Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing Dachshund Tricks - Slovenian Style!

Fasten your seat belts and turn up the volume!  Kicking off your Monday with incredible grace and style, meet insanely Handsome and talented black and tan double-dappled 'Darth!'  Thanks so much to his human, Jasmina Cakiči, for sending in the video.  She wrties:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

One big hello all the way from Slovenia!

We're just sending you a short clip of what we know. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did!


Geneva said...

Wow. I'm impressed! Is he single?

curator said...

Gosh, I was actually knocked for a loop by learning Dita von Teese was a dachshund enthusiast! (over to the right today)

Jablana said...


Alicia said...

We think that Darth is very handsome, quite obedient and talented! Thanks for sharing the pictures and video.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Darth, you rock!

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