Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage Dachshund Relaxation

There's nothing quite like a Dachshund and a Schlitz.

Schlitz. The beer that made Milwaukee famous. It's back on the market by the way.

Have a great Friday!

(vintage 1960's photo source unknown)

Dachshund Wins Top Financial Planner Award

It's no wonder the economy is such a mess, a Dachshund has been in charge! Meet Max Tailwager, a Colorado red smooth, whose human, Allan Roth, paid $183 to SLD Industries Inc., the designated seller of plaques for honors granted by the Consumers' Research Council of America. His human notes:

How did my puppy end up on this plaque? Well, several months ago I received a nice announcement in the mail from SLD Industries, informing me I’d been named a recipient of this “prestigious award.” It wasn’t actually made out to me and in fact wasn’t even sent to my current address.
My instinct was to throw the invitation away, figuring it to be one of those “to whom it may concern” awards available to anyone willing to pay for a plaque. Which caused me to wonder, does it really need to be a person? So I sent in the form, but named my prized puppy as the recipient. Since Max doesn’t have a credit card — credit markets have now tightened — I gave them my name and credit card number. A couple of weeks pass and, voila, Max is proudly displaying his new honor.

Read more at his human's blog on CBS Moneywatch, and also check out Forbes if you're so inclined. Good grief, get us out of this economic mess, Max.

Those Special Dachshunds: Polly the Goldfish Hunter Adds Rats to Her Repertoire

A huge thanks to Nolen Clark for a hilarious update on her tenacious smooth black and tan girl 'Polly.' You may remember Polly as the Alabama Dachshund who hunts goldfish in Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Polly! Well, check out her latest adventure:

Polly the goldfish hunter is on quite a hunting spree. The neighbors' clear-cut their lot & sent their vermin our way. Polly caught 7 rats-- three of the huge Alabama Brown Rats & 4 smaller house rats. Unfortunately, she brought them in to save them or give them away, I'm not sure. She left one on the female GSD's (Rose) bed, within minutes of it leaving the dryer, all fluffy and clean. Another she put on our daybed, and sometime after removing its head, she decided to adopt it as her puppy and take up mothering it. Not so endearing.

Not sure how many rats weren't counted, but since there has been a sudden weight gain, I am highly suspicious. And I have called off my call to adopt a mouser cat. Guess I don't need one after all.

When we ran out of rats, thankfully-- Polly was back at the goldfish pond, right back on fish duty. Before I knew it, she had nabbed my only large gold koi-- about the same length as she is. I should have taken a picture, but instead I waged war with her to remove her fish dinner, since pond chemicals render pond fish inedible. I wish I had seen her land that thing, it was really the same size as she is.

I don't even know how she did that. She wasn't even wet. I wish she hadn't grabbed it but doxies take hunting very seriously. Hard to believe she spent her first 8 years in a puppy mill, luckily her personality and doxie instincts survived.

A workman had to go in my creepy crawlspace today, and he refused to go in there without Polly to protect him! He's a doxie lover too & knew she truly would catch anything in there.


Dachshund Digs Up Starfish

Talk about fun at the 12-year-old Canadian skateboarder and youtuber BlindJosh67. Dig Wiener Dog, DIG!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

'The Long and Short of it All' Turns Two Years Old

It's our anniversary.....Second, to be exact. We never thought that we would still be writing about Dachshunds in the news and popular culture two years after our very first post on Monday, May 28th, 2007. We always felt there was a need for daily Dachshund news on the net when we started, a place where Dachshund Lovers can come together and see what makes us laugh - and cry - all in the name of these wonderful dogs that fulfill our lives. A place where there are no ads, no agendas - but simply a place to sit back and relax with your Dachshund on your lap just to read fantastic stories, see famous dachshunds, and look at beautiful photos, videos, history, and art of the Dachshund. Over a thousand posts later, we hope we've achieved at least some success in that endeavor.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us over the last few years, we wouldn't do it without our wonderful readers, commentors, and contributors. You've made it a real community; we've made some great friends, and we thank you very much.

Yours in Dachshund Love,
Joey and Maggie....

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Oh my stars!! Thanks so much to our good pals 'Topo' and 'Bowie' for sending in this great old photo - the cover of the October, 1965, issue of American Baby. Surely we've seen every episode of Bewitched a thousand times, we own the shows on DVDs even, but we've never seen a Dachshund on the show. Maybe it's Uncle Arther fooling around again in this promotional photo.
The hairstyles, clothing styles, camp humor, incredible opening graphics and theme song, a returning cast of characters playing different roles, switching Darrins, and exorbitant drinking patterns make this one of the greatest sitcoms to grace our television screens. And it didn't hurt that Elizabeth Montgomery was hot.

Agnes Moorehead as 'Endora.'

Reminder: National Geographic's DogTown to Feature Parkersburg, WV, Puppy Mill Bust This Friday

On Friday, May 29th, the DogTown episode on National Geographic Explorer Network will include coverage of the Whispering Oaks Kennel puppy mill bust which occurred in Parkersburg, West Virginia last fall. Over 1,000 dogs, mostly dachshunds, were rescued in what may have been the largest puppy mill bust in history. Check your local listings for exact showtimes.

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Meet 'Parker'

Overview: Dog Care Manager Michelle Besmehn travels to Parkersburg, West Virginia to bring back several dogs rescued from a mass breeding operation. Parker, a male dachshund rescued from the facility, has painfully rotten and infected teeth that, if left untreated, will eventually kill him. Barney, a Shih-Tzu, has sores on his paws from living in a wire cage , that prevent him from walking without pain. At DogTown, both dogs require extensive medical care and socialization before they can go to permanent homes. And Buzz, a long-term resident of DogTown, needs Jeff Popowichs help to learn how to be safe around people, so he can live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

Poor 'Hans.' Thanks to Julianne M. for sending in the link to his photo! TMZ is holding a doggie dress-up photo contest, and Hans has made it to the final round of voting! We can see why.

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Auggie!

Auggie sits on her human's desk at work (click photo to enlarge)

Will you just look at this beautiful smooth girl who hails from Katy, Texas? Thanks so much to her human Nicole W. for sending in her fun story! Without any further ado:

Here is a pic of my newly inherited doxie – Augustina the long and Auggie the short of it. :) Auger Dogger mostly. She was a Christmas present for my grandmother year before last who is no longer able to care for her. Auggie now rules the roost of our 100 lb Labrador Chorniy and our 11 year old Chow mix Tasha. She has been a great playmate for our lab who is all puppy and has inspired some play we thought was long gone in Tasha. I’m not a small dog person but for the comfort of my grandmother knowing her baby had a good home I became one. I still worry like crazy when they all three pile in together but Auggie manages to hold her own quite well.

Auggie and her siblings waiting on my step-dad to get out of the way so they can fight for the drip pan hanging on the side of our BBQ pit. The sweater was my grandmother’s idea…but she does get cold so what can I do?

Dachshunds Singing to Antiques Roadshow

They hate it when grannie's pitcher and bowl set is only worth $35. From youtuber ashleymdumas: Dachshunds, Doc (black & tan) and Maui (red), singing to the theme song from Antique's Roadshow. Doc started singing along to this song when he was a baby. When he really gets going, Maui just has to join in.

RIP Peanut

It's with a heavy heart that we report the passing of 'Peanut,' the red smooth Arkansas Dachshund that was critically injured in a house fire on Monday, May 18th, 2009. Our hearts go out to Peanut's family and friends. Thank you to the Baxter Bulletin for keeping us updated:

Dr. Tabitha Norris said hypoxia — deprivation of oxygen to vital organs — killed the two-year-old.
Although the dog's lungs recovered somewhat with oxygen therapy, related neurological damage caused blindness and rendered the dog unable to use her limbs, according to the veterinarian.
Norris said she consulted a network of veterinary experts to assure that every available therapy was being used to save the dog. In the end, though, the dog's vital organs failed.
"She gave a good fight," said Norris.

Read more at the Baxter Bulletin.

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(photo by Joey and Maggie)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up

Well, it was another busy weekend for wiener dogs, whether going crazy from the smells at Memorial Day barbecues with their humans, or racing to be top dog. Here are the highlights from a few of the wiener races over the big holiday weekend. Above, the glory must be theirs at the 7th Annual Running of the Dogs Wiener Dog Races in Farmington, New Mexico, on Saturday. It's exciting to report that 'Yoda' kept his 2008 Champion status by winning the race this year as well. Congrats! The bleachers overflowed with people, and a Senator opened the gate to start the race. Read all about it and see another pic at Las Cruces Sun-News.

And way down in Honolulu, Hawaii, the "first ever" wiener races took place; the first annual Hawaii Wiener Derby was a part of the Hawaiian Humane Society's Canine Game Day on Saturday. Can we get a woof?! Read a little more at My Fox.

An Update on Joan of Ark, aka 'Joanie'

All Texas Dachshund Rescue is doing such a great job with rescue Joanie! She hasn't gained much weight, but her coat sure does look better. With the type of support and well-wishes Joanie is getting from Dachshund and dog lovers all over, she simplay HAS to blossom into the beautiful, healthy Dachshund that she deserves to be. Here's the update:

May 21, 2009 - Look at the Glamour Girl! The news continues to be good for little Joanie. While she hasn't gained much weight (she's holding steady at 8.5 lbs) her coat is looking better and she's feeling GREAT! She's alert, active and is pretty much Cindy's shadow around the house. What Cindy does, Joanie does; if there's yardwork or gardening to be done Joanie's right in the middle of things; and she has a bed set up in Cindy's office so she can monitor all activity in there as well. When she's not with Cindy, she's set up in the utility room with beds and several piles of blankets & sheets so she can hide in different parts of the room - and she does; she goes from pile to pile! Her energy level is good; she can trot down the driveway and does it almost daily! This past weekend Joanie attended a local animal event with Cindy and she spent some time visiting our volunteers while they worked the booth. She got plenty of laptime as they took turns holding her in one of her new beds. Here are some photos taken on Sunday, May 17th. What a beauty!

Keep up with Joanie's story at All Texas Dachshund Rescue.

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Chanel to Lose Title As Oldest Living Dog in the World?

Well, we thought this might happen, that 21-year-old wire-haired Dachshund-mix 'Chanel' is not really the oldest dog in the world, but the good news is that her new competition, 25.5-year-old Max, looks to us like he may have a coveted Dachshund gene in his terrier mix. Max hails from New Iberia, Louisiana. We'll let you know how it all pans out. Read more at Eyewitness News 10.
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Levenger Brings Back E.B. White's Dachshund Bookend

Hey literature fans, if you missed it the first time around, fear not, E.B. White's Dachshund Bookend is back in stock at LEVENGER, tools for serious readers. This was new to the market last year, and all 1,000 of them sold out in just a few months!

The bookend is sculpted from a drawing E. B. White made of his dachsie Minnie, for the family's 1950 Christmas card. Inscribed on it is White's poem to these petite pooches. One more treat: a freestanding mini booklet containing White's delightful essay on living the good life with his little creature: "[Minnie's] idea of life is a warm bed, preferably with an electric pad, and a friend in bed with her, and plenty of shut-eye, night and day."

Thanks to our friends 'Clancy' and Mim H. for letting us know! TIP: make sure to search the net for Levenger coupon codes.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Today we celebrate Memorial Day, a holiday which commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. We know us dachshunds have a bit of a tangled past in the United States, and even the UK, in regard to our German ancestry during times of great world wars, most notably World War One. Today though, we are going to look at how a 6-year-old Dachshund Lover spoke up to Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the Secretary of the Treasury, about how Dachshund imagery was being used to sell war bonds during World War Two. This article is via The New York Times, April 5, 1943:


Calms Boy Protesting Use With Hitler's Face on It
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 4

A war bond advertisement caricaturing a dachshund with Hitler's face so enraged John Anson, a 6-year-old dachshund fancier, that he wrote to Secretary Morgenthau saying that "you ought to be ashamed of yourself."
Today the San Francisco boy had a reply bearing the great seal of the Secretary of the Treasury and apologizing to dachshunds in general.
"I asked him (Mr. Morgenthau) not to make fun of dachshunds or to make them unhappy by drawing Hitler's face on them," John said. "I told him I had two dachshunds and that they were nice little dogs and I loved them and that they were good Americans."
John felt better about it today after his mother read to him this reply, dated March 27, from Mr. Morgenthau's secretary:

Dear John:

The Secretary read your letter with a great deal of interest and he asked me to thank you for writing him.
He was sorry that you thought he was making fun of dachshunds, for Mrs. Morgenthau and he have a dachshund themselves and both are very fond of this breed of dog.
Of course, those pictures are made to catch the eye of people who read their papers hurriedly, and so the artist must try to express just one idea in a simple way with each picture.
Will you please tell your dachshund that there was no intention to insult them or the other members of their breed?

We're not sure if the above Dachshund imagery was used to sell war bonds, but it depicts the head of Hitler, as discussed in this post.

Dachshund Lover Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the 52nd United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Woof! Have a great day, and don't miss some amazing stories of dachshunds and the military from the archives:

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dachshund Underground Railroad: Maggie and Gertie's Start To A New Life

Meet red smooth piebald 'Maggie,' and black and tan smooth 'Gertie.' We had the honor of helping with their rescue and transport yesterday; they traveled about 250 miles on their start to a new home through MidWest Dachshund Rescue. Their previous humans didn't have enough time to spend with them; they have spent most of their lives outside under a tree in a 3x6 foot chain-link enclosure with no roof. They were very wiggly and a bit scared, so the photos aren't too great. Here they are at the vets after their long travel. Maggie is about 7.5 pounds, and Gertie is about 7 pounds, each around 2 years old. With a little love and guidance, they will be fantastic companions.....we especially fell head over heels in love with Gertie, but both are such sweet girls. Their tails never stop. After a hopefully clean bill of health and spays, they will go to foster homes and will soon be available for adoption.
If you would be interested in such little beauties, and you live in the midwest, contact MWDR, or check your local Dachshund Rescue.

Maggie and Gertie


Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Morrissey

Morrissey - Suedehead
Uploaded by LostPirate77 - Explore more music videos.

Who? We'd like to take time out and wish a Happy 50th Birthday to one of the greatest artists who has ever walked this earth, Steven Patrick Morrissey, better known as just Morrissey. You may remember the British singer-songwriter was lead singer of the band The Smiths in the early to mid-80's, and went solo in 1988 after the band broke up. The above song, Suedehead, was his first solo hit in 1988, and the video shows him traveling from London to play around with some James Dean artifacts in Fairmount, Indiana.

I've met Morrissey several times, and have seen him play live about 100 times all over the world. To keep this Dachshund related, in 1997, I went to see him in Cleveland. I had a smooth black and tan Dachshund named Louie at the time (RIP little man), who road-tripped with me. It was a cold February winter's night, and I was a little skeptical about leaving him in the car while I attended the concert; maybe it wasn't the best decision to bring him along after all. I had a heated pet bed and a comforter for him in the car though, and the car was warm from the 6 hour trip....he should be OK for an hour and fifteen minutes while I attended the concert.

Knowing when Morrissey gets on stage, I'm waiting in the car with Louie for the opening band to finish, and decide to make sure Louie doesn't have to potty before the concert. As I'm walking him, who should come driving up but Morrissey and his personal assistant/bodyguard.

Had a nice chat with my hero for a few minutes, and he was especially excited to meet Louie, who promptly rolled over on his back to get a rub on the belly from Morrissey. Louie, the Dachshund who would forever be known as the lucky dog who got scratched and petted by Morrissey. It was showtime.

About 3 songs into the concert, I'm sitting about 10 rows back, Morrissey looks at me and says "Where's Louie?" Me: "huh?" Morrissey: "Where's Louie?" Me, mouthing: "he's in the car." Morrissey: "What?" Morrissey to audience: "He's left his dog in the car." Entire Audience: BOOOOO!!!" Morrissey, in his thick northern British accent: "Carson!!" I was embarrassed and felt like a dog-murderer, having been chastised by the famous PETA-loving, fur-hating animal rights vegetarian and an audience of several thousand.

Fast forward to 2004, and I'm listening to Morrissey sing at Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. Now, this is about 6 years since the Cleveland show, and I'd seen him about 30 or 40 times since, and the few times we talked in those years, Louie wasn't mentioned. He comes over, shakes my hand, and says in the mic: "How's your dog?" Me: "huh?" Morrissey: "How's your Dachshund?" Me: "Oh, he died of old age." Morrissey: "When?" Me: "About 4 years ago." Morrissey: "I'm terribly sorry to hear that, please accept my sincerest condolences. This next song is in memory of his Dachshund."

And that's the story of Louie and Morrissey.

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Morrissey's new 9th studio solo album, Years of Refusal, is out now. Catch him on tour in Europe.

Happy Birthday Morrissey! It's a cause for world-wide celebration. Keep up with Morrissey news at Morrissey-solo.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dachshund Dog Adopts Tiger Cub

News of the Dachshund who has adopted a tiger cub at a Stroehen, Germany, zoo is sweeping the internet today, and here's the video to prove it. It's not an entirely cute and happy story though, as the baby tiger cub, who was rejected by its mother, was first adopted by a 9-year-old Dachshund named 'Monster,' who was later run over by the postman. But not to fear, Monster's one-year-old daughter 'Bessi' has taken over the mothering duties. Our hearts go out to Monster's family and friends. Read lots more at Monsters and Critics.

See more photos at the Los Angeles Times.

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Dachshund Ear Buds

Here's what every Dachshund Lover needs: Dachshund dog ear buds. We can picture you now, walking around the city with your dachshund cap, dachshund t-shirt, a leashed dachshund or two trotting close behind, and a wiener dog through your head. Show your Dachshund Love! Via the charming new off-beat website called Whales and Wiener Dogs. Find the ear buds for $12.95 at Patina.

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Julian Bennett

Who? Us Yanks are clueless, but Julian Bennett was the Fashion Stylist on the popular UK version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and went on to present a game-show called ‘The Jules and Lulu show’ with his smooth black and tan girl 'Lulu.'
Above, Julian and Lulu were seen on the catwalk for the Rhys Jones Unite Charity Fashion Show, May 18, 2009 in Liverpool, England.
See another pic and keep up with Celebrity Dogs at Celebrity Dog Watcher.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dachshund Humor

(click image to enlarge)

Sunday's Drabble via Thanks to our pals Sampson, Tommy, and Gina Marie for the link!

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Kobi!

There's really nothing better than getting beautiful Dachshund photos from our dedicated readers. Look how handsome Kobi is! We can only imagine how comfortable he must feel buried in the warm sand. His eyes say it all. Elizabeth M. writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I wanted to send you a quick note to say how much I enjoy your blog. I've been visiting it on a weekly basis now for well over a year and can't get enough - I'm the owner of an 11-year-old miniature dachshund ...and must admit that I have a pretty severe case of doxie fever :-) I've attached a few funny pictures of my pooch.

Keep up the good work...I hope to be able to continue following "The Long and Short of It All" for many more years!


Kobi and one of his humans in Colorado

Kobi relaxes on Trout

Vintage Dachshund Party Time

Those were the days. 1960's photo source unknown.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poppy & Harry Dachshund Love :)

From youtuber emmab1983: Poppy (black/tan) Kisses Harry (longhaired red) she loves to groom and love him!!!

There's nothing sweeter than watching dachshunds love each other.

Arkansas Dachshund Critically Injured in House Fire

Firefighters administer oxygen to Peanut

Let's send good thoughts out to 'Peanut,' who hails from the Tracy area in Arkansas. Her home's window air-conditioning unit started on fire yesterday, and although five people were evacuated, Peanut could not get out of the house.

After the fire was under control, about a half-hour after the fire was reported, firefighters rushed out with the tiny dog and administered oxygen to her.
Peanut was taken to an area veterinarian, where she was listed in critical condition Monday afternoon.

Please get well soon Peanut. Read more at the Baxter Bulletin.

UPDATE 5/19 9PM: Peanut remains in critical condition. A local benefit account has been set up to help the family, which includes medical expenses for Peanut. Here's a link to the story update at Baxter Bulletin.

UPDATE 5/27 7 AM: RIP Peanut

Google Trends: The Dachshund is HOT

We know us popular Dachshunds are HOT DOGS, but who knew that we were the #17 most popular Google search term yesterday, May 18th, 2009? Wired magazine took note of it when they were looking at a new computational search engine.

Oddly, it spiked out at about the time we search the net to bring you the best in Dachshund news and popular culture every day. Our little paws can type surprisingly fast. If you like facts and figures, see all the Dachshund statistics over the years in a graph at Google Trends. Oklahoma City searches for Dachshunds more than anyone else! Go Oklahoma!

The Adventures of Sammy the Wonder Dachshund

Attention literature fans, there's a new children's book out for you to enjoy. It's called The Adventures of Sammy the Wonder Dachshund, written and illustrated by Jonathan Miller. The author gave a book signing and reading on Saturday in Charleston, South Carolina. Source. Here's what it's about:

This delightful story begins when Sammy agrees to take a new job in a new city only to find out he will have to move sooner than he thought! Follow Sammy through his last week in Charleston as he says his goodbyes and tries to pack in as much fun as he can, all while learning an important lesson in life.

All of the artwork was created from construction paper cut-outs and Sharpies. See more illustrations and read an interview with the author at the {e} house chalkboard. If anyone has a review, please post it in the comments!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Underestimate the Genius of the Dachshund Lover

Brilliant. We want one. It's almost as good as Jerry's Ball-throwing machine.

Dachshund Fun

'Freddy,' a dapple Dachshund, runs AWAY from a frisbee during the Skyhoundz competition at the 16th Annual MuttFest at Memorial Park in Amarillo, Texas yesterday. Source. Is Freddie a wirehair?

One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana, Four

We love bananas. You've seen those photos of animals made out of fruit before? You can get your very own stone resin banana dachshund figurine, 2.5 x 5.6 inches, for about $12 on the net by Enesco Home Grown. There's also a red pepper dachshund available in the line.

Banana Dachshund by Dachshund Lover John Spooner.

A bunch of bananas. (photo source unknown)

Which brings us to one of the few fun videos we haven't featured before by youtuber kalyxcorn.

Sing it out loud!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Dachshund Dogs in History: Donnie, the Dachshund who Owned Sir Henry McMahon

Who? Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Arthur Henry McMahon (MacMahon), GCMG, GCVO, KCIE, CSI (28 November 1862 — 29 December 1949) was a British diplomat and Indian Army officer who served as the High Commissioner in Egypt from 1915 to 1917. He was also an administrator in British India, and served twice as Chief Commissioner of Balochistan. McMahon is best known for the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence, as well as the McMahon Line between Tibet and India.
Now, before we've lost you with a bunch of wikipedia facts and figures, here's where this story begins. We were doing some Dachshund research at a local university, and found a nice old article about a great Dachshund who had traveled some 40,000 miles in his 4-year life. That's a lot of miles covered by today's airline standards, but imagine if it were in the 1890s. Surely he was one of the most traveled dogs in the world, and it's inspiring to think of the fantastic sights he encountered. We were excited to piece together that he was the Dachshund who owned Sir Henry McMahon, famous British explorer, soldier, and diplomat. While the above photo is not Donnie, it's a photo of a black and tan from 1900, and shows what Donnie might have looked like at the time.

Without further ado, here is the original article, which we typed out from an old print of the story:


Chicago Daily Tribune; Feb 28, 1897

Donnie, a Black-and-Tan Dachshund, Has Covered 40,000 Miles in a Life of Four Years.

One of the most traveled dogs on record is Donnie, a black-and-tan dachshund, which is to be exhibited next month at Cruft's Dog Show in London. Donnie is the property of an officer in the English army, Capt. MacMahon, and in a life of a little more than four years has traveled some 40,000 miles, 8,000 of them on horseback. He has traversed land and sea, crossed deserts and mountain ranges, and been, with his master, a participant in many deeds of endurance and adventure.
Donnie was born Sept. 18,1892, in England, and when seven months old was sent to Capt. MacMahon in India by friends. The journey, first by sea, then by land, through Sind to Beluchistan, during a time of great heat, was the first test of the puppy's endurance. He stood it well and soon began his journeys on horseback, a mode of traveling to which he seemed to take naturally. He accompanied his master on long riding tours through Zhob and other parts of Beluchistan to Simla, and from Peshawur to Cabul.
In the spring of 1894 Capt. MacMahon was appointed British Commissioner of the Beluch-Afghan Boundary Commission and took Donnie with him through the Gomal Valley to the Afghan frontier. Here dog and master remained for more than a year, enduring together extremes of heat and cold, hardship, and privation. Then came another horseback journey through India and a voyage from Bombay to England. Later a return to India again and a journey through the southern part of the country, something of a pleasure trip this time, Capt. MacMahon being on the staff of the Viceroy. This was followed by more travels and hardships in the wilds of Afghanistan and a trip to the Persian boundary. Dog and master are now both in England.
Donnie is a most expert equestrian. With his hindquarters against his master's thigh, and occasionally leaning against his body for support, he rides without even a steadying hand. The horse may walk, trot, canter, or gallop, but the dog is not disturbed. He even maintains perfect equanimity during a reasonably difficult jump.

The man behind the dog: Sir Henry McMahon. Photo Source.

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Thanks to reader Chris H. who writes:

Dear Joey and Maggie,

I enjoy your site, so I wanted to send you a link to a Dachshund video starring my sister's dog, Sassy. She's sweet and hilarious. Just the coolest dog ever.

We love it. It's alarming how charming she is.

Dachshunds Cheer On The Atlanta Braves

Stephanie Poynter, 37, from Loganville, Georgia, holds her 1-year-old Dachshund, 'Kiezer,' at Bark in the Park at Turner Field in Atlanta, Ga Sunday, May 3, 2009. Source.

Dog Eat Dog

See more at i has a hotdog.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Aaahhhhh. Photo by Onur Koray. Recently uploaded by thisisbossi.

Talking Tongue Dog

The lengths that dachshund lovers will go to only to dine with their pals.

A new short comedy film by Tom Gregory who notes:

Dogs are great. If everyone loved their pets as much as my household loves our dachshunds Susie and Jack, the world would be much more kind.

Through the years as our dogs have unabashedly lapped at my face, I've thought all that dirty but loving tongue could be harnessed for another use; hence this video.

Shirley Mitchell makes a cameo appearance at the video's end. Shirley made her mark on Jack Benny's radio show in the forties then came TV. I Love Lucy, Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies and countless of immortal shows are Shirley's legacy to American television. The line we shout to her at this video's end is in homage to her work as Marion Strong on I Love Lucy. In one of my favorite episodes, Lucy cannot lie or she will lose a bet to Ricky, Fred and Ethel. At an afternoon bridge game when Marion breaks out in a piercing laugh, Lucy candidly tells Shirley's Marion just what she thinks of her loud, rhythmic giggle. I'm proud to call Shirley a friend and even more pleased that she is still working hard and sharing her comedic genius at almost ninety years of age. I'd love to see her up on the big screen or back on television.

This video is my celebration of pets, love, friends and life.

Dachshund Lover and Dachshund Pass Away a Day Apart

Natt Nevins and Nikkie just two weeks ago at the dachshund spring fiesta in Washington Square Park.

Meet Dachshund Lover Natt Nevins and her beloved red smooth boy 'Nikkie,' who hailed from Manhattan, New York. This is the story of a higher power; a story of their connected souls.

After her 15-year-old dachshund was diagnosed with cancer last month, Natt Nevins told friends she couldn't imagine life without her beloved dog, Nikkie.

"He was her baby. You couldn't think of Natt without Nikkie," said Nevins' longtime friend Betty Brown, whose dachshund, Chester, spent time with the colorful duo on long drives to upstate Woodstock.

Nevins, 74, a community activist, dog lover and fixture in the Greenwich Village dog community, died this week, just a few days after suffering a massive stroke. Her darling Nikkie - described by many as a Casanova with "Betty Davis eyes" - survived Nevins by only one day.

Read more at The New York Daily News.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Get The Party Started

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Dachshunds make for a lively party, but tell us something we don't know! These ladies understand there's nothing like wiener dogs and a game of Skip-Bo.

A group of women sit around a table playing cards at Jane Pratt's home in Auburn, Maine, as a pair of dachshunds sit on their laps. Beemer, a black long-haired dachshund, and companion Abby Labbe are regulars at the games, which are held nearly every afternoon.The dogs belong to Pratt's former neighbors, who bring them to visit a couple days a week."They are part of our group," Pratt said. "It works out just great for everyone. We get some company, the dogs are not left alone and the owners don't have to find somebody to take care of them while they are at work or traveling."

Read more at the Sun Journal.

2009 Rochester Dachshund Parade

The 8th Annual Rochester Dachshund Parade took place on Saturday, May 9th in Rochester, New York, and here's the video to prove it. If you enjoy the band Slipknot, you'll really like the fun video by youtuber RobinLoxley. Otherwise, well....

Dachshund Fashion Victims

Fashion Designer Norma Kamali in her showroom with her handsome smooth dachshund 'Zeke.' Photo Source: New York Times. Thanks to our pal 'Clancy' for the tip!

The designer offers this great tee at, where else,, but it looks like it may be sold out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Badger Watch: Meet 'Kleinman,' The Reckless Honey Badger

The "Quirkiest" honey badger ever known. This is the full sequence of the Badger vs. Snake videos you may have already seen. The other versions fail to portray the reckless character of the badger in its full glory. Watch the video and judge for yourself. Enjoy...

It's an excerpt from the documentary titled:"Snake killers: Honey badgers of the Kalahari"

Find out much more about the award-winning documentary at sadunkal on youtube.

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Vintage Red

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Dachshund on the Rocks. Image circa 1910.
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