Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Wiener Wrap-Up

Well, it was another busy weekend for wiener dogs, whether going crazy from the smells at Memorial Day barbecues with their humans, or racing to be top dog. Here are the highlights from a few of the wiener races over the big holiday weekend. Above, the glory must be theirs at the 7th Annual Running of the Dogs Wiener Dog Races in Farmington, New Mexico, on Saturday. It's exciting to report that 'Yoda' kept his 2008 Champion status by winning the race this year as well. Congrats! The bleachers overflowed with people, and a Senator opened the gate to start the race. Read all about it and see another pic at Las Cruces Sun-News.

And way down in Honolulu, Hawaii, the "first ever" wiener races took place; the first annual Hawaii Wiener Derby was a part of the Hawaiian Humane Society's Canine Game Day on Saturday. Can we get a woof?! Read a little more at My Fox.


Jodieth said...

I loved watching this video. Back in the 70's I lived in Hawaii and I had a black short haired dachshund names Badger. We went to obediant school and Badger's partner was a Great Dane. Neither would sit,
because the grass was always wet from the Dew. It was hilarious with the two together.

Taffy said...

Oh, I love hot dog races! I've never got to be in one but it looks like a blast! ~Twix

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