Monday, August 18, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

So, the Olympics are half over and we still don't know whether to root for our home team or for Germany, the Motherland. These politically correct dachshunds know the right answer however in this photo titled Go World! by the fantastic flickr photographer geckoam. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Medals are awarded here according to age, 'Pepper' - Gold, 'Levi' - Silver, and 'Mocha' - Bronze, but the photographer notes: "but of course, I'd give them all Gold!" Make sure to check out more pics of the trio at flickr!

The Woodury Bulletin out of Minnesota says: Forget the Olympics in Beijing — the real athletes were taking part in the Third Annual Dachshund Dash in Woodbury on Saturday. Woof! Above, meet some contestants of the costume contest in conjunction with the races, Queen of the Harvest and Robin Hood. Read all about the charity event at the Woodbury Bulletin.

Sharon Enos cradles her 16-year-old red smooth, 'Beethoven,' at the First Baptist Church relief center on Friday after a fire forced them to evacuate the 7-story retirement home where they reside in Vallejo, California. Over 100 residents were evacuated, but we're glad to hear that no one was injured. Read all about it at the Times-Herald.

Finally, over 5,000 dog lovers attended the 14th annual Wiener Dog Nationals at River Downs in Cincinnati, Ohio. Above, 'Mister Runt' is off to a flying start from Courtney Cumminds of Maysville. Read all about the charity event and see another pic at the

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