Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Arkansas Dachshund Critically Injured in House Fire

Firefighters administer oxygen to Peanut

Let's send good thoughts out to 'Peanut,' who hails from the Tracy area in Arkansas. Her home's window air-conditioning unit started on fire yesterday, and although five people were evacuated, Peanut could not get out of the house.

After the fire was under control, about a half-hour after the fire was reported, firefighters rushed out with the tiny dog and administered oxygen to her.
Peanut was taken to an area veterinarian, where she was listed in critical condition Monday afternoon.

Please get well soon Peanut. Read more at the Baxter Bulletin.

UPDATE 5/19 9PM: Peanut remains in critical condition. A local benefit account has been set up to help the family, which includes medical expenses for Peanut. Here's a link to the story update at Baxter Bulletin.

UPDATE 5/27 7 AM: RIP Peanut


Laura said...

Poor little guy!

We're sending good thoughts Peanut's way.

Anonymous said...

Poor sweet wee girl...You have crossed the rainbow bridge in the arms of all those who love you. Go with the angels now wee lass... Daxy lover. NZ.

Haley said...

Rest in peace sweet girl.

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