Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Auggie!

Auggie sits on her human's desk at work (click photo to enlarge)

Will you just look at this beautiful smooth girl who hails from Katy, Texas? Thanks so much to her human Nicole W. for sending in her fun story! Without any further ado:

Here is a pic of my newly inherited doxie – Augustina the long and Auggie the short of it. :) Auger Dogger mostly. She was a Christmas present for my grandmother year before last who is no longer able to care for her. Auggie now rules the roost of our 100 lb Labrador Chorniy and our 11 year old Chow mix Tasha. She has been a great playmate for our lab who is all puppy and has inspired some play we thought was long gone in Tasha. I’m not a small dog person but for the comfort of my grandmother knowing her baby had a good home I became one. I still worry like crazy when they all three pile in together but Auggie manages to hold her own quite well.

Auggie and her siblings waiting on my step-dad to get out of the way so they can fight for the drip pan hanging on the side of our BBQ pit. The sweater was my grandmother’s idea…but she does get cold so what can I do?


Anonymous said...

Our dogs go after the drip pan too! Yummy! Auggie is adorable.

inc123 said...

What a dear person you are. I know your grandmother is so proud of you & I know you will be rewarded with many dachshund kisses & love. My doxie is the alpha over my two German Shepherds, she holds her -- is bossy but fair. She will even cuddle with them, when she is cold or scared of a storm or just wants to. Doxies have a great sense of humor, but they take hunting and "holding court" as serious tasks, and no less seriously for their size.

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