street. The event included a Wiener Dog race and costume contest, raffle, food, and kid activities.  Were you there?  Tell us about it! 

See 14 nice photos from the event at the East Oregonian. 

2010 flyer

Rochester Dachshund Parade 2010

The 9th annual Rochester Dachshund Parade took place at Washington Square Park in Rochester, New York on Saturday June 26, 2010.  Obviously, a great time was had by all 'cause you just can't beat a big pack of marching Wiener Dogs!  See more photos and find out more about this awesome annual event at Rochester Dachshund Parade.

Dachshund Collector's Corner: Dachshund Spool Holder

Thanks to an anonymous Dachshundist for sending in a photo of one of their favorite vintage pieces.  This old spool holder is a nice slice of Americana harking back to a time when sewing was a necessity and not so much a hobby as it is today. 

What's your favorite vintage Dachshund collectible? Send it in and tell us about it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing Dachshund Tricks - Slovenian Style!

Fasten your seat belts and turn up the volume!  Kicking off your Monday with incredible grace and style, meet insanely Handsome and talented black and tan double-dappled 'Darth!'  Thanks so much to his human, Jasmina Cakiči, for sending in the video.  She wrties:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

One big hello all the way from Slovenia!

We're just sending you a short clip of what we know. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

Dachshund Lamp Shade

Dachshunds Light Up Your Life:  proving once again that it doesn't really matter what it is, you can get a Dachshund on it!  Thanks so much to Clara Gilbert for sending in the link to the Kathy Ireland Bowzer Giclee Lamp Shade:  This beautiful lamp shade is made using state-of-the-art scanning on canvas. Opaque fabric blocks illumination coming through the shade, focusing the light throw up and down.  $74.99.

Scuba Diving Dachshund

Apparently scuba diving isn't just for Russian Dachshunds - oh wait, this chocolate sweetie is in a costume contest!  Meet 'Henley,' who hails from Lindenhurst, Illinois.  Henley attended Petland's [comment withheld] Dachshund Derby and Costume Contest on Sunday in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Over 50 dogs competed in the races, which benefited St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Read all about it, and see some nice pics at the Lake County News-Sun.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dachshund Watch: Tom and Jerry: The Tuba Tooter (1932)

Thanks so much to our friends at Dachshund Delights for sending in this great old vintage cartoon with a Dachshund.  Awesome!  Via youtuber wahwahwahwahwahwah who notes:  Plot taken from IMDb: A German "ohm-pah" trio is incomplete until their tuba player arrives on a boat from overseas. The resulting quartet brings the whole town out for a German dance party, until the police arrive to take the "tuba tooter" to jail.

If great Dachshund harnesses, cool doggie supplies, and super service aren't enough for ya, make sure and add Dachshund Delights' brand new blog to your reading list:  peace, love and wiener dogs. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Joey, Summer 2010

(Sitting on Dad's Lap, Looking Out on the Boulevard)

Joey took a bit of a tumble out of the big bed last night when he jumped down to get a drink of water without using the  doggie stairs.  His front right leg is hurting pretty bad, but he's on an herbal pain med and spent the day with good Dachshund friends while Dad was at work.  If it's still hurting tomorrow, a visit to the vet is in order.
There's nothing worse than when they are in pain, no matter how small or great.


For the American Dachshund magazine, August, 1966

-Great Heart in a Small Body

Dickie was a beautiful red Dachshund. Friends who had a kennel-full gave him to us because he was either one-six-teenth of an inch too broad or one-six-teenth of an inch too narrow (I've forgotten which) across his chest; but he looked just perfect to us, and we were glad he didn't have championship conformation, for otherwise they would never have given him away.
He was a happy dog from end to end of his long, low body.  He cocked his head first to one side then to another, as if surveying, first critically, then confidently, his new people family.  He was willing to go with us.
Dickie was two years old.  Though he had lived in kennels all his life, he was very well trained.  He was as well-mannered as he was happy, and that made him blue ribbon material to us.
He was delighted to be turned loose.  He investigated every inch of the house and yard.  One day when he found a crawl-way open, he investigated under the house.  Apparently, at some time workmen had dug trenches and then had left them open, unused.  Into one of these, Dickie fell.  He begged to be rescued.
I was alone at the time, and I had recently had an appendectomy, so I just couldn't see getting down on my stomach and crawling on my not-quite-healed incision in bitter cold weather on frozen ground.  I listened to his pleading for an hour, meanwhile looking out the window, hoping to see my husband coming home.
Dickie might have hurt himself, I thought.  My conscience nagged me to go after him.  So I put on my oldest slacks and jacket, and tied a scarf on my head.  The crawl-way was so small I had to lie flat on the ground and wriggle to get through.  Dickie had picked the farthest trench to fall in, and I had to pick my way carefully through the bones the other dogs had left there.  I kept reminding myself that all the snakes and spiders were dead or gone in the winter, but it still took a lot of will power.  I got Dickie out, unharmed, and he scurried through the opening and into sunlight and freedom.  I crawled slowly back over the cold, dark ground, lay flat, and started squirming through the opening, head and shoulders first.
Dickie and the Boston Bull were so delighted to see me emerging safely that they began to help by pulling at my hair and scarf and covering my face with licks.  Scolding and commanding didn't dampen their enthusiasm.  I couldn't wriggle on out, so I had to back up and extend my hands and arms through the hole first, to ward off the exuberant dogs....
Both Dickie and I were dirtier, and I was wiser.  Believe me, I put up the door to the opening and made sure it was never left down again.

Dickie liked all of us immediately, Sam and me, his master and mistress; Carey Ann, six months old baby, his charge; and Duke, his Boston Bull friend.  He minded Sam and me without question.  He watched Carey Ann dutifully, making sure he lay just close enough to her play pen to see her but just far enough away that she couldn't reach his ears.  He and Duke played for hours on end, and occasionally they played themselves into trouble.
They followed me to the barnyard one day as I took the feed to the chickens.  We passed a little wooden pen where hay was stacked and where an old tom cat and his wife lived with two new kittens.  The mama cat came running as she saw me with the feed, but Mr. Tom stayed on guard.  Dickie and Duke, by mutual agreement, dashed through the open gate toward Mr. Tom.  At the first sound of a fight, Mrs. Tom raced back to the hay stack and took on Duke, evening up the odds; she quickly put him out through the gate and ran back to check her babies.
Dickie felt that he was no match for Mr. Tom, whose sharp claws and teeth were finding too many marks, so he decided to stop the fight by running away.  In his haste he got confused and ran through a hole in the wall instead of back through the gate.  Or at least the front part of him got through; his fat rear was stuck, with Mr. Tom's claws dug in solidly.  I dropped the chicken feed and ran to help settle the battle, but just as I got there Dickie pulled his last part through, and I could see dog and cat going around the corner of the barn with Mr. Tom riding high on Dickie's back.  From that time on, the dogs gave the cats a wide berth.

Winter passed into spring, and spring passed into summer, and the fryers were ready for a chicken dinner on Sunday.  My brother and his wife brought their three-year old son, Kevin.  Kevin went exploring and got a little too close to a young rooster - the one that got away.  The rooster took a sudden aversion to Kevin and jumped right in the middle of him with legs and wings, spurring and flogging the frightened child.  Dickie, who had never before taken notice of the chickens, immediately grabbed the rooster by the neck and, with one good snap, broke the neck; he gave the dead rooster a satisfied look and calmly trotted off.
For the rest of the day, Dickie was the hero.  They all wondered how such a small dog could muster up enough strength to break the rooster's neck with one snap.
All but me - and I knew, because the week before, Dickie had uninvitedly helped me catch a pig that got loose.  He clamped his teeth down on the pig's hind leg and held on with such grip that I could not pry his jaws apart.  Duke grabbed the pig by the snout, and then I was really in trouble.  My yelling and the pig's squealing brought the hired hand, and he rescued me and the pig.  On that day Dickie was not the hero.

On the Fourth of July, Sam and I got up early to drive to Ruidoso for the horse races.  As we would be gone all day, we put Dickie out of the house with a bowl of water and food.  That night on our way home, as we turned off the state highway and passed over the cattle guard, our headlights showed a Boston Bull and a Dachshund sitting by the side of the road waiting.  It was ten miles from the house!!  We were aghast to think the dogs would have followed us that far from home, and amazed that we were lucky enough to find them.  After that when we went some place, we left Dickie in the house and told the hired hand not to let him out until we had been gone at least two hours.

But one hot day in August I was washing and all the men were working on a windmill in one of the pastures about ten miles away.  I had an unusually big wash that day and was hurrying to get finished before I had to fix some lunch and take it over to feed the men.  Though I hurried as fast as I could, I didn't get through, and at 11:00 I unplugged the washing machine, went in and fixed a hurry-up meal and a big thermos of iced tea, and started off, late and rushed.  I forgot all about Dickie.
I drove over the ten hot sandy miles and unloaded the lunch.  After we had eaten and were relaxing over cold cups of tea, someone asked me if I had brought the Dachshund.  They said they could hear him crying.  I listened, and I heard a whine.  I found him lying under the truck.

The moment I looked at Dickie I could tell he was in bad shape.  He had traveled those ten miles of hot sand in about an hour's time.  We decided to see whether rest and shade would restore him.  But after an hour it was obvious that he was not going to recuperate by himself, so we took him to the tank of water.  We dipped him and held him in the cool water as the windmill pumped it from the ground.  Dickie stopped whining and lay limp in our hands, and gradually it dawned on us that Dickie was dying.
We put him in the car and started home.  Half way back we found Duke sitting under a clump of bear grass, waiting.  How I wished that Dickie too had stopped to wait, but Dickie's great heart had pushed his small body on until he reached his goal.  When we got to the house, he was almost lifeless.  The nearest veterinarian was seventy miles away.  We got the medical book down, but couldn't decide whether Dickie had sunstroke or heat exhaustion.  However, since the cold treatment hadn't helped him, we decided to try the heat.
We wrapped him in a soft blanket and heated some beef broth and poured a little of it down his throat with a spoon.  Dickie gave one little sad sound, and I thought for a moment he was responding, but it was just a small goodbye.
Our world is mighty lonely without Dickie-dog.


Unrelated photo; source unknown.

Thursday, June 24, 2010




We're not trying to sound precocious but it takes a large adjective to describe this smooth moving, beautifully proportioned bitch, sired by Ch Holmdachs Constant Favorite and linebred on Ch Albion's Own Forester.

She's just the "spoonful of sugar" every Dachshund lover needs!

3172 Woodland Road
Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544

Via the American Dachshund magazine, June, 1966

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Wirehair Wednesday: Wiener-Vision

Free Webcam Chat at Ustream

Meet 'Evie' and her little girl, who is only a few days old. By Ustreamer Ruger Dachshunds

Dachshund Collector's Corner: DoxieMania

(click photo to enlarge)

A Dachshund Lover writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I must have 500+ doxie items, and this is just one photo of one wall in my office. It's not organized, like you can see, and I need to 'clean up' a little to show you the other side. LOL. There are doxie items through the house too.

What's your favorite Dachshund collectable?  Send it in and tell us about it!

I Reeeaaally Want That Biscuit

The eternal angst that occurs when a dog is denied a biscuit... By youtuber MochaJoeMedia. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Wish Somebody Would Put Chili And Cheese On Me.

Thanks so much to our good buddy 'Gaius' for sending this in.  Surely you remember Gaius from the memorable video called Play? He writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

I got a hot dog at Dairy Queen today and I just couldn't resist sending you a shoot of the container.

I know that's how I feel about chili and cheese.

Wishing you well,
An avid reader

Shopping With Dachshunds For Dachshunds

Thanks so much to our good pal 'Dylan' for writing in, we've missed you!  Looks like he's busy spending some of that hard earned cash.  This 12" x 12" canvas print by Sofia Fox is $34.95.  He writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

I was looking for something special to decorate my Mommy's new office and came across this at Z Gallerie. 

Along with a photo of yours truly, I think she will be the envy of the office!

P.S.  Here's me doing my imitation of a Salvador Dali painting!

Barks and Woofs,

Dachshunds On Parade Recap, Photos, and Video

Over 200 Dachshunds attended the 8th annual Dachshunds On Parade in Ellensburg, Washington on Saturday, with some folks traveling as far away as West Virginia to attend the event!  Cute little 'Bentley,' seen here, looks to be having a blast.  The Daily Record has put together a great recap which includes cool photos and a fun little video of the day's festivities.  Don't miss it. Congrats to all the Wieners, errr....WINNERS of the costume contests and Wiener races. 
Special Congrats to a Wiener named 'Oscar' who pulled a three-peat in the Standard Wiener race division, taking home the crown for the third year in a row.  "Food, that's all Oscar needs," said his owner, Kathy Edick of Lake Tapps. "There is no training or anything, we just show him food, back up, and let him loose."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dachshunds On Parade in Ellensburg, Washington

Congratulations to Jessie Ross and her beautiful red piebald 'Ruby' for taking 1st Place in the Wiener Races at the 8th annual Dachshunds On Parade in Ellensburg, Washington on Saturday.  You're a CHAMP Ruby!  We can't thank Jessie enough for sending in such a nice photo - and Joey and Maggie want to add that if there was a lookalike contest at the event, you would've scored that as well!  Fantastic!   Jessie writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie,

This is a picture of me and Ruby, my 1 1/2 year old red piebald shorthair. Yesterday she came in 1st place in the miniature Dachshund races in Ellensburg, WA. Ruby runs in the backyard with her big sister, Bettie the black lab everyday, so beating over 100 other miniatures was a piece of cake. This reigning champion can't wait to compete again next year. For more info about the event, go to Dachshunds On Parade, and there is also an article at The Daily Record. 

Four dachshunds leave the starting line with their owners cheering them on during a race Saturday of the annual Dachshunds on Parade event. (Joe Whiteside / Daily Record)

2010 Poster via Dachshunds On Parade

Short-Legged Breed Shows Its Speed

Penelope, who claims Kevin and Michelle Davis as her humans, races towards the finish line during the races at the fourth annual Wiener Fest at AnimaLodge in Laurel, Montana on Saturday.  11-month-old Penelope took the crown - way to go!  About 150 people and more than that number of dachshunds of all colors gathered for the event, with proceeds going to Montana Dachshund Rescue. Here's an excerpt from the Billings Gazette:

In the race Penelope ran, there was one false start after a contestant bolted the starting line prematurely. But after Wiener Fest co-organizer Sandy Alley called out “Ready, set, go!” the 11-month-old black-and-brown mini dachshund, made a speedy dash for the finish line and owner Kevin Davis of Belgrade.
Kevin Davis said a friend told him about the Wiener Fest and the family thought it would be a nice way to spend an afternoon. Davis said dachshunds are speedier than most people give them credit for.
“If they don’t want to be caught, you can’t catch them,” he said.

Read all about the event and see some great photos at the Billings Gazette.

FestivALL of Wiener Dogs

The lawn of Stonewall Jackson Middle School played host to the annual Wiener Dog races again this year for the 4th annual FestivALL in Charleston, West Virginia, on Saturday.  FestivALL is a 10-day music and arts festival, and there were bands as well as an Art Parade, and a Smoke on the Water Chili Cook-Off on Saturday.  Obviously good times are made even better when there are Wiener Dogs involved!   Read more about FestivALL at

A Day At The Races

Kisses!  Jessica Pasko puckers up for a kiss from 'Max,' one of 28 Dachshunds that competed in the Wiener Dog Races Saturday afternoon at Walnut Beach in Ashtabula, Ohio.  The races highlighted the Ashtabula Kennel Club's Dog Day at the Beach, a day to educate people about different breeds and the fun and responsibilities that come with dog ownership.  Congrats goes out to 'Eddy' for taking first place in the adult division.  Way to go Eddie! 
Read all about this fun race in a nice little article at the Star Beacon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a Dad. ~unknown

Give your Dachshund Dad a big wet kiss.

Vintage photo circa 1930s; source unknown.

Dachshund Dads

Perfectly timed for Father's Day, meet Lynn Teate and his three long dog rescues:  'Whitney Elizabeth,' 'Eli Allen,' and 'Dharma Grace.'  Hailing from Macon, Georgia, took a look at this alternative family:

As a single man, it wasn’t likely Lynn Teate would hear the pitter-patter of little feet around his Macon home — let alone a dozen tiny feet.
“There are several people who have said they wished they were my dogs,” Teate said. “They’re spoiled rotten, and it’s worth it — every minute of it.”
What’s even more remarkable is Teate never had a dog until three years ago, when he was 41. He grew up in McRae without any pets. Now you might say he’s gone “dog wild.”
“I’m pretty obsessed to say the least,” he said.
His Facebook profile picture is a painting of “Dachshund Dad,” the same slogan that’s on one of his T-shirts.
Every morning he senses the dogs in his bed and opens his eyes to wagging tails and loving kisses all over his face.
“They’re wonderful. They’re the reason I get up every day.”

Read all about this pack at  It's a great story to share with your Dachshund Dad today.

Dachshunds On Capitol Hill

You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog. ~Harry S. Truman

The Washington Post has done a nice little exposé on the dozens of dogs who roam the halls of our Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill.  Is there a Dachshund to be found?  You betcha.  Meet 'Cali,' the cute spunky red smooth named after her home state of California, and who calls Rep. Ken Calvert (R) her human.  Here's an excerpt of the juicy Dachshund bits:

A couple of years ago -- pre-Cali -- Calvert decided that his schedule was too hectic for him to own a dog. His communications director, Rebecca Rudman, offered to take care of the dog if she could bring the dog to work every day. Rudman and Calvert picked out Cali on a Sunday, and she came to work Monday morning. Visitors can see faint outlines of Cali's messes on the carpet before she was housebroken -- or, House broken, in this case.
Cali has made herself at home on the Hill, swimming in the fountain outside the Rayburn House Office Building, snagging a treat from the Capitol Police every morning on her way in and playing with her best friend, the Chihuahua in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform office.

Make sure to check out The Washington Post to read the whole article, and see some really great photos of Cali diving in that fountain.  Thanks so much to our good pal 'Molly' for sending in the link for this story!

We don't know about you, but if we had a dog named Cali we'd be singing our favorite LL Cool J song to her all the time.  We doubt it's a big hit in Ken Calvert's home, but you never know. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dachshund Dearest

Ms. Crawford pampers one of her boys in 1939.

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell. ~Joan Crawford

Have a great Friday!

Photo source unknown.

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Vintage Dachshund Humor

June 18, 2010:  My Dear Sugar, I spend my time loafing, lots of sunshine here.  The people are friendly.  Say hello to the old gang.  I'm feeling happy.  Devotedly, Joey and Maggie....

Dog Is My Co-Pilot

It's no secret that we love to profile stories of veterans and their Dachshunds around these parts.  Thanks to our Los Angeles pal 'Pee Wee' for sending in this story of U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Waggaman of Rancho Mirage, California.  He talked briefly to The Desert Sun about his flying days and the Dachshund who served as his co-pilot; specifically the day he had to parachute out of his aircraft:

Waggaman, who landed safely on a sandbar, was thankful his canine companion wasn't on that flight.
“That was the one day I didn't take my little dog,” he said.
Waggaman's dachshund — he picked up the little guy while he was on leave in Darjeeling — accompanied the pilot on a couple of missions.
“He'd just lay down between my feet,” he said.
He named his new dog Major, after a dachshund he had in Santa Barbara when he was a young boy.
Things could have ended ended differently for Waggaman if Major had been riding along that day.
“I probably would have tried to land the plane on the sandbar,” Waggaman said.
Waggaman said he didn't think he'd be able to hold on tight enough to Major when the parachute snapped open.
“That would have probably jolted the dog right out of my arms,” he said.
It took Waggaman a few days to rejoin his group, and during that time, Major lost his appetite.
“He wouldn't eat until I got back,” Waggaman said.

Read more about Mr. Waggaman's missions at The Desert Sun.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dachshund Relaxation: Dash the Dachshund

by youtuber levimlinar.

Dachshund Fashion: Judith Leiber Fine Crystal-Embellished Clutch

We've featured quite a few Dachshund purses over the years, but never one with a price tag of $5,795.  It's the Judith Leiber Dachshund fine crystal-embellished clutch, and it's available at NET-A-PORTER:   Meticulously hand-detailed with multicolored fine crystals, Judith Leiber's exquisite Dachshund clutch bag is guaranteed to become a stylish woman's best friend. This decadent party piece will bring a flash of glamour to every cocktail look.

Get your order in quick.

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Dog Days

'Oliver,' a scene-stealing Dachshund, yawns as he joins Tammy Nagely for a photo session. Nagely takes Oliver with her when she goes to rest homes. The residents love it when a pet visits. 
Read all about Ms. Nagely's 25-year career at the Carlton Oregon Veterinary Clinic at the News Register.  “I really enjoy dogs. And people who love animals, I trust a little more,”  she says. 

A Doll and Two Dachshunds in a Park

Woof!  This fine photo featuring model Sandy Paul was featured on the front page of The Pittsburgh Press on August 11, 1964 to promote the Western Pennsylvania Dachshund Club's Dachshund Clinic and pet Dachshund fun match. 
Apparently this is the same model from last Friday's Vintage Dachshund Fun photo. 

Source: The American Dachshund Magazine, October, 1964.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: A Doll Named Dolly!

We can't thank Carl B. enough for writing in with the astounding tale of his beloved black and tan longhair named 'Dolly.'  Dachshund Love Story, indeed: 

Hello Joey and Maggie,
I just discovered your website today and I love it! I also learned a new term today that being 'Dachshundist.'

For many years I did not like Dachshunds at all. My only familiarity with the breed was with my neighbors dog who was named 'Digger'. Digger loved digging underneath my garden fence therefore allowing other dogs to get in and destroy my garden. That fence is now gone but I still have a garden and the funny thing is now that the fence is gone the town dogs are less curious as to what is on the other side. Oh they still come in and destroy things occasionally but in the long run I have less work to do because when the fence was there I had to run the weedeater around it.

My familiarity with Dachshunds happened because the fence was gone. It also helps that our town does not enforce leash laws. My new neighbors bought a Dachshund pup that they named Dolly. She is a female Longhaired Dachshund. Dolly hated the very ground I walked on and constantly barked at me when I was working in my garden.

I am not a small dog person nor is my wife. We love German Shepherds but gave up on owning one after our Fritz passed away. Fritz's story is too long to tell here. I shall summarize it by saying he was a loyal, faithful, protective dog who loved cats and hated all other dogs even females. I still love that breed but I am old and disabled. I cannot handle a big working dog and in my humble opinion a German Shepherd deserves a young person who can play and work with them.

We owned other dogs after Fritz but none that lived long or that lived up to our expectations. Fritz set a high standard.

But lets go back to Dolly the Dachshund. I decided that me and her were going to be friends. I decided that she was just going to have to get used to me being in the garden and all I wanted to do was to get her to stop barking at me. I was completely ignorant of Dachshund behavior. She barked her little head off at me and I ignored her. This went on for a full month.

One day I noticed that there was a hole in the ground on my property that she liked. She always dug there and did her potty business there. So I got an idea. I put fresh dirt in the hole and made sure my smell was on it. It did not take her long to find it and she seemed to be impressed.

A day or so after that she started getting closer to me without barking too much. it was like she thought she had better see what that man was up to. Because I am disabled I rode around the yard on my John Deere lawn tractor and I walk with a cane. Next thing I knew Dolly was jumping up on my mower to sit on the seat and watch me.

After a month and a half Dolly finally allowed me to touch her. She did not like that at all. She took up with my wife first and we decided that she was a dog who preferred women over men. I was finally able to actually pet Dolly a week later but she still was not too impressed.

Once we befriended her we gave her a lot of attention. She slowly started loving both me and my wife. My wife was quite smitten with her. I did not allow myself to be due to the bad luck I have had in the past with dogs I have cared about. That only worked for a short time because now I cannot decide who loves who the most.

Her owners kept her penned up during the day. When they got home from work they let her out. She would have to go potty very badly but there were more important things to do first. Her priority was to first come over and say hi to us in her doggy way. Unfortunately she would get so excited that she would urinate all over the place so I jokingly named her my little PeePeePooPooPuppy. Dogs just love it when you speak to them with silly words like that.

That was an Interesting summer. I was very overweight at the beginning. Dolly would get upset if we were not out there so I made sure I was out there every day. I lost 80 pounds while out fiddling with the dog and catching up on work that needed done. At the end of the summer my wife and I were very much in love with Dolly.

That fall my neighbors became involved in a divorce. The man moved out. I was scared he would take Dolly with him as he was smitten with her too. After he moved out Dolly got it in her head that we were going to be her new owners. I tried to discourage it. I sent her back to her people numerous times. One cold night she was out roaming around. She hates the cold. She came to our door and was scratching at it. I broke down when I heard her whining which I had never heard before. I let her in and she has been with us ever since.

That first night she jumped up in our bed and slept with us. I had never allowed a dog on our bed before. We overslept that next morning and sometime during the night Dolly had to potty. She found where we had our plastic trash bags stored, pulled one out with her mouth, and did her business on it. I was amazed. I was astounded. We have 3 housecats. She hates cats but leaves ours alone.

I could write a book about this past year and our experiences with Dolly. I shall end my narrative here. I take Dolly with me almost every place I go. I bought a different pickup truck a month or so ago and within two days she claimed it as 'hers' in the same manner that Fritz had claimed my old pickup truck as 'His' and may God have mercy on the person he caught messing with it because had no mercy for anything he caught messing with anything he claimed as 'His'.

I cannot finish without saying that a human who has started liking dachshunds after years of not liking them is worse that a converted cat hater. My wife caught a pit bull mix biting Dolly the other day. She is scared to death of pit bulls but she went after that one without a second thought. The pit bull was lucky that a gun was not close by. The pit bull mix soon left the yard as he did not quite know what to think about a human who would act aggressively towards him. Dolly had no injuries that time.

Thank you for listening to the ramblings of an old man.

Dolly is the best dog I have ever known.

Carl B.

P.S.  Dolly does not hold still long enough for a good picture. Some of these days I will get a good one LOL.

The Dachshund Bill of Rights
as told from the point of view of Dolly the Dachshund

1. Everything in my life will be ' in ordung ' which is German for 'in order'. If it is not I shall bark at it until it is.

2. The top of my human's Lane big mans recliner belongs to me. I shall observe my domain from that vantage point.

3. I reserve the right to be involved in everything my humans do.

4. I shall not suffer the presence of a cat except at my humans insistence.

5. I shall cheerfully give up my life in the defense of my humans no matter how futile that attempt may be.

6. There are items in my domain that belong to me exclusively. Those are my food bowl, My water bowl, My humans pickup truck, the John Deere lawn tractor, or any other item I may deem as mine at any particular time. Only humans that I know and love are allowed near them.

7. Chasing sticks and balls thrown by humans is fun but pointless. I reserve the right to end the game at any time I so choose.

8. I reserve the right to 'Help' the humans whenever they correct their cats for breaking the rules of the house.

9. When exiting my house to potty outside I shall bark to announce my presence to the neighborhood.

10. My neighborhood is 'My' neighborhood. When patrolling it I shall carry myself proudly, tail erect with it's hair at the end sticking straight out. My humans call it my flag.

11. I reserve the right to climb up on my male humans chest and curl up around his neck like a cat whenever he is in his recliner. During those times I have the right to lick his ears anytime I so choose.

12 I reserve the right to 'Groom' my humans frequently by licking them. I do so because I love them fiercely and want them to look their best. I perform my grooming chores by licking their faces, ears, and feet.

13. There are more rights that I have but it is now time to exercise my right to a doggie nap.

Wirehair Wednesday

His Master's Hat.  Vintage photo by Monsieur Henri Dimont, who traveled to dog shows in Paris during the period of 1930 to 1950 and photographed the Show Champions.

On Your Paws.....Get Set.....GO!

"Hhhmph. We'd rather just sit here and be admired by the 300 spectators."

These two beauties look absolutely thrilled to race in the 2010 Dachshund Dash in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, this last weekend.  At least the weather cooperated this year, we seem to remember that it was a bit wet in 2009.  Regardless, we're quite sure that the 26 Dachshunds who competed wowed the crowd and provided some laughs.  Click here to have a listen to the report.  Congrats goes out to 'Gertie' for taking the crown in the 'over 2 years old' category, and Ted for grabbing the gold in the 'under 2 years old' category.  

Read all about it and see some really nice pics at ABC South West Victoria.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Dachshunds

Italy?  Really?  Dachshunds wear their hearts on their sleeves at the 2010 Woofstock, which took place in Toronto, Canada, over the weekend.  Blog Toronto took a look at all the canines supporting their favorite teams at the event, and had this to say about the Wiener Dogs:  I found it odd to see two Dachshunds, Lucy and Luke, dressed in Italian soccer jerseys. Perhaps their owners would rather have German wiener dogs pretending to be Italian than to own two Italian Greyhounds.

Meanwhile, wirehair 'Migo,' who hails from Denmark, sends out his own tribute to the World Cup in this fun new video by hsmultimedia.

We know where our allegiances stand:  The Motherland.  Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Urban Dachshund Toronto @ Woofstock 2010

Woofstock, the "largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America," took place in Toronto, Canada, over the weekend, and the Urban Dachshund Toronto Meetup Group made sure that Dachshunds were well represented.  Apparently some 300,000 dog lovers and their canine pals attend this free annual event.  That's a lot of butts to sniff!  Enjoy the fun video by urbandachshund.

Canine Casanova

Kisses!  'Mikey,' a 7-year-old black and tan smooth Dachshund, sometimes hides under the park bench at Hammel Woods Dog Park in Shorewood, Illinois, so he doesn't get run over by the big dogs.  We feel your pain, Mikey. 
Mikey's more of a lover than a fighter and is not afraid to show his affection in public to David Crimmins of Channahon, Illinois. Most dogs are too busy for kissy face at the dog park; they're off playing fetch or digging a hole to China. Not Mikey, who has the canine soul of a Casanova. Source.

We're Tired of Being So Pretty

We'd really rather just roll in something stinky.  Owners and their dogs take a break at The 78th Greenwich Kennel Club's All-Breed Dog Show at Taylor Farm in Norwalk, Connecticut on Saturday June 12, 2010.
Photo: Stamford Advocate, Kathleen O'Rourke / Stamford Advocate

Monday, June 14, 2010

Zeus Ends Reign As Top Dog At Indiana Wiener Dog Nationals

After 4 years as the reigning champion Wiener Dog, Zeus didn't cut the mustard this year at the 17th Annual Wiener Dog Nationals on Saturday at Germanfest in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  There's always next year Zeus, and we hope this doesn't put you in retirement!  This race comes after some tough talk in the comments section of Budrick Howls Foul About Ft. Wayne Wiener Nationals just a year ago:

Anonymous said...

Budrick won the race. It was a good race but all my friends and I were at the finish line and Budrick won by at least half a dog. Its almost a year later and the truth must be told.

April 4, 2009 11:44 PM


Blogger from April 4th...Next, tell us how Germany won WW2 and how McCain beat Obama. Zeus...3 starts, 3 first place finishes. THE CHAMP. Saw that race and, wow, Zeus was jogging and smoked that half-pint wanna-be dog.

June 8, 2009 9:21 AM

This year, according to Zeus' human Grant Stupeck, Zeus lost his legendary focus toward the end of the first group of 64 dogs, barking at the dog in the lane next to him.  Of course congrats goes out to 'Fonzie' who took the crown this year.  Way to go Fonzie!

Read all about it in a great little article at The Journal Gazette. 

Also thanks to for the nice video and recap of the races.

So What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog and Why?

Kick-starting your week into high gear, enjoy stinky wirehaired 'Fritz' in Fritzel schnitzel Dachshund "Hannibal dog VS Skunk" by youtuber dashydox1 who notes:  Our wirehaired dachsie Fritz, got sprayed by a skunk. Pee-Yew!!!

Poor Fritz. 

Hot Dog

We can't stop laughing!  Thanks so much to our Israelian pal 'Michael' for sending the link to this great design he spotted at Lovely Package: 

Designed by Subconscious Co. Country: Thailand

“TrueCoffee, the coffee shop that serves coffee and bakery with high-speed internet in a cozy and modern atmosphere, expanded their food range to a quick bites like hot dogs. They wanted hot dog packaging that would attract teenagers. We reinterpreted the word ‘hot dog’ and created a lovely Dachshund character.”

Attracts Dachshundists, too. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

'The Long and Short of it All' is Brought to You by:

Wheeling Corrugating Company:  

A homeowner's best friend is Wheeling Ware.  Besides making dog-washing almost a snap, Wheeling offers dozens of products to make your work easier.  Like Wheeling Garbage Cans and Rubbish Burners for disposal of refuse.  Or Downspouts and Gutters for roof drainage.  Wheeling Corrugating Company, Wheeling, West Virginia....It's Wheeling Steel

Circa 1957

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Vintage Dachshund Fun

Amy Winehouse should have such fine style. 

Sandy Paul attends the Western Pennsylvania Dachshund Club's 1964 Dachshund Clinic and pet Dachshund fun match.   Source:  The American Dachshund Magazine, October, 1964.

Four Little Crooks

Very early 1900s "Rotograph" Series vintage Dachshund postcard.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get Lincoln On A Hallmark Card!

We're sure excited for our pal 'Lincoln!'  Regular readers of The Long and Short of it All will recognize him as one of those strikingly handsome Sheridan Avenue Boys, whose wonderful photos often grace our pages.  Now you can find Lincoln at your local card store!  Thanks so much to Kay Taylor for writing in, and congratulations!:

Hello Joey and Maggie,

Just wanted to let everyone know that Lincoln's Hallmark Card is starting to show up in stores now. Lots of people have been asking how to get one. Someone wrote me yesterday that saw it in a Walgreen's in NY.  Here's the site that will tell you what stores in your area will carry it. The name of the contest was Birthday Your Way. Just put in your city and state and it will let you know where you can find it. It should also be in local Hallmark stores.

The Sheridan Avenue Boys have been involved with a Blog called 365 Project since January.  Here is Lincoln's photo for today.  Lincoln is so excited about the Hallmark card that he thought it would be nice to show you his smile.

Abilene Texas Shelter Prematurely Euthanizes Family's Dachshund

Animal Services, Abilene, Texas

There it is.  That "E" word.  While we hate to report stories like this, maybe getting the word out can help prevent a similar situation from happening to your beloved four-legged friends. 
A family moves to Abilene.  Their 7-year-old Dachshund named Latimer escapes the new yard, is found by a good Samaritan, but Latimer bites the good Samaritan's daughter. Latimer is quarantined at the pound.  Meanwhile, owner finds good Samaritan through a lost dog ad, is referred to the pound, and after several visits and phone calls is told to pick up her dog in 10 days.  Latimer euthanized on Day 9.  Excerpt from the Reporter News:

Pamela Hernandez, Latimer's human, said the woman told her “he was listed as a stray, no one came in to claim him, and I said, ‘I talked to you every time I came here, every time I called, I talked to you.”
Other shelter employees also knew Latimer had an owner, Hernandez said.
“Any time you go to see a dog in quarantine, one of the attendants has to let you in,” Hernandez said. “There were two different guys who let me back there who saw I was petting him and identified him as my dog. Everybody failed to write it down despite my attempts to get them to write it down.
“Because nobody wrote something down, my dog is dead.”
Latimer became a part of the Hernandez family seven years ago, she said, when her husband gave the dog to her as a wedding anniversary gift. Latimer befriended her other two dogs and had become her 3-year-old son’s best friend, she said.
“He was a part of us; he was a part of our family,” Hernandez said. “He was an amazing dog.”

Read all of this troubling story at the Reporter News.  It seems like when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong.  Our hearts go out to Latimer's family and friends.
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