Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Special Dachshunds: Meet Ricky!

Betty S. writes: My 4 1/2 month old new puppy, Ricky is a genious!
The TV is usually on in our family room as background noise. Ricky's x-pen is not far from it, and he does like to watch tv occasionally. Some programs get his attention more than others, and he sits alert and looking intently, sometimes cocking his head to one side or the other.
The other day, Michael Vick (of the pitbull fame) was shown on TV. Ricky stopped what he was doing, glared at the TV, and GROWLED! Since I have had him, I have never ever even once heard him growl, not even in play. He meant it too. When the image of Michael Vick went off, Ricky went back to his toys.
Now is Ricky a judge of character, or what!
We think so. He's handsome too. Thanks for sharing, Betty!

Michael Vick's Jury Selection


Anonymous said...

Go get em Ricky! LOL!

Haley said...

I do not like Michael Vick!

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