Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ultimate Gift for Dachshund Lovers

Thanks so much to Melodie H. for sending this in. We're not so sure that we've ever seen anything so beautiful. If there's a dachshund lover on your holiday shopping list, or if you're looking for something to add to your own wish list, this is probably it.

E.B. White's Dachshund Bookend: The bookend is sculpted from a drawing E. B. White made of his dachsie Minnie, for the family's 1950 Christmas card. Inscribed on it is White's poem to these petite pooches. One more treat: a freestanding mini booklet containing White's delightful essay on living the good life with his little creature: "[Minnie's] idea of life is a warm bed, preferably with an electric pad, and a friend in bed with her, and plenty of shut-eye, night and day."

Imprinted on the bookend is E. B. White's poem about dachshunds:
The Dachshund's affectionate,
He wants to wed with you:
Lie down to sleep,
And he's in bed with you.
Sit in a chair,
He's there.
You break his heart.

Available at LEVENGER, tools for serious readers.

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Franny said...

I collect anything "dachshund" and I am so excited to get this! I've been looking for a nice bookend for awhile and this is perfect. Thanks again for sharing.

-Franny's Mom

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These bookends are incredible adorable. Subtle and classy. Love them!

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