Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Australian Dachshund Survives Deadly Brown Snake Encounter

Meet pretty smooth show dog 'Tinsel,' and her human Melissa Purich, who hail from Holtze, an outer rural area of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia.  The area is apparently just crawling with deadly snakes.  Ms. Purich's mother had just lost 3 baby goats to monster pythons when Tinsel, who lived nearby, had a tussle with a deadly Brown snake.  Excerpt from ntnews:

"Last Monday afternoon I heard a commotion in my front garden amongst my dogs," she said.
"Knowing instantly there was trouble, I rushed over, screaming to my husband Steve Russell to follow.
"There we found my champion show dachshund Tinsel lying collapsed on the ground with her tongue hanging out.
"We noticed the dead and mutilated snake close by."
Both Tinsel and the snake were taken to the Palmerston Veterinary Hospital where Dr Ian Gurry confirmed it was a western brown snake and began Tinsel on three anti-venom injections over nine hours.
Ms Purich said Tinsel made a miraculous recovery.
"It appeared that she was bitten a number of times," she said.
"After three days of treatment and intensive care by Ian's wife, Dr Susan Gurry at Parap, Tinsel made a remarkable recovery after being very close to death.
Ms Purich said Tinsel had qualified for the Best in Show just days before the ordeal.
"Tinsel has proven that for such a little dog she has a lot of fight in her, whether it be fighting snakes or fighting off the competition in the show ring."

Glad to hear that Tinsel is doing so well after her troubling ordeal.  Read more at ntnews.

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Anonymous said...

Tinsel, you have a wonderful houndy face. Glad to hear you survived those bites.

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