Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Dachshunds

Italy?  Really?  Dachshunds wear their hearts on their sleeves at the 2010 Woofstock, which took place in Toronto, Canada, over the weekend.  Blog Toronto took a look at all the canines supporting their favorite teams at the event, and had this to say about the Wiener Dogs:  I found it odd to see two Dachshunds, Lucy and Luke, dressed in Italian soccer jerseys. Perhaps their owners would rather have German wiener dogs pretending to be Italian than to own two Italian Greyhounds.

Meanwhile, wirehair 'Migo,' who hails from Denmark, sends out his own tribute to the World Cup in this fun new video by hsmultimedia.

We know where our allegiances stand:  The Motherland.  Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

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kalyxcorn said...

yo sprechen dachshund, dude - woof!

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