Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Long and Short of it All: Now Available in Russia

We don't know whether to be flattered or offended. Our stories and collections that we work hours and weeks on have been copied, translated, and reposted on a Russian dachshund blog with ads called Taksa Park, Такса Парк - Таксы. Блог о таксах, про такс и для такс!

As an example, we worked about 6 months on this Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Jacques Cousteau story, buying magazines, collecting photos, scanning, perfecting.....waiting to post until it was just make a warm heart-felt story that hopefully our great readers enjoy.

See it in Russian.

For a trip through time, check out all the archives of this blog, and see our posts over and over again, not a single link back to us, our jaws just dropped: Такса Парк

We're so depressed. We spend about three hours a day on The Long and Short of it All, trying to find and collect great content and stories, it's truly a labor of love. We'll be back tomorrow with more dachshund news and fun though, and we apologize for the somber tone of this post. Thanks as always for all your support and stopping by to read and comment when you get a chance. We wouldn't do it without our wonderful readers.

Keeping the dachshund faith,
Your pals,
Joey and Maggie
The Long and Short of it All


Anonymous said...

What skunks, to steal your work! Rest assured, your readers love and appreciate you and your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. THANK YOU!

firstyouleap said...

For what it's worth, I just commented on the Russian version, asking them to include a link crediting the original website.

Your hard work is so appreciated--Joey, Maggie and Carson you bring joy every day! The information is really informative and I've often thought that your website is the real Dachshund Lovers magazine.

Keep on, keeping on....


Rowdy and Bette said...

Thanks Melinda and everyone, it's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Joey and Maggie. I'm your old fan from Korea. I'm very suprised at this post. The taksapark blogger's stealling your whole effort is shameful behavior. I love your bolg and lovely Joey, Maggie. cheer up! The taksapark blogger must make a apology to You.

p.s) Please excuse my poor English.

Anonymous said...

Back in the bad old days of the Cold War, the Russians claimed to have invented baseball, among other iconic American innovations. Clearly, your blog is superior to baseball, in that: (1) it's available all year, (2) no one connected with it is on steroids, and (3) it's never boring. The Russians can't claim the blog of Joey and Maggie any more than they could claim the sport of The Bambino (a figure almost as respected in his field as you are in yours.) You may well be downhearted, but just reflect that no one bothers to steal stuff that isn't worth stealing.

AnnB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AnnB said...

Daily Dachshund here.

We don't nick content despite the constant silly accusations of Long and Short of it All fans.

Complain to Blogger and they will likely take the Russian site down.

Just be careful about all those newspaper photos you've republished here with no regard to copyright.

And for the record, Daily Doxie does like the site.

We'll post a link.

Erich said...

You most certainly shouldn't be flattered. You should be offended. This is theft, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone reading this: DO NOT go to the Russian site. It will only increase their traffic and encourage them to do this again. You have a great site here! Keep up the good work and don't let the losers get you down. Regards, Erich (dachshund owner)

Anonymous said...

Ah man, how upsetting. Plagiarism is plagiarism, across mediums, and across international borders! Hope you can get these thieves to credit you, or even better, to dismantle their copycat blog!

A loyal Chicago reader and dachshund owner

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