Monday, June 7, 2010

Site Update: Please Welcome Schnappsie


Please join us in welcoming the newest member of The Long and Short of it All staff, 'Schnapsee.'  If you scroll down the page, in the right-hand column, you'll find our dedicated staff members:  'Schotzee,' our Fact Checker, and 'Cassandra,' our Production Director.  Schnappsie will be assuming the role of Knuckleduster (security) and Dachshund Technology Specialist.  Schnappsie comes highly recommended, and will be working remotely for us from his hometown of Babenhausen, Germany.  Welcome!


This change follows the loss of our beloved Knuckleduster 'Franz,' who tendered his resignation today, after two recent events:  this site was marked as "DELETED" last Tuesday after a hacker had his way, and posting was not operable this morning.  Franz has stated "It's really all for the best.  The little missus just had 9 new puppies, and my obedience career is really taking off.  It's hard for me to devote the time I used to.  I wish Schnappsie and The Long and Short of it All great continued success."
We'll miss you Franz.  Best of luck in all your endeavors and thanks for all you've done.

1 comment:

firstyouleap said...

Welcome to Schnappsie, he has some big paws to fill. I do hope that a picture of Franz will remain on the site somewhere. We have all fallen prey to the computer gremlins at one time or another and although I did nearly have a coronary when the site went a-missing last week, I would never hold it against Franz. Some badger in the machinery no doubt (that's what Jeeves thinks).

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