Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ouch! Dachshund Vs. Porcupine

We'd fathom to guess that the porcupine won out over this Brazilian red smooth. Hopefully they were just making a pit stop at the local pet supply store on the way to see the veterinarian.  Can any of our Brazilian or Portuguese friends translate for us?  Video by youtuber INSPOL.


Grassi said...

"recording?" 0:01
"is it recording?"

"frame its face on the camcorder!" 0:08

"frik's(dog's name) shenanigans(tricks)" 0:10

"it's well iluminated?" 0:13

"frik's shenanigans" 0:20

"he was facing a porcupine ... got all irritated(porcupined).. eh frik" 0:22

"shameless.." laughing 0:29

"is it well recorded?" 0:34

"yes yes Cristiano(boy)..." 0:35

Joey and Maggie said...

Wow - thanks a bunch for the translation Grassi. Not as exciting as we'd hoped! Still hope Frik is OK though.

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