Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dachshund Club of America Supports WV Rescue Efforts

We're pleased to report this news from The Dachshund Club of America: During a special teleconference Thursday evening called specifically for the purpose of discussing the West Virginia rescue situation, the DCA Board agreed to send a donation of $1,000 each to the Humane Society of Parkersburg, WV, and the Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA).
This week, Emma Jean Stephenson, DCA Rescue Chair, and Marlies Noll, DCA Secretary, were in close contact with the Humane Society and others directly involved in this rescue.

Friday, August 29, 2008

DRNA Press Release - Parkersburg WV Puppy Mill

For immediate release:

Dachshund Rescue of North America, Inc. is involved in what may be the largest puppy mill raid in history. On Saturday August 23, the Humane Society of Parkersburg, Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society of Missouri and others sprung into action removing 1,000 dogs from Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkersburg, WV. Local authorities had received complaints about discharging pollution without a permit and went in with law enforcement to investigate the situation. They found dogs of many breeds housed in small pens with the dogs standing on wire. While the conditions weren't as horrible as some puppy mills, the stench was overwhelming according to volunteers and the shear number of dogs is impossible to care for with 4 full time kennel employees. The owners, Sharon and Edwin Roberts agreed to surrender the dogs and other conditions to avoid or minimize prosecution. We are not privy to those discussions and the matter is still under investigation.
DRNA is helping as it has with similar situations over the past 10 years. We took custody of 138 Dachshunds on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 from a warehouse where the dogs had been taken, vet checked, cleaned and fed. According to Jill Blasdel-Cortus, President of DRNA, "The operation in the warehouse was amazing! There were rows and rows of kennels stacked two high as far as you could see. Probably 100 volunteers tended to the dogs, cleaning crates, washing bowls, getting the dogs checked out by several veterinarians on the scene and then moving them out to various rescues. As soon as we loaded a dog, the kennel was cleaned and disinfected." It took 7 hours to load all 138 dogs that were moved to Tell City, IN and Markleysburg, PA for further vetting and distribution to eleven states where our members are organizing foster homes.
All dogs will be spayed/neutered, have rabies and DHPPC vaccines, heartworm tested and on prevention, wormed, dentals as necessary. A variety of conditions including dehydration, parasites, skin infections and irritations, dental problems such as retained baby teeth and extreme tartar, ear inflammation, eye irritation and infection, etc. have been found thus far and treated. We have a few dogs that are in critical condition though most are in good condition. They will need to be socialized since they have not been handled for their entire life. Most are scared but are not trying to bite. That is a positive sign since many mill dogs have been handled roughly and are terrified of humans. "These dogs are more neglected as opposed to abused" Ms. Blasdel-Cortus added. Dogs will be ready for placement immediately and over the next 3 months and standard DRNA placement fees will apply. Puppies under 1 year of age are $350. Dogs up to 9 years old are $250. Over 10 years or with on going medical conditions are $135. Puppies will be kept with their mothers until they are at least 12 weeks old and the will be alter prior to placement as well.
Ms. Blasdel-Cortus also wanted to remind prospective adopters that foster homes and local shelters are also filled with many other dogs that need homes and that this influx puts additional burden on the participating humane organizations. Not all adoptive homes are prepared for the challenges that can come with a mill dog such as the socialization and house training issues. Please look at all of the needy dogs that would love a Forever Home.
The publicity surrounding this event is also increasing our volume of applications and email inquiries. "Our priority is the care of these dogs so please be patient and allow our volunteers extra time to respond. Email is the best method to communicate with us. In addition to caring for the dogs, most of our members have other full time jobs too. We do not have a central facility or telephone number so generally the callers are getting our cell phones. We simply refer them back to the website for more information and we will try to post any updates on these dogs" said Ms. Blasdel-Cortus.
We have also received several requests from other organizations that took dachshunds in addition to some of the other breeds. Unfortunately they did not consult us in advance and assumed we would have foster space for those dogs as well. We will do our best to place dogs quickly so that we can assist them in getting those dogs into foster care. Additionally another team of DRNA members drove 9 hours on Friday to evaluate and possibly bring in another 6 dachshunds that other rescues rejected for temperament issues. They will be evaluated and will probably need long term foster care. We will update as information becomes available.
Photos will be loaded on the DRNA website as well as dog listings. Please allow us at least 4 days. These poor dogs don't even have names much less an evaluation of what kind of home is needed to assure their successful placement.
As a very positive note on the entire operation, Best Friends disclosed to DRNA volunteers that no dogs were euthanized in this mill closure.
If you would like to donate to DRNA to help pay for the tremendous medical costs associate with the 138 or more dogs, please visit our website for paypal donations or checks can be mailed to DRNA, 7821 Sabre Court, Manassas, VA 20109.

Contact information:
Jill Blasdel-Cortus
Dachshund Rescue of North America, Inc.
226 E. Central Ave.
Greensburg, IN 47240

Dachshunds Delivered Into Loving Arms

An estimated 250 of the 1,000 dogs rescued from the Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkerburg, West Virginia, on Saturday arrived in Washington, DC., yesterday to be placed with various rescue organizations and in foster homes. Above, a heartbreaking tear rolls from the eye of a momma doxie as her puppies nurse. Excerpt from The Washington Post: Frankie's eyes drooped with fatigue. With grimy fur and nails a half-inch long, he wobbled on his paws after apparently spending most of his life in a wire cage in a West Virginia puppy mill. But his biggest problem yesterday was fitting his wiener-shaped torso into the sink.
"I think he's too long," said Kirsten Porter, 29, plopping the 2-year-old dachshund's rear end under the kitchen faucet, then lathering him with shampoo.
Read more in a great story at The Washington Post. Don't miss this link on the left hand side of the page there with 3 slideshows of photos.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

But What Can I Do? Donate, Volunteer, Transport, Foster, Adopt

We've heard through the grapevine that an unfortunate number of dogs, 200, were humanely euthanized following the raid at Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkerburg, West Virginia, on Saturday. UPDATE: we re-checked with the group who provided this information, and NO DOGS were euthanized in this effort. Help is needed to ensure that the remaining dogs get medical care, socialization, and find the perfect forever homes that they deserve. It's amazing how this country of animal lovers have come together in this effort.

How to help: check with your local, regional, or national organizations who are assisting in this effort. There are many, including: Humane Society of Parkersburg, Washington Animal Rescue League, Virginia Beach SPCA, Dachshund Rescue of North America, Best Friends, All American Dachshund Rescue, North Shore Animal league, The Sterile Feral, Ohio Federation of Humane Societies, Luv 4K9s, Citizens for Humane Action, Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue/English Toy Rescue, Society for Improvement of the Coalition of Stray Animals, Purebred Rescue of Ohio, A Forever Home, among others.

Foster homes are urgently needed.

It may be weeks before some dogs are available for adoption, but applications are being accepted, and some organizations are offering adoptions as early as this weekend.

Helping Dachshunds in Need

You can see it in his eyes. This dachshund, affectionately named 'Bozo' by the staff at Sterile Feral in Rome, Georgia, is one of the many dogs rescued from the West Virginia puppy mill raid last Saturday. Sterile Feral took in three Chihuahuas, five dachshunds, seven shi tzus, six Pekingese and three poodles. The dogs arrived in Rome last night and will soon be available for adoption. “It might be two to four months until they are adopted because we have to identify health issues,” said Sterile Feral founder Jane Berry, pictured above. Read more and see more pics at the Rome News-Tribune.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DRNA To Take 100 Dachshunds From WV Puppy Mill Raid

Among the many rescue organizations who will be helping, representatives from Dachshund Rescue of North America will be in Parkersburg, West Virginia, today to take possession of at least 100 of the dachshunds rescued in the puppy mill bust at Whispering Oaks Kennel. Excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "It's sad, it's very sad," said Dora Show, Pennsylvania's lead DRNA representative. "Puppies from mills are not very socialized because they've not had much human contact. They're snappy, they're not friendly, they're scared to death of everything."
Ms. Show drove a rented, air-conditioned cargo van from Markleysburg, Fayette County, to Parkersburg last night, where she met Jill Blasdel-Cortus, president of the DNRA, from Greensburg, Indiana. Together, the two women hoped to take more than 100 of the dachshunds from the American Humane Society warehouse where they're being kept.

Read all about it the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

West Virginia Puppy Mill Fallout

It's been tough reading about the 1,000 dogs, mostly dachshunds, rescued from Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkerburg, West Virginia, over the last few days, but it's great to know that there are volunteers and rescue organizations from all over the county working tirelessly to help these animals. The Charleston Daily Mail offers up a nice recap, including 17 photos of the kennel, dogs, and rescue workers. Here's an excerpt: In a warehouse off 29th Street in Parkersburg, the excited barking of small dogs and puppies along with the chattering of volunteers from around the country filled the warm air. The local society has been joined by representatives of the Humane Society of the United States based in Washington, D.C., United Animal Nations based in California, Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, the Humane Society of Missouri's disaster team, and just people who have come to help.
The count on Monday stood at 982 dogs and puppies, but that doesn't include the pups about to be born. There are up to 10 expectant mothers due to give birth any day now, according to volunteers on site.

Read the rest and see those 17 photos at The Charleston Daily Mail.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

West Virginia Puppy Mill Rescue Operations Continue

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, the massive rescue operation continues in Parkersburg, West Virginia, where 1,000 dogs, mostly dachshunds, were seized from Whispering Oaks Kennels. Above are some of the residents in a photo provided by Best Friends Animal Society.
The owner of the kennel, Sharon Roberts, who has operated the kennel since 1961, claims that the bust was a "witch hunt." Excerpt from The Charleston Daily Mail: Roberts said "All these people got together and have been cooking this up for weeks." Sheriff's deputies from Wood County came to the kennel with a search warrant on Saturday, based on complaints that dog urine was polluting a nearby creek. The state Department of Environmental Protection also was involved in this part of the investigation.
But Roberts said the deputies also were accompanied by animal rights activists, whom she said were responsible for the destruction of her business. "Every dog was in very good condition," said Roberts, 72. "There were not any fleas. There weren't any skinny dogs. They had not been abused." Roberts surrendered the dogs - mostly dachshunds - to humane society officials, who criticized the kennel as being too large an operation.
Read more of the he said-she said in an informative article at The Charleston Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, rescue organizations and volunteers are working 24/7 to provide care for the one thousand dogs and puppies. This photo by the HSUS at flickr seems to contradict Roberts' statement that there were no skinny dogs, but we should point out that it has been reported that most dogs were in good health. But honestly, just a photo of one such skinny dachshund is enough to let us know that these dogs were not being treated with the utmost respect and care that a dachshund or any animal deserves.

This is the video from the Associated Press.

Monday, August 25, 2008

One Thousand Dachshunds Rescued From Puppy Mill Bust in Parkersburg, West Virginia

We're woofless. Rescue groups and volunteers from all around the country are stepping up to help the Humane Society in what officials say could be the largest animal-rescue operation in West Virginia history - the removal of around 1,000 purebred dachshunds and other dogs a Parkersburg breeder surrendered to authorities Saturday. The dogs appeared to be well-nourished and officials say there were no signs that the dogs had been abused, but the sheer number of dogs at the Whispering Oaks Kennel was more than any human being could possibly care for. Read more at the News and Sentinel and the Humane Society. Your help is urgently needed, as this rescue operation could easily cost $100,000 and bust the seams of our dedicated and over-extended rescue groups . All American Dachshund Rescue is one of the many groups who will be taking possession of some of the dogs.

Pregnant dachshund finds hope

Skinner the Underdog: Reno Wiener Champion

One hundred twenty five dachshunds competed in the Wiener Dog Races at the Nevada State Fair on Sunday, and 'Skinner,' a 4-year-old "underdog" who lost in the early rounds last year, out-scrambled his short-legged challengers to become the 2008 "wiener." Way to go Skinner!
"He's been chasing rabbits and quail in the back yard, so he's very strong," Skinner's owner, Debbie Smith of Sparks, said after the final race. "But I sure didn't think he'd win."
Read all about the event and see another pic in a great article at the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Dachshund Relaxation

Nicole Martin, of St. Louis, Missouri, holds red smooth 'Noob,' during the first inning of the Cardinals game Sunday during the 4th Annual Purina Pooches in the Ballpark at Busch Stadium.
The animals usually made it outside the nearby gate for bathroom breaks. The few times they didn't, ushers quickly mopped up the mess. "I wish the humans would behave as well as the dogs do," said usher Darren Drury, 34. Read all about the fun event at STLtoday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Max Schmeling

Who? If you know boxing, then you know Max Schmeling. Maximillian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling (September 28, 1905 – February 2, 2005) was a German boxer who was heavyweight champion of the world between 1930 and 1932. His two fights with Joe Louis in the late 1930s transcended boxing and became worldwide social events because of their national associations: Nazism vs Democracy; White vs Black.
Despite his supposed associations with Nazism it became known long after the Second World War that Schmeling had risked his own life to save the lives of two Jewish children in 1938.
During the '36 Olympics Max Schmeling exacted a promise from Hitler that all U.S. athletes would be protected. On several occasions Hitler tried to cajole the respected boxer into joining the Nazi Party, but Schmeling vigorously refused ever to join the Nazi party or to publicize the Nazi propaganda line. He refused to stop associating with German Jews or to fire his American Jewish manager, Joe Jacobs.
Max Schmeling died at the age of 99 at his home in Hollenstadt. Schmeling became one of Germany’s most revered sports figures, not only for his singular athletic accomplishments in the 1930s but for his humility, discipline and character. He was buried next to his wife, the Austro-Hungarian-born Czech film actress Anny Ondra (Anna Sophie Ondráková), to whom he was married for 54 years. They had no children. Find out more about the fascinating Max Schmeling at wikipedia, or watch him fight on youtube.
The above press photo was taken on January 27th, 1931. That's his manager with the cigar, and yes, on his lap is his "mascot," red smooth dachshund 'Cilly.'

An earlier shot on a trading card with presumably Cilly as a puppy.

Joe Louis and Max Schmeling prior to their 1938 rematch.

A former New York boxing commissioner who had become a Coca-Cola executive offered Mr. Schmeling the postwar soft drink franchise in Germany, and he became a successful businessman and one of Germany's most respected philanthropists.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vintage Dachshund Excellence

Long and Short, just the way we like it. From 1910.

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Celebrity Dachshund Watch UK: Johnny Vegas

Who? Johnny Vegas is an English actor and comedian. He is known for his random rants, portly figure, husky voice, loyal support of rugby league (particularly St Helens RLFC) and avid consumption of Guinness. More recently he has made a successful move into dramatic acting.
Mr. Vegas and his red smooth pal 'Frank' are featured in a new charity calendar of British celebrities, which is available in the UK at the PDSA website for just £4.99. PDSA is the UK's leading veterinary charity.

Our Special Dachshunds: Meet Ricky!

Betty S. writes: My 4 1/2 month old new puppy, Ricky is a genious!
The TV is usually on in our family room as background noise. Ricky's x-pen is not far from it, and he does like to watch tv occasionally. Some programs get his attention more than others, and he sits alert and looking intently, sometimes cocking his head to one side or the other.
The other day, Michael Vick (of the pitbull fame) was shown on TV. Ricky stopped what he was doing, glared at the TV, and GROWLED! Since I have had him, I have never ever even once heard him growl, not even in play. He meant it too. When the image of Michael Vick went off, Ricky went back to his toys.
Now is Ricky a judge of character, or what!
We think so. He's handsome too. Thanks for sharing, Betty!

Michael Vick's Jury Selection

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weenie Roast - Carmel-by-the-Sea

Enjoy this new video from the recent Wiener Roast at Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

They landed. They breeded. And now they are on TV. 100's of little weenies. The sports car of the dog world.

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Dachshund Humor

As an elderly lady sat on her front porch reflecting on her long life, a Fairy Godmother suddenly appeared and offered to fulfill three wishes for her.
"Well," said the woman, "I guess I'd like to be rich." POOF: The Fairy Godmother turned her rocking chair into solid gold. "
And I wouldn't mind being a young and beautiful princess." POOF: The Fairy Godmother turned the woman into an exquisite young princess, with a priceless crown of jewels.
"Your third wish?" asked the Fairy Godmother. The elderly woman's dachshund raised his head and uttered a single, weak, hoarse "woof."
"Could you possibly turn my wonderful dachshund into a handsome prince?" POOF: There, in front of the old woman , who has now turned into a beautiful princess, stood the most handsome young man anyone had ever seen. More handsome than anyone could possibly imagine. She stared at him in awe, completely smitten.
As he came toward her, her knees weakened. He bent down, brushing his lips across her ear as he whispered, "I'll bet you're sorry you had me neutered."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Quest for the Perfect Dog

(click image to enlarge)

The BBC, the world's largest broadcasting corporation, has announced that it is reviewing its coverage of the Crufts dog show in light of a program which aired yesterday, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, that they commissioned on canine health. Excerpt from The Times: Two years in the making, the documentary shows many dogs suffering from genetically induced illnesses, including epilepsy, and compares practices at the 135-year-old club to Nazism in its emphasis on breed purity.
A spokesman for the club dismissed the idea as offensive, “not just to us but to the people who suffered at Hitler’s hands. What we are talking about is dog breeding – let’s get this into perspective.”
But the BBC fears it will not be able to defend its coverage of Crufts after the showing. A spokesman for the broadcaster said that it would be seeking a meeting to discuss “the impact of the matter raised by this film”.
Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College London, told the BBC: “People are carrying out breeding which would be first of all entirely illegal in humans and secondly is absolutely insane from the point of view of the health of the animals. In some breeds they are paying a terrible, terrible price in genetic disease.” Read all about the drama at The Times.

In lieu of being able to see the program yourself, check out Time Magazine's take on the topic in 1994's A Terrible Beauty. We're woofless.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dachshund Conformation 101

While we don't claim to be show dogs, we're fascinated to read articles about what we're supposed to look like. This great old article Dachshund Conformation, by Kaye Dore, was originally published in The Favorite Issue, a supplement to The American Dachshund, April, 1953. We're not sure if these standards still apply today, but enjoy the interesting text, diagrams, and illustrations. Click on each image to enlarge and read.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

So, the Olympics are half over and we still don't know whether to root for our home team or for Germany, the Motherland. These politically correct dachshunds know the right answer however in this photo titled Go World! by the fantastic flickr photographer geckoam. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals are awarded here according to age, 'Pepper' - Gold, 'Levi' - Silver, and 'Mocha' - Bronze, but the photographer notes: "but of course, I'd give them all Gold!" Make sure to check out more pics of the trio at flickr!

The Woodury Bulletin out of Minnesota says: Forget the Olympics in Beijing — the real athletes were taking part in the Third Annual Dachshund Dash in Woodbury on Saturday. Woof! Above, meet some contestants of the costume contest in conjunction with the races, Queen of the Harvest and Robin Hood. Read all about the charity event at the Woodbury Bulletin.

Sharon Enos cradles her 16-year-old red smooth, 'Beethoven,' at the First Baptist Church relief center on Friday after a fire forced them to evacuate the 7-story retirement home where they reside in Vallejo, California. Over 100 residents were evacuated, but we're glad to hear that no one was injured. Read all about it at the Times-Herald.

Finally, over 5,000 dog lovers attended the 14th annual Wiener Dog Nationals at River Downs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Above, 'Mister Runt' is off to a flying start from Courtney Cumminds of Maysville. Read all about the charity event and see another pic at the

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Intense Dachshund Training

Pretty Finnish wirehair 'Harmi-Armi' learns how to track a fox through a series of mazes at the Fox Academy. Riveting stuff! Be sure to check out all the videos by tiklas at youtube, they've put together some highly entertaining dachshund videos (especially if you like Johnny Cash) including Harmi Armi as a puppy, and a whole pack of wirehairs enjoying a romp on a foggy day. Woof!

Dachshund Love Stories

Kisses! Meet red smooth 'Jasper' and his human Bernard Christelle, who hail from Sun City, Arizona. Jasper lost the use of his legs several years ago when he attempted to jump from the couch and onto a chair. He missed the chair and in the process broke one of his vertebrae and separated his spine.
Many people have asked, Christelle said, why he didn't euthanize Jasper after the dog's injuries failed to heal.
"I wouldn't even think about it because this dog means so much to me," he said.

Read all about how special Jasper is and see another pic at Jasper is the well-deserved top story of the day!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dachshunds Sing for Their Supper in the News

Nadine Bodnar of Fullerton, California, sings with her wirehair 'Ziggy' last night at the Dog Days of Summer talent competition in Fullerton. Tell us all about it Ziggy! Eighty-eight dogs competed for medals, and another wirehair trotted off with a medal for Waggiest Tail in the West. Read all about it and see lots of pics at the OC Register.

It's a small dachshund world; your Long and Short of it All hostess Maggie has the exact same rhinestone collar that Ziggy does not to mention the same harness with a different patch!

Mini Retires in Style

Meet little 'Mini,' who hails from the Palm Garden retirement home in Aventura, Florida. Mini has been the house dog for years at the retirement home, bringing comfort and companionship to its residents. A back injury forced her to get wheels, but that never slowed her down. Now she's retiring and moving on to live with one of the employee's of the home. We're so proud of you Mini! Read her heartwarming story and see a really nice video at CBS4. Woof!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dakota Fighting Dachshunds

Yep, football can be a fantasy, and this is who we're rooting for. What a great team logo!

My Dachshund Knows Death Approaches

My Dachshund Knows Death Approaches
by Zoe Akins for the American Dachshund, 20th Anniversary Edition, September, 1959

A Chinese bronze was never more sturdy looking
Than my red dachshund - styled
Heavy and bold and long of body
With improbably short legs
And intelligent eyes in her beautiful hound's head
Draped by improbably long satin ears.

But slowly now she has grown old;
Slowly her face has taken on a gray look,
The bronze coat going gray here and there;
This was to be expected in time
But not yet
With all the sturdiness suddenly
Sagging out of the still sturdy-looking body.

...Always when she heard me coming
I would hear her little scampering feet
Scamper on the wooden floor
Like so many mice, and her short barks of joy.
To be always welcomed with joy
Is a lovely thing;
And a dog's welcome
Is one of the prettiest things I know.

But only her eyes can welcome me now;
She can not longer cavort about my knees
And dance on her absurdly short hind legs
As when her feet scampered like mice
To meet mine.

She does not bark at all now;
To welcome or guard me.
She does not come and wait
With her front feet on a chair
To be invited to her special place
At the foot of my bed.
Even though I call her
She does not come.
Even a strange sound in the house
Does not rouse her to protect me.

Instead she lies too quietly
On the blanket in her basket,
Not sleeping; only waiting
Her somber eyes telling me
That the fun is over.

Photo: Teckelheim 'Ibby' of Greenburg at eighteen years of age plays like a puppy for her owner, Carolyn Gill of Modesto, California.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dachshunds Who Live in the Past

When can we move in? Meet Joanne Massey and her dachshunds, who live in a recreation of a 1950s home in Stafford, England. Joanne is a housewife, and her husband is a graphics application designer. She says: I love nothing better than fastening my pinny round my waist and baking a cake for Kevin in my 1950s kitchen.
I put on some lovely Frank Sinatra music and am completely lost in my own little fantasy world. In our marriage, I am very much a lady and Kevin is the breadwinner and my protector.

I admit I am in retreat from the 21st century. When I look at the reality of the world today, with all the violence, greed and materialism, I shudder. I don't want to live in that world.

We hear ya, Joanne. Read all about some Time Warp Wives and see some fun pics at The Daily Mail.

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Wiener Takes All: DVD Release!

Finally! If you haven't seen this film on the film festival circuit, and even if you have, now is your chance to own your own copy! Wiener Takes All will be released at the end of September, and you can pre-order your copy now. It's anticipated that the first run of 1,000 DVDs will sell out quickly, so get your order in. There's talk that the film will be making an appearance at film festivals in 10 more cities soon, and that could be your last chance to see it on the big screen. There's even a rumor that the film might make it on to a television network, but don't tell anybody we told you that! Check out Wiener Takes All to keep informed about the additional screenings.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dachshund Digs Up Wallet Lost for 60 Years

Meet 9-year-old red smooth 'Bagon,' and his human Betty Burgess, who hail from Herrin, Illinois. Bagon, who loves to dig for worms, floored his family on Saturday by digging up a family wallet which had been lost for some 60 years! Good boy Bagon! The wallet had several intact items including a family member's Social Security card, a coal miner's card, a 1949 calendar, Betty Crocker coupons, newspaper clippings and two rings in the change purse. Read all about it the Southern Illinoisan.

Slightly related: UK wirehair 'Daisy' digs up mammoth dinosaur bone: Look What the Dachshund Dug Up

PS: Did someone say bacon? We could've sworn we heard the word bacon. Ahhh...BACON.

That Contagious Yawn

'Dottie' the Dachshund Yawns by Mike Propst

A study released last week in the UK reveals what you may have known all along: yawns are contagious from human to dog. Dogs yawn for many reasons, but researchers feel that your dog yawns when you do as a sign of empathy. Here is the abstract of the article published in Biology Letters by a team led by Dr Atsushi Senju of Birkbeck College, University of London: This study is the first to demonstrate that human yawns are possibly contagious to domestic dogs (Canis familiaris). Twenty-nine dogs (including dachshunds) observed a human yawning or making control mouth movements (where people just opened their mouths). Twenty-one dogs yawned when they observed a human yawning, but control mouth movements did not elicit yawning from any of them. The presence of contagious yawning in dogs suggests that this phenomenon is not specific to primate species and may indicate that dogs possess the capacity for a rudimentary form of empathy. Since yawning is known to modulate the levels of arousal, yawn contagion may help coordinate dog–human interaction and communication. Understanding the mechanism as well as the function of contagious yawning between humans and dogs requires more detailed investigation.
Personally, we think this shows that the bond between a human and their dog is essentially limitless. Does your dachshund yawn when you do?
Make sure to check out more pics of red smooth Dottie over at flickr!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The View From Above

Look closely, dear dachshund readers. We love it! This satellite photo is either a sign of the impending dachshund revolution, or a 50-foot-long homage to the well-loved black and tan smooth 'Clams,' who we featured last January: CEOs Relax With Their Dachshunds. Clams is making waves again, as he was chosen as Mr. August 7th, 2008 at Dog of the Day. Way to go Clams!

Read all about the handsome 9-year-old boy in a great little article, including a few fun facts (like we didn't already know he was gorgeous!) and see another great pic at Dog of the Day.
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When It's Time to Roll

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Dachshunds are among many breeds of dogs who, after a loss of the use of their legs, go on to live a happy and fulfilled life with the help of a wheelchair. Above, measuring dogs for a wheelchair requires two to three people. Leslie Grinnell (center), president of Eddie's Wheels, gets help taking eight different measurements on 'Sweet Pea' from Carole Groman and Chris Van Rooyen. 'Daisy,' the red smooth dachshund mascot of Eddie's Wheels, watches to make sure the humans are doing everything correctly. The Boston Globe offers up a great little article on wheelchairs for pets with a nice Q&A. Don't miss it.

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Learn about dachshunds and Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) at Dodger's List. What a great resource. There's always a link to Dodger's List in the links column on your right. They have a very active discussion list, and are real pros when it comes to offering advice for IVDD dachshunds and general dachshund health.

The Luxurious Dachshund

The Luxury Pet Pavilion, the world's only traveling trade show for luxury pet products, is proud to announce the winners of their 2008 Fall Show "Best of Best" awards. Meet the Best Dressed Dog: 'Magnolia,' a beautiful red smooth owned by The Davis Family and dressed by Emma Rose Design. Magnolia will serve as the official model and spokesdog for the 2009 Luxury Pet Pavilion Spring Show in Los Angeles. Find out more in this press release.
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