Friday, August 1, 2008

Life With Dachshunds

Proving yet again that dachshunds are such an important part of our lives and families, here's a dachshund news roundup on a wet, yet soon to be sunny Friday, August 1st, 2008. Above, they met at a Morrissey concert in Seattle, married, and are moving back to Long Island, New York: meet Melissa and Jason White, son Antonio, and their dachshunds. Read all about their house hunt at the New York Times.

Who's Morrissey? He's our hero. In this video to his 1988 song Suedehead, Morrissey heads to Fairmount, Indiana to fondle some James Dean artifacts. A previous dachshund of ours, Louie (RIP), got to meet Morrissey once, and got a good scratch on the belly from the man.

Jessie Nordstrom, 17, center, helps Kyle Severin, 20, with his miniature dachshund 'DeWALT' Wednesday during the Larimer County Fair parade in Loveland, Colorado. The two rode aboard and walked alongside the Wranglers 4-H Club float with a theme of a bountiful garden. Source.

Red smooth 'Lance,' who hails from Miami, Florida, is a special dachshund who doesn't let his new wheels keep him down. Lance is now a certified therapy dog who visits pediatric patients and the elderly in wheelchairs twice a month. “He gives them so much hope and joy,” his human says.“I don’t think there’s anything more fulfilling than walking down the hospital corridor with this little guy. He is a superhero.” Read all about the wonderdog at the Sun-Sentinel.

Monica and Marcy Bock play with two of their dachshunds in their Yakima, Washington home. The couple will be registering as partners under Washington's new domestic partnership law. In the past year, nearly 5,000 couples have registered as domestic partners in Washington. Read more about the new law at Yakima-Herald.

Fashion designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich with their smooth piebald (click to enlarge). Source.

Ten bloggers. Fifteen dachshunds. One blog. Lots of dachshund life to discuss at the new Who's Your Dachshund?

Finally, while we don't think that 'Beau' was a dachshund, this is a poem that will certainly bring a tear to the eye of any dog lover. The legendary Jimmy Stewart recites his poem Beau on Johnny Carson.
Have a great Friday. Love your Dachshund.


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Thanks so much for the link :)

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This Jimmy Stewart clip is incredible!


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