Monday, August 11, 2008

A Note From Joey and Maggie

We're trying to catch up! Hello, dachshund friends! Holy cow, it's been almost an entire week since we last posted, and we sure have missed you all. Dad got a loaner computer for us to work with, and we were able to save most of our files on disc from the last computer. We're still missing sound, a scanner, and good photo software, but a new computer is coming in a few weeks, so we'll be back up to speed soon. We're not exactly sure where to start posting again, but we'll just throw ourselves into the fire and see what happens. Not much new with us, but we had a nice weekend. We went to a farmer's market and a Chicago street festival. There's so much food on the ground at street festivals, it's just heaven. It's a wonder we don't get sick from what we manage to find. Dad got us some locally grown raw city honey at the farmer's market...he says it's supposed to help prevent us from getting allergies among a bunch of other things. All we know is that it sure tastes sweet on our food. Let's roll.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back!
Broken computers are no fun BUT the do get you out of the house -lol. Sounds like the market was fun and Gina says, Maggie save some Honey for me :)

hugs, Sam, Tom & Gina

Franny said...

Yay, you're back!!!

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