Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dachshund Collector's Corner: DoxieMania

(click photo to enlarge)

A Dachshund Lover writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I must have 500+ doxie items, and this is just one photo of one wall in my office. It's not organized, like you can see, and I need to 'clean up' a little to show you the other side. LOL. There are doxie items through the house too.

What's your favorite Dachshund collectable?  Send it in and tell us about it!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Omigosh... our house would totally look like this if my husband wouldn't kill me :) We have 3 or 4 dachshund items in our living room(including my favorite, our Picasso Dachshund), and he already thinks that's too much!

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