Thursday, May 6, 2010

News From Russia: A Diving Dachshund!

And we thought the Sadistic Canine Shower Machines from the Future were over the top.  Seeing this, it appears that the Russians have out done the Japanese!  Via the Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti

The Diver Training Center at Vladivostok Maritime College in Vladivostok, Russia carried out an unusual experiment for the 15th anniversary of the college. The divers persuaded the center’s director, Sergei Gorbunov, to send his pet dachshund, Boniface, into the depths. The dog-motivated divers made a striped diving suit for Bonnie, as they fondly call the dog. They made a square mask out of Plexiglas thinking the dog may want to breathe under water.

Bonnie used just one air bottle during the diving. The bottle was attached to the dog’s belly allowing Boniface to not just immerse, but to actually swim under the water as well.

According to the center’s canine experimentalists, Boniface felt good during the fur-raising effort, which some hasten to label a success. Nevertheless an offshore dive may be premature. Bonnie will have to dive in a special swimming pool before he can try diving in the open sea.

The staff will train the diver dog for the All-Russian Underwater Hunting Tournament to take place in September.

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