Friday, August 29, 2008

Dachshunds Delivered Into Loving Arms

An estimated 250 of the 1,000 dogs rescued from the Whispering Oaks Kennel in Parkerburg, West Virginia, on Saturday arrived in Washington, DC., yesterday to be placed with various rescue organizations and in foster homes. Above, a heartbreaking tear rolls from the eye of a momma doxie as her puppies nurse. Excerpt from The Washington Post: Frankie's eyes drooped with fatigue. With grimy fur and nails a half-inch long, he wobbled on his paws after apparently spending most of his life in a wire cage in a West Virginia puppy mill. But his biggest problem yesterday was fitting his wiener-shaped torso into the sink.
"I think he's too long," said Kirsten Porter, 29, plopping the 2-year-old dachshund's rear end under the kitchen faucet, then lathering him with shampoo.
Read more in a great story at The Washington Post. Don't miss this link on the left hand side of the page there with 3 slideshows of photos.


Ben said...

Oh dear. I can't even handle those pictures. I'm not brave enough to click through the slideshows for fear of adopting the remaining 750 dogs.

Barbara Techel said...

I will never ever understand anyone who could be so cruel to animals... it is beyond what my heart can comprehend. I am so grateful for those who bust these puppy mills and those who bring these sweet dogs into their lives for a better chance. I now need to go hug my loving little Frankie girl...
Mom to Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll dog

LisaB said...

I do not understand this either. How can people be so cruel and inhumane? Those crates in the sheds just give me the creeps. I would like to see the punishment fit the crime. Wouldn't it be nice if the owners of this puppy mill got to spend a few months in a box with no light, no water, and no washroom facilities?? That would be sweet. Now I'm going to go hug my dachshund Oliver!

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