Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Future Dachshund Lovers of America

Meet 11-year-old Hunter Miller, and his handsome red shaded longhair 'Rex,' who hail from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Hunter just turned 11, and instead of having a big birthday bash at his home on Saturday, he wanted to have it at the local humane society, with donations for the shelter instead of presents!  He sent out over 80 invitations and invited over 400 of his facebook friends to donate in honor of his birthday.  Excerpt from the Southeast Missourian:

Miller and his mother help out at the Humane Society almost every Saturday by playing with the animals, taking them for walks, cleaning out pens and taking out trash.
Miller has two dogs, one of which was adopted from the Humane Society about a year ago, and a cat at home. He also takes care of several stray cats at his father's farm in Advance, Missouri. 
"Whenever you feel bad, they make you feel better," Miller said about his pets. "Even if they don't like what you are doing, they love you forever."

Read all about this young man on a mission at the Southeast Missourian.

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Debi and Ringo said...

That is so sweet! It's nice to see children who actually care about the world around them. And he is so right, whenever you feel bad they really do make you feel better ^-^

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