Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Marley: A Chinese Doxie Living in India!

Thanks so much to handsome 'Marley' for sending in his story and including such a nice photo.  Boy does this guy get around, he's traveled all over the world!  We get excited when we just get to go the Home Depot, we can't even imagine going to China or India!  Marley writes:

Dear Maggie and Joey,

I am a standard black and tan male doxie. I was born in China, but now I live in India. My human is American. She adopted me in China when I was almost three years old. We just celebrated six years together. We moved to India two and a half years ago. We lived in the south for two years before shifting to New Delhi. It was too hot for a little black dog! Even at 9:00 pm it was still over 100 degrees. In China I lived in the mountains. Two days ago, we moved to the Himalayas. I love it! It is so much cooler here! This is what I am used to.
Lady says I am such a blessing in her life. I help her make friends in each new city. Because she is a foreigner, locals are shy to speak to her, but they don't hesitate to speak to me! I help her make friends, and keep her company while she does. It can be very lonely in a foreign land. I help her get to know our new neighborhood when I take her out for walks each day. I let her know when humans are in our stairwell. I keep her company at night so that she isn't frightened.
I have had many adventures. You can read about my recent trip, and my life on my blog at Marley's World.  I hope you enjoy it!
We love your blog. It helps keep us connected with other doxies in the world. I've included a photo of me at a McDonald's when we traveled in the Himalayas to our new home.


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